What Is Tesla’s Secret Project B.E.S.S. About?

A financial publishing firm called St Paul Research has been promoting a presentation by Ray Blanco titled “Inside Tesla’s Secret Project B.E.S.S.”

It is about a project Ray says Tesla is working on secretly that has nothing to do with electric vehicles, internet satellites, or solar panels but could potentially be “100 to 1,000 times larger than the internet.”

He goes on to say that the new tech market could surge 12,100% in the next few years creating a 122X Bess Boom.

In this article, I walk you through Ray’s presentation, highlighting the main talking points. After reading this, you will have a clear picture of what Ray is talking about.

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Introduction to Inside Tesla’s Secret Project B.E.S.S.

Tesla’s Secret Project B.E.S.S. is all about a new tech market that Ray Blanco has been monitoring and wants you to invest in.

According to Ray, Tesla has been working on a secret project and the technology behind this project is something he calls “BESS.”

Inside Tesla's Secret Poject B.E.S.S.He says that it has nothing to do with electric vehicles, satellites that beam internet, solar panel technology, or “The Million Mile Battery” that was the subject of another of Ray’s presentations called Tesla’s Million Mile Battery,

Ray says that this new technology could soon create a $100 trillion collapse, permanently transform the financial world by unlocking $140 trillion in new investment capital, and pave the way for a digital technology network that could rival the internet.

He points out that billionaires, large oil companies, and government agencies are trying to get ahead of the massive disruption by investing in BESS early.

Then there’s the Landmark Ruling Federal Order #2222 that will pave the way for mainstream adoption of BESS.

With that preamble, you must be wondering what BESS is and why Ray is saying that Tesla has a secret project based on it.

BESS stands for Battery Energy Storage Systems.

Ray explains that BESS is the combination of two innovations that have merged to create new disruptive technology. The first of those two innovations is energy storage batteries.

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The Battery Storage Boom

Ray Blanco says that Elon Musk did not leave California for Texas to get away from high taxes and anti-business regulations. Instead, Elon Musk made the move to consolidate his foothold on his next major disruption in the energy industry; battery storage.

Ray Blanco says that Mr. Musk registered a secret project called “Gambit Energy Storage LLC.” that has links to Tesla. When Tesla executives were asked about it, they did not respond for comment although an obscure SEC filing revealed a connection between Gambit Energy and Tesla.

Ray even shares a picture of the filing to reveal this connection:

Inside Tesla's Secret Poject B.E.S.S.

He suggests that Tesla is keeping this discrete:

“See the red circle?

It confirms ‘Gambit Energy LLC’ is filed as a subsidiary under Tesla.

Therefore, it’s safe to assume Gambit Energy is simply a ‘cover’ for Tesla’s secret project.”

Ray then reveals that Tesla is quietly installing a massive battery into the Texas Power grid. These are utility-scale energy storage batteries that are big enough to take up two parking spaces. These batteries are then connected to others to form even bigger “mega-batteries.”

He goes on to say that Tesla’s mega-battery project in Texas will power 20,000 homes on a scorching hot summer day thus storing energy from renewable energy sources.

And he says that such projects have already been installed in many countries…

“Point being, when you combine the infinite power of the sun with Tesla’s battery, you can produce a virtually unlimited supply of dirt-cheap energy.

I know that sounds crazy…

But Tesla has already installed these BESS battery projects in 40-plus countries around the world.”

And he says that this could create an energy boom because a solar-plus battery storage project will generate power at half the cost of natural gas.

Inside Tesla's Secret Poject B.E.S.S.

Ray says that we are witnessing the beginning of a new 122X battery boom that means that big batteries are about to blast off into a state of hyper-growth. This leads to him declaring…

“Logically, due to increasing demand…and dirt-cheap manufacturing costs…

Energy storage batteries are no longer in a “pre-commercial” or “proof-of-concept” phase…

Grid Scale Battery Storage Is at a Tipping Point. It’s on the Brink of Mainstream Adoption, Right Now”

He acknowledges that investors are now just starting to invest in stocks that are in the energy storage industry. This includes companies like Tesla – which he thinks is gaining more market value for its energy storage business than its EV business – and NextEra Energy (NEE), which has grown its energy storage capacity tremendously.

