Paydirt 2020 Summit aka Paydirt Profit Cycle [Review]

Nick Hodge and Gerardo Del Real of Outsider Club recently released the Paydirt 2020 Profit Summit to showcase a new method of picking gold stocks that had not been made public before.

They claim that with their new stock-picking tool, they can enable you to earn life-changing gains at a time when Gold is hitting record-breaking highs.

I watched the webinar in its entirety to unearth what they were discussing to help you better decide whether their approach is worth considering.

Keep reading to learn more about what they were offering.

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What is Paydirt 2020 Summit?

Paydirt 2020 Summit (or Paydirt 2020 Profit Summit) is a webinar by Gerardo Del Real (hosted by Nick Hodge) pitching the Junior Mining Trader newsletter. They also use it to introduce the gold stock-picking system that Gerardo has been developing that he calls the Paydirt Profit Cycle.

Speaking of investing in gold, this presentation reminds me of another I recently reviewed called A9 Gold Stocks by Adam Odell.

Paydirt 2020 Profit Summit

As they were releasing the presentation (August 27th), the price of gold per ounce was at year-long highs. This made it the perfect time to advertise an investment advisory service that focuses on gold stocks.

The summit entails a “new way to take advantage of the coming gold bull market” that Nick claims has so far helped him “pull in five- and six-figure gold stock gains in the first half of 2020.”

Why Gerardo wants you to invest in gold

Historically, gold has always been considered a store of value and a safe-haven investment that investors turn to when the rest of the market is witnessing mayhem, such as during the lockdown occasioned by the coronavirus pandemic.

Higher demand drives prices up, which explains why gold has been going up for the past few months during the pandemic.

Gerardo further claims that the Fed printing money and offering stimulus checks to the tune of trillions of dollars have also helped drive gold prices higher.

“Central Bankers are openly embracing an unsustainable reflation of financial assets that eventually will cause the greatest asset bubble we’ve seen in our lifetime… and maybe ever. The good news for us is that the bubble will send gold to historic highs. Not only during the reflation… but after the bubble pops as capital rushes into gold seeking refuge in the millennia-old hedge against instability and financial restructuring… Gold.”

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Who is Gerardo Del Real?

Gerardo Del Real is an investment guru who specializes in the resource sector. He works for the Outsider Club, which was founded by Nick Hodge.

In the resource sector, he writes about junior mining stocks via his two newsletters, namely Junior Mining Monthly and Junior Mining Trader. He also writes a column for the Outsider Club.

Before he started recommending mining stocks, Del Real mainly wrote about the real estate industry. At the time, he actively dissuaded his clients – comprising of fund managers, large institutional players, and newsletter writers – from investing in the resource space because it was bearish.

He changed his stance when he realized that the real estate market was due to implode in 2008 and decided to focus on the asset class he felt was going to thrive next: precious and rare metal stocks.

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What is the Paydirt Profit Cycle?

Paydirt Profit Cycle is a junior mining trading system that Gerardo developed to enable his subscribers to find the best junior miners. It isolates the best companies from a pool containing a few thousand companies.

He prefers junior miners to larger, established companies because they have higher upside potential.

The other reason has to do with the non-involvement of institutional investors and banks because it offers him an opportunity to exploit market inefficiencies. He explains it as follows:

“Many of the stocks we trade are too small and don’t meet the minimum requirements for banks and institutions to invest in. If they were in this market with their algorithms… these inefficiencies I find wouldn’t exist. They’d identify them in seconds.”

So, how does he find stocks to invest in?

He uses the Paydirt Profit Cycle. To explain how this trading system works, he says the following:

“…they’re [junior minors] valued based on market sentiment as they execute their business plan and achieve certain milestones, or catalysts. My specialty is narrowing down the thousands of companies to just those who are approaching these catalysts.”

When he finds the companies with the right catalyst, he is confident that they are going to rise in value and earn him a profit on his investment.

The Paydirt Profit Cycle comprises of three stages:

  • The Macro: He examines the big picture of what’s happening in the world focusing on the price of gold, how the dollar is performing, how bonds are doing, and how the interest rates involving global debts are performing.
  • The Micro: He turns his attention to a specific sector, say, gold explorers or developers, thus narrowing down his search to a small group of stocks.
  • The Trigger: He looks for a catalyst that could signal that a company will rise in value dramatically. He focuses on things like drilling results, a buyout situation, a permit decision, economic assessment, or other important indicators.

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What is Junior Mining Trader?

Junior Mining Trader is an investment advisory service published by The Outsider Club and edited by Gerardo Del Real that focuses on junior mining stock recommendations.

Should you join the Junior Mining Trader, you will be entitled to:

  • Junior Mining Trader Alert: When he finds a new investment opportunity, he sends you an email with the name of the company and the reasons why he thinks it is a good investment.
  • Golden Giants: The Foundation for Massive Gold Gains: This report contains all the criteria Gerardo looks for when recommending stocks.
  • Access to the Junior Mining Trader Secure Traders Portal: This is the encrypted website through which members access everything that the service entails.
  • Junior Jackpot: Core Holdings Overview. You also receive a list of gold and silver exploration companies that you can add to your buy-and-hold portfolio.

As the presentation wears on, Gerardo claims that he has found one gold stock that meets the requirements of the Paydirt Profit Cycle. He says that it may turn an investment worth a few thousand into a few hundred thousand.

He has written a report about it called Paydirt 2020: Set for a 7,042% Gold Trade with all the details you need to know about it, including its name and ticker symbol.

Subscription Fee

One year of the Junior Mining Trader costs $1,999.

Refund Policy

There is a 3-month, money-back guarantee.

Paydirt 2020 Profit Summit

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Paydirt 2020 Profit Summit Conclusion

Here are a few points I took from the Paydirt 2020 Profit Summit:

  • Gerardo wants people to invest in gold stocks NOW and that the key to doing that “correctly” is by joining his advisory service, Junior Mining Trader.
  • He uses a bit of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) by saying that gold is back as a viable investment after a decade to hype up his service and get people who are on the fence about investing in gold to start investing as soon as possible. He also introduces a limit of the number of people that can join the newsletter to 250.
  • Gerardo Del Real advises his readers to invest in junior miners and stay away from ETFs and big-name gold stocks because he believes that it is the only way you can make millionaire-level returns from the 2020 gold bull market.

I should mention that if you have a risk appetite and can handle a bit of whipsawing, junior miners are worth considering because they tend to do better overall during a bull market. They are inherently more volatile than the bigger companies and bullion itself.

The disadvantage of trusting in small mining companies is that they are more adversely affected by a credit crunch than their larger counterparts.

With that in mind, you can decide whether Paydirt 2020 is worth your time or you will be better off following other sources of investment advice.

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