What Is Certus Trading? [Matt Choi]

Welcome to my review of Certus Trading.

I learned about it through an email and from what I have seen, it is a training platform by Matt Choi where you learn how to swing trade using options. He shows you how to work with different assets and work with multiple strategies.

But is it any good?

In this article, you will find out who Matt Choi is and learn more about the courses he offers through the platform.

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What is Certus Trading?

Certus Trading is an educational trading platform created by Matt Choi to show individual investors how to achieve trading mastery through easy-to-understand strategies that enable them to be more successful.

Certus Trading

Matt offers training programs and trading tips that are mainly focused on options-trading. They lean towards swing trading.

When you swing trade you typically hold an asset for one or more days to profit from price swings. Therefore, you keep your positions for longer than you would when day trading but for a shorter period than when buying and holding.

Most swing traders use mathematical models (technical analysis) to eliminate the emotional aspect and become more objective as they trade, a fact that is not lost on Matt.

When you visit the Certus Trading website, you can embark on free training by enrolling in a webinar. In the webinar, Choi demonstrates how he swing trades options. He claims that it generates over 75% winners and earns returns ranging from 100% to 200%.

He also runs a free newsletter called Trading Tips. When you sign up, he sends you trading tips and you gain access to his “4TP Trading Strategy” that he claims you can use to trade ETFs, commodities, stocks, forex, and bonds.

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What training services does Certus Trading offer?

Matt Choi runs a couple of training services. We’ll take a brief look at the ones he is offering as I write this:

Profit Scheduler Club for Options

($2,997 per year, 30-day money-back guarantee)

Choi claims that after studying historical data, he realized that institutional investors on Wall Street follow a schedule of buys and sells and they end up making the same moves every year on the same trading days. He says that he takes those trades and trades options on them. When you join the program, he sends you two picks every week.

Advanced Options Strategy Blueprint

Choi teaches you 8 advanced options trading strategies over 8 weeks. This program is tailored for swing traders with an appetite for trades that yield high rewards with controlled risk. It is meant for traders who already understand how options work.

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Options Alert

($497 per month)

It is a monthly subscription service where you receive options trades from Matt every week. You can only get it when you complete the Advanced Options Strategy Blueprint program.

Live 2-Day Options Mastermind

This service is only available to students who have taken the Advanced Options Strategy Blueprint. It is a two-day program during which Choi shows you how he uses his eight strategies.

Trading BIG Moves With Options

($497 non-refundable)

In this course, you learn how to use options to profit from big stock moves. You learn how to pick stocks that are about to soar in the next 12 months and how to hedge your bets to make money even when you make the wrong call.

Mastering Commodity Spreads

In this course, Matt shows you how to trade commodity spreads in a way that takes advantage of huge price movements while reducing exchange margins by up to 80%

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Advanced Strategies for Commodities and Financial Futures

This online course shows you how to swing trade commodities and financial futures using technical analysis. This course is meant for advanced traders.

Choi shows you advanced trading strategies that you can implement on commodities and financial futures. Here are the other lessons you receive:

  • You learn about the indicators that are predominantly used by floor traders.
  • You learn how to use the Commitment of Traders report to make better moves in the market.
  • How to trade commodity spreads.
  • How to manage risk
  • Matt’s top ten strategies for all market conditions.

Mastering Technical Analysis

It is an online course that Matt offers to show you how to use technical analysis to trade profitably.

  • You master the technical and psychological aspects of Japanese candlesticks and how you can use them to spot opportunities.
  • Matt shows you all the trend continuation and key reversal patterns that you can use to build strategies and systems.
  • You learn how to hone in on key pivot points and use them to create profit targets.
  • You are introduced to simple, proven trading strategies that combine various technical analysis tools.

Profit Blueprint For FOREX Trading

This course shows you how to profit from swing trading in the Forex market using technical analysis.

ETF Trading System

Matt has an ETF trading system that has beaten the S&P for the past seven years although it is less volatile. He shows you how it works when you join this program.

One-Year Transformative Mentorship Program

It is a 12-month mentorship program where Matt personally guides you as you learn and master different advanced technical analysis strategies. They give you an email address you can use to ask Matt trading-related questions.

It is an all-inclusive package much like the Publisher’s Passcode because you receive:

  • Access to all the courses in the Certus Trading library.
  • Unlimited attendance to all the 3-day Strategy Intensives within the same year.
  • Bi-weekly group calls.
  • Weekly email forecasts focusing on what Matt is trading.
  • Access to a private online group where members share ideas and support each other.
  • Four in-person 3-day retreats

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Who is Matt Choi?

Matt is the founder of Certus Trading. He is a self-taught professional trader who’s been trading for 16 years. Initially, he owned and managed a car dealership and traded on the side. However, since he knew that his passion was in the financial markets, he decided to sell the business to trade full time.

He is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) who specializes in trading options, commodities, financial futures, stocks, and ETFs.

He wrote an Amazon bestselling book called The Winning Way together with Brian Tracy and other leading experts and in it, he revealed his “3 psychological mindsets you must have to beat Wall Street.”

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Closing Remarks on Certus Trading

Certus Trading is a training platform that allows you to learn Matt’s swing trading strategies. He also offers services where he gives trade recommendations. There are a free training program and a newsletter in addition to the courses.

The courses provide you with a lot of value whether they are premium or free to join and the way they are designed, you learn something whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader.

Unlike other firms we have reviewed before, this platform isn’t just about dishing out trades and is more focused on education, especially if you are a big fan of options trading or just want to find out how they work. When it comes to the individual services, they aren’t always open to join because Matt places restrictions dictating whether or not he is accepting new students.

That being said, if you start trading using Matt’s strategies, it is important to remember that all forms of trading can be risky and there are no guarantees that you will make money.

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