What Is Topline Trader by Jason Stutman?

Today, I will be reviewing Topline Trader by Jason Stutman.

Topline Trader is an investment advisory service that points investors to the best biotech stocks in the market based on a strategy that spots those that are about to go up using a “magic” rating system.

Interesting as that sounds, you might be concerned that it doesn’t sound realistic.

Therefore, in this article, I will take you through what this service entails as well as what you get when you join.

Keep reading to learn more.

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What is Topline Trader?

Topline Trader is a biotech investment research service that is published by Angel Publishing and edited by Jason Stutman.

The name of the newsletter comes from the term “Top Line Data,” which refers to all the audited and quality controlled listings, tables, and figures that summarize the results of a clinical trial.

Topline Trader Reviews


The goal of the service is to find major catalyst events in drug development to position yourself to make money from the price swings that follow those events.

This strategy is not unique to this newsletter as I’ve seen it being used by other investment gurus like Jeff Brown’s Tech Melt [The Second Wave].

Jason specializes in small, development-stage biotech companies because he sees their potential for rapid growth when they have breakthroughs i.e. prices can soar when things go according to plan.

So, what kinds of breakthroughs does he look for?

Here is an excerpt from the product page on the Angel Publishing website:

“FDA decisions, Licensing Deals, Regulatory Filings, and — you guessed it — Top-Line Data can all have enormous impact on small biotech stocks. In many cases, we’re looking at double or even triple digit swings from these kinds of events.”

He says that the biotech industry is ideal for this because, with the right data and tools, you can predict those events accurately.

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How Topline Trader Predicts Catalyst Events (Chance of Success)

Now that we know that certain events cause massive swings in stock prices, the next important thing is to know which stocks are about to witness those events to ride those swings when they happen.

Jason Stutman does this using a number called the Chance of Success (CoS). He summarizes it as follows:

“At any given point in a drug development trial, we can use CoS to tell you exactly how likely that drug is to make it through approval, using a sophisticated method that I’ll explain in a moment.”

They use it to grade biotech stocks to find the ones that are likely to witness a catalyst event in the near future.

“The point is, if you only want to bet on drug candidates with a 75% Chance of Success or higher, we can do that. In fact, that’s the bread and butter of our trading strategy.

If you want to bet against a drug that only has an 8% chance of success or less, though, we can do that too.”

The higher the percentage, the more likely that it will soar and vice versa. You can bet against the ones with a low CoS figure by shorting them or buying put options.

Unfortunately, they don’t reveal how they calculate the CoS figure, so there isn’t much more to say about it. To be fair, you wouldn’t expect them to reveal their “secret sauce” as they would then lose their clients.

If you are a subscriber, they can run the CoS test on any other drug candidate under development outside their recommendations if you request them. All you have to do is send them an email and they will get back to you with the results.

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An Impressive Network of Insiders

Besides the stock analysts, Jason says that they also have connections with a network of scientists and doctors who provide them with details about drug development.

“All it takes is one call and I can get these guys on the line. One message and they will give me any information or analysis I need. In fact, these folks will even reach out to me on occasion with their own stock “tips.”

Most importantly, this team knows how to read through and make sense of the data in ways the average investor never could. Using a sophisticated algorithm, based on everything from drug category to FDA decision history, they provide us with everything we need to generate our magic “Chance of Success” number.”

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Who is Jason Stutman?

Jason Stutman works for Angel Publishing as a senior tech analyst. Angel Publishing is one of the publishing imprints of Agora Financial.

Jason edits a newsletter called Technology and Opportunity through which he alerts his readers to profit opportunities in the technology industry. He is also the investment director of Topline Trader.

He relies on software-based trading platforms to identify stock patterns that guide him towards potentially profitable opportunities.

Jason’s investment strategy is all about finding disruptors i.e. companies that are at the forefront of a revolutionary technology due to innovation. This means that he recommends growth stocks that are set to increase in value once they impact the market.

The sort of technologies he goes after includes things like Augmented Reality, AI, self-driving cars, and virtual reality, just to mention a few.

As he recommends disruptors, he also points out the “disrupted” companies. These are previously-dominant companies that are not innovative enough and are, therefore, struggling to keep up. Sometimes, he proposes that his readers short those companies.

By combining those two approaches, he claims to have outperformed the market ever since he started trading.

In addition to editing newsletters, he writes about development-stage biotech and consumer electronics.

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What you get when you join Topline Trader

Here are the benefits you enjoy once you decide to join the Topline Trader:

  • Regular investment recommendations: As soon as the team finds one worth investing in, they alert you.
  • Every week, you receive biotech catalyst alerts and stock analysis.
  • You gain access to the FDA and drug development calendar to keep track of trials and other relevant events affecting biotech stocks.
  • You receive a detailed analysis of the drug development trials.
  • Chance of success (CoS) numbers for every drug candidate they analyze as well as any active drug trial you would like to examine on your own.
  • The weekly “grapevine” feature: This feature gives you access to the stock recommendations that the team has received from its network of doctors and pharmacists.
  • Options trading strategies if you are interested in the derivatives market.
  • Access to the full library of company reports.

Subscription Fee

A one-year membership costs $4,999

Refund Policy

There is a 30-day money-back policy

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Topline Trader Conclusion

Topline Trader by Jason Stutman is an investment advisory service that specializes in recommending biotech stocks, particularly small companies that are developing a new drug. According to Jason, when a single event like a Licensing deal, FDA decision, or a regulatory filing favors a company that is working on a new therapy, its shares go through the roof.

He and his team of analysts have a way of predicting those favorable events and it is based on a rating system called Chance of Success (CoS). It enables them to determine which biotech companies might succeed and which ones might fail.

He also leverages a network of doctors and scientists who keep him updated on new developments in the biotech sector.

I think Topline Trader can be useful to novice traders. After all, they can learn how the industry works. Experts also benefit because they get to supplement their data with insights from industry insiders.

That being said, if you choose to invest in small biotech stocks, you should brace yourself for the volatility and added risks of trading small-cap stocks. At $4,999, the subscription price is also quite high for a follow-along service that doesn’t provide you with personalized advice.

Fortunately, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to try it out risk-free.

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