What Is George Gilder’s Ubernet?

George Gilder’s Ubernet is a presentation by the veteran investor and author that concerns a government ruling, codename Docket 18-295.

According to Gilder, this ruling will create a trillion-dollar industry and provide us with internet that is 250% faster than regular Wi-Fi. He also claims that it will create a $15.1 trillion stock market opportunity.

In this piece, I walk you through the presentation, highlighting everything you need to know about the ruling and the investment opportunities George is teasing.

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Introduction to George Gilder’s Ubernet

George Gilder is no stranger to making bold predictions about the technology sector and in his latest presentation, he is talking up what he calls “The UberNet.”

I say this because this isn’t the first time we are coming across George’s work as we have reviewed presentations he has published before like The Cryptocosm [Life After Bitcoin], 15G Stocks, and Prediction 2021 [The $16.8 Trillion Reboot].

George Gilders UberNetIn each of those presentations, he talks about some big trends that he thinks will reshape the technology industry.

In this latest iteration, he talks about “a radical new form of the internet” that is going to be unveiled across the country. This new internet will be more powerful than the “regular” internet you use and it will power new technology from big tech companies like Apple, Samsung, and Intel.

George Gilder thinks that big profits will be made as the “UberNet” rollout begins.

He says that this has been made possible thanks to an obscure government ruling called Docket 18-295. He has talked about this before in a presentation he did a few months ago called The $9 trillion wealth secret of “Docket 81-413” (Donald Trump’s Secret $15.1 Trillion Legacy).

George explains that this is not the first time the country has had such an impactful ruling. He says that the first time it happened was on May 9th, 1985 when the Federal Government mandated Docket 81-413.

George Gilders UberNet

Gilder says that without that ruling, the modern technology industry wouldn’t exist. He says that there would be no smartphones, video streaming, video calls, or apps like Spotify, Facebook, and Uber.

Docket 81-413 generated wealth for more people than anything in modern history.

What was it all about? Gilder explains that it opened up a new way for computers and other devices to communicate with each other. Before that, the Government maintained tight control of the radio wave spectrum.

Then a guy called Michael Marcus challenged the government to loosen its grip on the spectrum by allowing entrepreneurs to use at least a part of it.

When the government allowed that to happen, it ushered in an age of new tech firms that innovated the spectrum for wireless communication. And that, according to George is how the modern world was born.

This development sent many stocks to the moon because they innovated on the unlicensed spectrum. Examples of such companies include Logitech, Motorola, Nokia, and other big tech companies that benefited from wireless communication and the proliferation of internet-enabled devices.

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Understanding Docket 18-295

George Gilder says that what happened in 1985 happened again in 2020 when the FCC opened up new bands of the unlicensed spectrum. This is what he refers to as Docket 18-295.

“The FCC’s recent decision liberates a vast amount of bandwidth from government control.

In fact, the 2.4 GHz band that the FCC opened up in 1985 had just 70 MHz of bandwidth.

Yet the recent decision opens up 1,200MHz – more than FOUR TIMES the spectrum.”

The band that he is talking about is Wi-Fi 6E.

After the FCC made this decision, Gilder says that a new computer chip was built within a month.

George Gilders UberNetThis new chip has a technology that can access the 6GHz part of the spectrum that the FCC liberated. And for that reason, George Gilder thinks that it could prove to be the most valuable technology of the 21st Century.

He says that big companies that normally compete with each other allied to back the move, showing how big it was. They want to use the new bandwidth that the FCC unlocked.

Consequently, there will be fast internet everywhere because there will be enough bandwidth for thousands of devices to share a connection.

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How to Invest in Docket 18-295

George Gilder says that the investment opportunities will be in “spectrum sharing.” He says that the companies making spectrum sharing possible will be the gatekeepers of the new industry.

He has written a report called Three Spectrum Millionaire Makers that details how you can invest for optimal returns.

The first company in the report makes the computer chips I mentioned earlier. Here is what Gilder says about it:

“You see, I’ve discovered that the computer chips required to tap into the new 6 GHz band are already available on the market right now.

I’m betting they’re actually inside new “Wi-Fi 6E” routers already.

And they’re made by a company that already supplies high end computer chips to some of the biggest companies in the world. I’m talking about:









Ford Motors


He says that the last time he recommended the stock, it soared 20X in the four years that followed.

