What Is Charles Mizrahi’s SOE Pitch?

Charles Mizrahi recently released a pitch whose header asks “Have You Heard of SOE?”

He is referring to a new trend and a breakout industry that he thinks could change your financial future forever.

In this piece, I uncover what trend he is talking about to enable you to gauge the veracity of his claims as well as the viability of his stock pick.

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What is Charles Mizrahi’s SOE Pitch? (The Pitch)

In Charles Mizrahi’s SoE pitch, he waxes lyrical about a new trend that is so huge and powerful that one application of it could be as disruptive as the internet.

Charles Mizrahi's SOE Pitch

Let me cut to the chase here, the trend he refers to as SoE, is just an acronym for “Subscription of Everything.”

What this means is that with the aid of cloud services, access to the internet, and other enabling infrastructure, people are accessing more services online via subscriptions. Here is Charles describing the phenomenon:

“The movement away from owning stuff to just using it instead has new subscription services coming out of the woodwork for both businesses and consumers.

The agriculture industry … manufacturing … mining … biometrics … financial services … even the carpet industry …

You name an industry, there’s a subscription for it. You can see why I call it the ‘Subscription of Everything.’

SoE is changing how we live and work on a massive scale.

And companies that embrace the Subscription of Everything are giving fast-acting investors the chance to profit in a big way.”

He is referring to things like Software-as-a-Service that enable you to not have to own software on your machine to use it. Instead, you can subscribe to a provider that offers it from a cloud.

He gives examples of Microsoft, a company we may relate to because it transformed its business model from selling disks that had its software to allow people to access its Microsoft Office Suite online and Netflix, which revolutionized the movie-renting business by prioritizing its subscription model thus phasing out physical discs.

He says that “Subscription of Everything” is just getting started because technological advancements like cloud computing, 5G, AI, and big data are making it easier for providers to offer more services via subscriptions.

Then there is the COVID-19 pandemic, which he says has accelerated the growth of the SoE trend because as people work remotely, they are forced to switch to subscription models to fulfill their tasks.

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The stock Charles is recommending

As you’d expect, Charles is concerned with how investors can make money from the SoE trend. He has a company that he is backing. He says that its stock could easily go up tenfold over the next five years because its proprietary systems are in demand. What do we know about it? Here is his description of it:

“The founder and CEO of this cutting-edge business saw this day coming years ago … long before it was on anyone’s radar.

And he structured his company to be a part of it from the very beginning.

Think of it as the “Amazon” of SoE.

Amazon gives 2.5 million people and small businesses a place to sell their products … saving them from having to put the time and expense into building their own platforms.

My stock pick does something similar for SoE companies. It provides these businesses with the suite of software systems they need to function.

You see … standard business software programs just don’t cut it for subscription companies. They’re not designed to handle recurring revenue. Not by a long shot.

That’s why what my top SoE company offers is so revolutionary. Its proprietary systems for billing, collections, revenue management and analytics are specifically created to work with the subscription model.

And having the right systems makes a world of difference.

When a Norwegian media firm made the switch to this company’s platform, it doubled its digital subscription revenue in just two years.

Yes, doubled it.

And more than 1,000 of the biggest SoE companies in the world have also jumped on board.”

Its clients include DocuSign, Ford, Zendesk, Caterpillar, Okta, Karbon, The Guardian, Zillow Group, Carbonite, The Seattle Times, The Guardian, Schneider Electric, and Trivago, just to mention a few. Institutional investors with a stake in it include BlackRock, Brown Advisory, and Vanguard.

It has 10 patents with 23 additional ones pending (as of releasing the presentation) that will block competitors from duplicating its proprietary systems.

Charles wrote everything about it in a briefing called How to Profit From the $2.7 Trillion SoE Industry. You get a free copy of the briefing when you sign up for Alpha Investor, an investment advisory service he publishes.

You don’t have to subscribe to the newsletter to find out what company he is teasing because after doing my research, I found that Charles is talking about a company called Zuora (Zuo). Zuora is an enterprise software company that provides software for businesses to launch and manage their subscription-based services. Its applications automate billing, collections, revenue recognition, and subscription metrics.

To further prove that it fits Mizrahi’s description, Schibsted ASA, a Norwegian media giant, reported that it had doubled its subscription revenue on the Zuora platform from 2018 to 2020.

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Who is Charles Mizrahi?

As per his bio on the Banyan Hill website, Charles has the uncanny ability to spot money-making opportunities as proven by his reputation while he was working on the trading floor of the New York Futures exchange. He was 20 years of age when he started working there.

He later moved on to money management and was ranked number one market timer and number one commodity trading adviser by Barron’s. He has been trading or analyzing stocks for more than 35 years.

His most notable achievements include avoiding the 1987 Market Crash and surviving the Dot Com Bubble and the Subprime Mortgage crisis.

He taught an investing class in the New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

At Banyan Hill, he is the editor of Alpha Investor and Lifetime Profits. He also publishes a weekly article on American Investor Today.

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What is Alpha Investor? (The Newsletter)

The premise of the presentation is to get more people to subscribe to Mizrahi’s Alpha Investor. As I mentioned earlier, it is a subscription service through which he offers regular investment advice targeting retail investors.

When you become a member, you get:

  • 12 monthly research briefings. Each contains a new stock pick for you to consider.
  • Access to his Model Portfolio. It is a list of stocks he recommends buying.
  • Weekly updates. He sends you weekly video updates.
  • The Alpha Investor investing manual. This report walks you through Mizrahi’s approach step-by-step.
  • Access to the private members-only website. It enables you to access research briefings, special reports, and the model portfolio conveniently from one place.
  • Access to a customer care team. They address questions you may have about your subscription.

How much do you pay to join Newsletter Name?

A one-year subscription costs $47.

Does Newsletter Name have a Refund Policy?

It has a one-year money-back guarantee.

Closing Remarks on Charles Mizrahi’s SOE Pitch

Charles Mizrahi did his pitch about SoE to call our attention to a trend that he thinks will be as disruptive as the internet. To be honest, he is right about more businesses and activities shifting from physical service delivery to online-based arrangements. He calls this SoE because we now need to subscribe to these services to gain access.

Companies like Netflix are great examples of this trend in play and Charles says that we are going to see more transitions. He argues that as an investor, you can benefit from this shift if you find the companies that will benefit from this trend and invest in them early on.

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