Inside Tesla's Secret Poject B.E.S.S.

He attributes the growth of these and other energy storage companies to the growing awareness among investors of the importance of this industry.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Battery storage is just the first part of project BESS. Here is Ray revealing the second part of BESS:

“As I said, battery storage is just the first part of BESS…

Because by itself…

Big batteries are still a “dumb” technology…

They can’t make decisions without human input.

Meaning, they’re just pieces of hardware…

Kind of like a computer that hasn’t been programmed.

But when you “program” these big dumb batteries with another game-changing innovation…

That is, artificial intelligence and machine learning…

You get a truly novel smart technology called “BESS”…

Which stands for “Battery Energy Storage Systems”…

Put simply, BESS is a computerized network of smart batteries that can “think” for themselves…”

AI systems make the decisions on when best to store energy, automatically. Ray says that BESS batteries are digitizing the power grid and computerizing the energy industry.

He says that a digital revolution is hitting the power industry and that BESS batteries will usher in a new era of digital energy that will change the world.

At the same time, it will create millions of new jobs and thousands of new businesses handing investors the greatest wealth-creation opportunity since the inception of the internet.

Ray Blanco reveals that Tesla is developing a battery software called the “Autobidder” with a user interface that looks like this:

Inside Tesla's Secret Poject B.E.S.S.Ray says that it is modeled on Wall Street’s high-frequency trading algorithms but it applies its tech to the energy market. It enables Tesla’s BESS batteries to trade the energy market.

What does he mean by that? The Autobidder buys energy from the grid when prices are low and sells energy when prices are high creating an energy arbitrage that enables battery owners to generate passive income.

Therefore, Tesla’s Autobidder will create a digital network that links BESS batteries together enabling them to talk to each other, share data, and even trade energy with each other. And it doesn’t just link utility-scale batteries, it also links the smaller storage batteries in residential homes (power wall).

Ray envisions a world where energy will no longer be a problem due to the battery system:

“Collectively, they’re creating a digital network of energy storage batteries that will wrap around the earth in the same way your central nervous system wraps around your spinal cord…

And ultimately…

This worldwide web of computerized BESS batteries…

Will act together as a global “battery internet”…

Powering our world 24 hours a day…

7 days a week…”

And he sees a world where the entire utility industry will be disrupted by cheap, reliable energy from the battery internet created by BESS batteries. He even predicts that BESS Batteries will displace the global oil economy as soon as 2030. He calls this “The $100 trillion collapse.”

On top of that, he expects BESS to cause “A $140 Trillion Reshaping of The Global Financial System.” He explains that as investors flee “the antiquated oil and gas industry,” they will be looking for new ideas to generate outsized gains and they will turn to clean technology companies to grow their portfolios.

Of course, Ray is telling us all this because he wants to recommend certain investments. Let’s take a look at what he is recommending.

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How to invest in Project BESS

Although Ray Blanco mentions Tesla liberally throughout the presentation, he has other ideas as to what company you should consider investing in.

He mentions it in the presentation, as he describes one company he is a big fan of:

“Of course, Tesla isn’t the only one at the forefront of this revolutionary BESS boom.

For example, there’s another BESS company that already has more than 16 million runtime hours under its belt.

It’s operating or contracted in over 900 sites…

It’s been legally permitted in over 250 cities around the world…”

He reveals his “#1 leader of BESS Battery Storage” in the presentation for free. It is a company called Fluence.

Fluence is an energy storage company that has operated battery storage projects across the globe for 13 years and established a market presence in over 24 countries. It also acquired a company that had a master supplier agreement with Tesla and engineered one of the most advanced battery software systems in the world.

It is not a publicly-traded company and is, therefore, not listed on any stock exchange. It is co-owned by AES Corp. and Siemens AG.

Ray Blanco says that you should invest in AES Corp (AES) at $28 per share to indirectly invest in Fluence, which he says is poised to go public in 2022.

Alternatively, he says that you can invest in “Tesla’s Biggest Competitor.”

He has written a report about it called The Perfect BESS Investment: 10X Your Cash On Tesla’s Biggest Competitor.

