What Is Jim Rickards Crash Speculator?

I was recently checking out one of James Rickards’ teasers when I discovered his Crash Speculator newsletter.

So, I decided to take a closer look at what it is all about and realized that it was all based on making money during a bear market (cue the coronavirus recession).

Jim assures us that he has found the best way to capitalize on a plummeting market and that if you use his proprietary strategy to invest in falling stock, you can easily convert $500 into $10,000 in ONE DAY! Well, it sounds great but is there any substance to those claims?

In this review, I intend to demystify Jim Rickards’ Crash Speculator, tackling his investment strategy, who he is, and anything else you need to know before you commit to a subscription.

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What is Jim Rickards Crash Speculator?

The Crash Speculator is one of three investment research services that Jim Rickards edits at Paradigm Press.

Jim Rickards Crash Speculator

He launched it to provide regular (Main Street) investors with the kind of investment advice he felt was previously the preserve of hedge funds and institutional investors. He claims that the advice he doles out via the newsletter, some people would pay a fortune for.

His investment strategy is all about recommending investment opportunities that yield massive returns in a short period, sometimes within one day! Don’t believe me, here is an excerpt from the official website:

“Crash Speculator gives ordinary investors an opportunity to turn one-day stock collapses into huge payouts based on a flatline pattern of a stock chart.”

Most of what he does is find stocks that are about to plummet (hence the name “Crash Speculator”), bet against them, and make money. He reasons that you can make a lot of money from such moves but only if you time them right.

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How Jim Rickards’ Crash Speculator works

Since we have established that the foundation of Jim’s approach is to time stock crashes, the hard part is, undoubtedly, the timing.

If you have even the tiniest bit of exposure to the stock market, you know that market timing is not easy (to put it mildly). A quick Google search will confirm that trying to do what Jim Rickards does is tough.

To save you time, you can read this article from Investopedia on the subject – the writer tries to sit on the fence but inevitably leans towards failure.

Anyway, that’s what Jim wants you to pay for, his ability to pull that off. So, how does he do it?

This statement from the website should give us a hint:

“This flatline pattern is based on a series of complex accounting ratios that, while used by auditors, CPAs, bankruptcy courts and database systems used for loan evaluations, has never been applied to the financial markets… until now.”

He uses something called a “flatline pattern.” It’s a bit vague and you won’t find a concrete definition for it but he says that it is used for loan evaluations.

He goes on to say:

“We scan through countless data points and analyze the top-performing stocks that meet our criteria for unpredictable stock collapses that could bring big gains in 24 hours.

Using this flatlining stock strategy along with complex global economic indicators of where the broader markets are heading…”

He has a computer algorithm that scours the market looking for a stock that may crash in one day (the following day). The program targets stocks that are doing well and that you wouldn’t expect to collapse and the flatline pattern helps with that.

To support the technical analysis, he examines global economic patterns that show where the markets are headed. These patterns either confirm or dispel the results of the chart analysis.

He also uses a set of accounting ratios that are not usually found on corporate financial documents. With those ratios, he manipulates publicly available figures in a way that loan evaluations are done by CPAs, bankruptcy courts, and auditors.

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Who is Jim Rickards?

Jim Rickards is an economist, lawyer, and trader. He is known for writing books like Aftermath: Seven Secrets of Wealth Preservation in the Coming Chaos and Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis about macroeconomics and personal finance.

Although he wears many hats, most people know him as a gold and silver speculator, although he leans more towards the former (gold). He has been telling anyone who’ll care to listen that gold will reach $10,000 per ounce in the not-so-distant future and that the time to buy gold assets is now.

He is also a newsletter editor who works for Paradigm Press – a branch of Agora Financial (which is itself a branch of The Agora). Other than the Crash Speculator, he publishes Project Prophesy and Strategic Intelligence.

While other gurus advertise their newsletters by talking up the profit potential of some stock, Rickards errs on the side of predicting doomsday-like scenarios to get people to listen to him.

Jim testified before Congress about the Global Financial Crisis. He was a negotiator during the 1998 bailout of Long Term Capital Management – some economists think the bailout caused the Global Financial Crisis.

What you get for joining Jim Rickards’ Crash Speculator?

To join the service, you have to part with $3,995 for a one-year subscription.

That gives you:

  • Monthly recommendations with the latest opportunities. Typically, you get between two to four recommendations every month.
  • Urgent profit-taking alerts. When the time comes to close a position, you receive one of these.
  • Access to the Crash Monitor.
  • Daily stock opportunities derived from Jim’s watchlist.

As I was writing this, if you wish to subscribe to the service, you can only do so by calling the support desk.

Jim Rickards Crash Speculator

Jim Rickards Crash Speculator Conclusion

Jim Rickards is one of the most experienced newsletter gurus you’ll find as he has a career spanning 40 years. Of late, he has been vocal about investing in precious metals and you may have seen videos of him talking about the subject on TV or the internet.

But the Crash Speculator appears to be a departure from that as he intends to bet against strong companies, taking advantage of one-day dips to make money.

He analyzes stocks using a method that is usually used to evaluate loans, something he says he is pioneering in the world of financial analysis. Since he claims that his work is pioneering, he charges a premium for it.

As I have already mentioned, his method is risky because timing those stock dips can be a hit or a miss. You need things to go right to have any chance of making money and no matter how assured Jim sounds, betting on that is speculative.

If you follow his advice, you should invest money you can afford to lose and be cautious. It’s not going to be as easy as he makes it sound.

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