Here is what George says about the second company in the report:

“The second stock you’ll hear about is going to be central to bringing this new technology right into your home. It already supplies close to 58 million homes and businesses across America. Its network is already growing at an exponential rate – doubling roughly every 18-24 months. As Wi-Fi 6E rolls out across America it’s THIS company that will likely be on the frontlines.”

And the third company:

“The third stock you’ll hear about just made one of the smartest acquisitions in its history. It now supplies nine of the world’s top ten global internet network operators – and the top six internet content providers.”

To get your free copy of Three Spectrum Millionaire Makers, you need to subscribe to George Gilder’s advisory service called The George Gilder Report.

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Who is George Gilder?

George Gilder is an American investment analyst who is considered one of the most knowledgeable men in America when it comes to predicting the future of technology and the impact it has on people’s lives. He is sometimes referred to as America’s #1 tech futurist.

George is a professional investor, writer, and economist with the uncanny ability to foresee how breakthroughs will play out years before they happen.

This is apparent in the books he has published over the years ranging from Wealth and Poverty to Life After Television: The Coming Transformation of Media and American Life and Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy.

He was instrumental in formulating supply-side economics when he was the chairman of the Lehrman Institute’s Economic Roundtable and when he served as a program director for the Manhattan Institute.

George Gilder is known to some for his popular 1990’s newsletter, The Gilder Technology Report, where he wrote about the tech industry and made predictions about tech stocks.

He is currently on the editorial team of a boutique investment research firm called Three Founders Publishing where he oversees investment advisory services like The George Gilder Report, George Gilder’s Moonshots, and The Great Barrington Project.

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The George Gilder Report Review

The George Gilder Report is the veteran investor’s flagship newsletter. He writes to his subscribers about developments in the tech sector and makes predictions of what he sees happening and how people should prepare.

George Gilders UberNetIf you want to read George’s insights regularly as he explains the technology that will reshape the world soon, you can sign up.

In addition to the regular newsletter, you also receive the following as part of your subscription:

  • A special report called Three Spectrum Millionaire Makers. It is about the three main stock recommendations that George is making.
  • A free hardback copy of his book, Life After Google. It costs $15 on Amazon but you get it for free when you become a member of The George Gilder Report.
  • Life After Google: The Missing Chapter. This is reserved for subscribers because it is not part of the book.
  • Every financial quarter, George Gilder does a special check-in with his readers and lets them send in their most pressing questions. He then does a private online webinar where they get to listen as he answers as many of those questions as possible. The caveat is that he doesn’t offer any personalized investment advice.
  • You get free subscriptions to Gilder’s Daily Prophecy, One Last Thing, and the 5 Minute Forecast. These are daily e-letters where you get insights into the corners of the market most investors never get to see.

Besides those, you also get the following bonus reports and guides:

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The Truth About Artificial Intelligence

It is a special report about the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how you can make money off of it.

George also reveals why he thinks most experts are wrong about AI and where it is headed. He makes his assessment in this report.

Our Robot Future

In this report, George talks about autonomous vehicles, automated factories, and “homes that run themselves.” He explains why these outcomes are a convergence between IoT, robotics, and automation.

He gives his opinion on the best way to invest to stay ahead of the curve.

The True 5G Revolution

George Gilder explains 5G in this special report. He offers a full explanation of what the 5G buildout means, how it will spread, and the stocks that will enable you to earn big returns on 5G in the months ahead.

Access to “Gilder 360”

When you have access to Gilder 360, it means that you have a chance to hear from George in person each time he speaks at a conference. He has been a featured speaker for many years and was once paid $100,000 for a single speech.

Gilder 360 is an invitation to every event he attends. He also offers discounts to those events.

The George Gilder Report Pricing

The annual subscription fee is $49 if you join via the link at the end of the presentation. If you sign up via the official website, the fee is $199.

The George Gilder Report Name Refund Policy

The George Gilder Report has a 6-month money-back guarantee.

George Gilders UberNetIf you cancel your subscription within 6 months, they will refund your money.

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Closing Remarks on George Gilder’s Ubernet

In George Gilder’s Ubernet, the veteran investor talks about an announcement by the FCC in 2020 (Docket 18-295) that released a large portion of the spectrum for Wi-Fi 6E and other unlicensed uses. He says that it will allow us to have faster internet because the new Wi-Fi band will support more devices.

Gilder expects the fast internet to cause a proliferation of devices and create new investment opportunities. He says that we should focus on the companies making the devices that will allow us to access the internet.

If he is right about the fast internet and the companies he is teasing, it could turn out to be a great investment although it may not be in the short term. These could be long-term investment opportunities because such changes take time.

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