Inside Tesla's Secret Poject B.E.S.S.This company is .002% the size of Tesla and it is already out-competing Tesla in the BESS Battery boom. Here’s what he says about it:

“They’re out-installing Tesla’s BESS projects by over 165% in the largest renewable energy market in the United States (giving them nearly 80% market share)…

They already have a backlog of 10-to-20-year contracts with a portfolio of Fortune 500 companies, virtually guaranteeing profitability for years to come, and…

Swiss investment bank Credit Suisse recently initiated coverage on this company, issuing a enthusiastic “buy” rating…”

On top of that, he says that their business model is such that they don’t make their batteries because they buy them from competitors. What they do instead is manage and optimize energy for clients using their proprietary BESS battery software.

Their tech has 24 patents and they already operate the energy supply of over 850 BESS batteries across the world.

Ray Blanco has also identified another company that has developed new battery chemistry that could dethrone Lithium as a key energy storage component.

This will be made possible by a mysterious metal that is not flammable, is abundant (there are 10X more of it than Lithium making it cheaper), and has a longer shelf life than Lithium (it can hold an electric charge longer than Lithium). The mysterious metal has better battery chemistry than Lithium-ion.

The company Ray is teasing uses this metal to make BESS batteries and it has already signed commercial deals in Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Inside Tesla's Secret Poject B.E.S.S.Ray wrote a report about it titled Lithium’s Replacement: How To Profit From The 122X Battery Storage Disruption.

To get those two reports for free, you have to sign up for Ray Blanco’s Technology Profits Confidential newsletter.

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Who is Ray Blanco?

Ray Blanco is an investment editor who publishes newsletters like Technology Profits Confidential, Breakthrough Technology Alert, FDA Profit Alert, and Technology Profits Daily.

He publishes his work via a boutique investment research company called St. Paul Research, which is an imprint of Agora Financial.

Ray joined the company in 2010 and has since been writing about new trends in the capital markets. For example, he has written about new trends in the tech industry focusing on things like satellite internet and 5G. He has also written about the Marijuana industry.

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Technology Profits Confidential Review

Technology Profits Confidential is an investment advisory service run by Ray Blanco. He writes about the capital markets to get you on the ground floor of the most promising tech companies before they grow exponentially.

Inside Tesla's Secret Poject B.E.S.S.He focuses on companies that work around the clock to solve the world’s biggest challenges by innovating state-of-the-art technologies, cutting-edge science, and breakthrough ideas.

He only writes about companies that are beyond the “proof of concept” phase but are not yet household names hoping that as they become more popular, you will grow your investment.

Here is what you get when you join Technology Profits Confidential:

  • 12 monthly issues of Technology Profits Confidential
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The #1 Stock for the Biggest Infrastructure Bill in U.S. History

This report is based on the Biden Administration’s $2 trillion infrastructure bill that could end up becoming the biggest infrastructure package in history.

Ray Blanco says that the bill will create changes to the energy industry but focuses on one company that he thinks is perfectly positioned to profit from the bill.

The company has a history of working with the federal government and has already earned $200 million from the Department of Energy. It has surged as much as 800% in the past two decades. All the details concerning this company are in the special report.

How much is Technology Profits Confidential?

An annual subscription to Technology Profits Confidential costs $49

Technology Profits Confidential Refund Policy

Technology Profits Confidential has a six-month money-back guarantee.

Inside Tesla's Secret Poject B.E.S.S.This means that if you don’t like the service, you can cancel your subscription prematurely as long as you do it in 60 days.

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Closing Remarks on Inside Tesla’s Secret Project B.E.S.S.

In the presentation, Ray Blanco states that big batteries produce some of the cheapest energy in the world. And he considers that to be remarkable because until recently, energy storage batteries were too costly for widespread commercial adoption.

But recent technological advancements made to the Lithium-ion battery during the Electric Vehicle rush led to a drop in the cost of producing lithium-ion battery packs.

He believes that this disruptive energy storage boom is just getting started, meaning that you are standing on the ground floor of a new 122X battery boom. Ray says that he expects this boom to mint a whole new class of “big Battery billionaires.”

His first recommendation is a private company called Fluence but he wants you to invest in it indirectly by going for its public holding companies.

Whether you agree with Ray Blanco or not, you cannot deny that renewable energy is an important part of Biden’s agenda and it could benefit from favorable government policies. Therefore, the industry is expected to grow and it could make for a great investment.

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