What Is Crypto’s Third Wave? [Ian King Summit]

Ian King’s 3rd Wave Crypto Fortunes is a webinar during which he is expected to share details of Crypto’s Third Wave.

At the event, he is expected to share details of how a third wave in the crypto market could create a $9 trillion boom. He will also detail the specific steps that he thinks you should take to make 12 times your money in as little as 12 months.

Sounds farfetched? In this review, we take a closer look at what Ian King will be discussing and evaluate the legitimacy of his bold claims.

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Introduction to Crypto’s Third Wave

Ian King’s Crypto’s Third Wave event is the latest webinar where Ian will be talking about the cryptocurrency market and how he thinks we should navigate it.

He’s talked about crypto investments before when he did a presentation titled “The Big Rip” where he was talking about investing in various blockchain stocks and digital assets.

Crypto's Third Wave (Ian King)Ian says that he has been investing in cryptocurrencies since Bitcoin was trading at just $100 in 2013 and since then, he has never seen anything like what he believes is happening in the cryptocurrency market.

He claims that it is the most exciting development in cryptocurrencies since Bitcoin was launched.

He says that the profit potential is mind-boggling and insists that you have a chance to get in on a potential $9 trillion market on the ground floor. Ian says that under his guidance, you may potentially make 12 times your money in the next 12 months.

Ian is saying this confidently and adds that he has made the right calls about cryptos in the past. In the pitch, he says,

“The last time I made a promise like that…

My top crypto picks WAY overdelivered.

One shot up over 1,900% in just four months (that’s 20 times your money — on just the first half of a position)…

And another shot up over 3,900% in three months (that’s 40 times your money — also on the first half of a position)…

Get this… the other half of that position… is up over 9,000% so far over the last nine months.”

Ian King says his research has proven that the looming crypto wave will disrupt a $90 trillion industry. Let me clarify that we currently don’t have a single $90 trillion industry given that the value of the entire global economy is $93.86 trillion (which means Ian is talking about future projections).

He adds that if the third crypto wave grabs just a tenth of the hypothetical $90 trillion industry, one small niche in the crypto market could become a $9 trillion boom.

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What does Ian King Mean by a “Third Wave”?

I am not entirely sure what he means by that but I can infer that the first wave must be the Cryptocurrency Bubble of 2017, which was the first time cryptocurrencies grabbed mainstream attention because crypto investors were raking in astronomical returns before it fell apart.

The second wave must be the 2020 Cryptocurrency boom, which some have called the 2020 Turnaround. It was a period when cryptocurrency prices spiked to new highs because as investors feared macroeconomic instability, they decided to hedge themselves with digital assets, which some people deemed to be inflation-resistant.

The price rises were fueled by a general acceptance by institutional investors of cryptocurrencies as a legit investment.

Speaking of the third wave, Ian King has been writing about NFTs lately and in one piece, he described the market as “one of the wildest manias in financial history” that “will be written about in financial textbooks.”

However, as of writing this, it is not clear what he is referring to as the third wave and we’ll have to wait for him to reveal that.

Whatever he talks about at the webinar, it is safe to assume that he will promote his newsletter, Next Wave Crypto Fortunes. It is his crypto-centric advisory service and its name is an obvious giveaway.

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Who is Ian King?

Ian King is an investment analyst and professional trader who works for Banyan Hill Publishing.

Banyan Hill Publishing is an independent investment research firm that publishes financial research that is geared towards individual investors.

At the firm, Ian is the editor of Next Wave Crypto Fortunes, New Era Fortunes and Strategic Fortunes.

Ian King is a former hedge fund manager with 20 years of experience trading and analyzing capital markets. He joined the finance industry at the age of 21 when he worked at the mortgage bond trading department at Salomon Brothers. He later moved to Citigroup before moving again to a New York-based hedge fund called Peahi Capital.

While he was working at Peahi Capital, his team registered a 339% return in 2008, which was impressive at the time because the global economy was plunged into an economic crisis.

Ian King is also a contributor to a free newsletter offered by Banyan Hill called Winning Investor Daily. This e-letter focuses on the latest tech trends and investment opportunities.

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Closing Remarks on Crypto’s Third Wave

Ian King talks a good game in promoting his webinar and says that he has the credentials to predict a potential third crypto wave because his previous picks did well when he recommended them.

But as we all know, the cryptocurrency market is unpredictable and unforgiving. Investors have made fortunes and later lost them almost as quickly when they thought they understood the market.

However, in the same breath, some investors have made money from the crypto market by following smart strategies. They have predicted bull markets and addressed the risks involved, which has enabled them to thrive where others have failed.

Ian has made some good calls in the past and it helps that he has vast experience in the capital markets that he can draw from. Therefore, I think you should hear him out and then decide whether he is worth listening to. Besides, the webinar is free of charge.

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