What Is Bitstocks? [Nick Giambruno Pitch]

Nick Giambruno, an editor at Casey Research, recently put out a presentation where he was talking about a novel form of investment that takes advantage of the Bitcoin rally without having to buy the cryptocurrency.

It has to do with a group of stocks he calls ‘Bitstocks’ that are affiliated with the market. In the header, it reads:

“A tiny group of stocks I’ve recommended has outperformed Bitcoin by as much as 16x or more… and my next ‘BitStock’ could be my next big winner…”

In this review, we will be taking a closer look at them to learn more about Nick’s assertions and investment strategy.

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Introduction to Bitstocks

Nick Giambruno’s presentation on Bitstocks centers on a group of stocks that are linked to Bitcoin. Before we even go further with this, I should point out that ‘Bitstocks’ are companies that mine Bitcoin.

Bitstocks by Nick GiambrunoHe says that they are tied to the price of Bitcoin but they have outperformed the cryptocurrency over the past year.

He likens their relationship to the way the prices of gold mining stocks go up when the price of gold rises. In this analogy, Bitstocks are akin to gold mining stocks and Bitcoin’s price is the price of gold.

We’ve seen investment gurus scramble to give us their version of how we should navigate the cryptocurrency market and I have reviewed presentations like The Crypto Effect by Jeff Brown and Eric Wade’s Crypto Cash Summit on the same.

Going back to the presentation, Nick claims that as the price of Bitcoin has gone up in the past year, the prices of these stocks have also gone up even higher:

“Since March of last year, the world’s top cryptocurrency has exploded higher.

But in recent months, a group of companies I call ‘BitStocks’ have not only outperformed Bitcoin… they’ve outperformed Bitcoin by ten times– or more!”

Nick clarifies that when he is talking about ‘Bitstocks,’ they have nothing to do with Bitcoin ETFs, smaller cryptocurrencies (altcoins), or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

He also adds that very few people know they even exist because they are much smaller than Bitcoin, which has been stealing the headlines since it started skyrocketing a little over a year ago.

Even as he champions ‘Bitstocks,’ Nick Giambruno is still not discouraging us from buying Bitcoin. He says that it is a solid investment, only that ‘Bitstocks’ are better:

“There’s no doubt in my mind buying and holding Bitcoin could make you substantial profits.

But if that’s all you do…

You might miss out on the biggest, fastest gains.

I’m talking about moves, like 5 times… 10 times… and even 16 times higher than Bitcoin itself!”

So, he thinks ‘Bitstocks’ will earn you multiple times the returns you could get by investing in Bitcoin.

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How to invest in Bitstocks

Nick says that to invest in Bitstocks, you don’t have to buy cryptocurrencies. You also don’t have to take on leverage or trade options. All you need is a typical brokerage account because they are just stocks.

Although Bitstocks are companies that mine Bitcoin, Nick is not saying that we should go for any miner.

He recommends companies that mine Bitcoin in a way that conserves energy. This is because Bitcoin is energy-intensive, something Elon Musk pointed out in one of his Tweets.

Bitstocks by Nick GiambrunoHere is what Nick points out:

“The #1 cost of mining Bitcoin is not picks and shovels… or even fancy supercomputers… or the sprawling, air-conditioned warehouses where it all takes place.


The Bitcoin network consumes about 121 terawatt-hours of electricity per year…

That’s more electricity than the country of Sweden.”

Since more of Bitcoin is continuously being mined, he expects even more energy to be spent on mining. And that’s why he thinks Bitstocks have an advantage because they can secure cheap power. In doing so, he expects them to dominate the market and make their backers rich.

How will they access cheap energy?

Nick says they will be using oil that is typically burned at the wells because the oil miners have no idea how they will deal with it.

“…it just so happens there’s a LOT of energy that’s stranded.

In other words, there’s no way to get it from the source to a customer. It’s too far away.

There are no railroads…

No pipelines…

No roads…

No way to get it from point A to point B.

So it’s virtually worthless…

And what does the oil industry do with all this worthless energy?

They burn it!

Instead of freely venting it into the atmosphere, the oil industry uses a technique called ‘flaring’ to rid wells of excess natural gas.

Essentially, what they do is ignite the gas… and burn it off in a huge fireball – to the tune of more than 750 billion cubic meters per year.

That’s enough to power the entire continent of Africa – burned off and wasted.”

And this is where Bitstocks provide a solution. These companies take away all the extra energy that would otherwise be burned up and use it for Bitcoin mining. They set up their Bitcoin mining operations in those remote locations.

Bitstocks by Nick GiambrunoNick says that he has identified a tiny group of Bitstocks that could hand investors up to 50 times their money.

One of the companies he has recommended is Gazprom Neft (OTC: GZPFY).

He says that on the surface, it appears to be in the energy business but based on new programs it launched, it could easily become a top Bitcoin miner. And there are others like it that he wants people to consider investing in now that they are cheap and unnoticed.

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Nick Giambruno’s #1 Bitstock

Out of the tiny group of Bitstocks Nick Giambruno is pumped up about, he has one that he considers a favorite. Here is what he reveals about it:

“It’s based in a cold region of Canada where energy is cheap and reliable, thanks to wind and natural gas.

At just under 2.5 cents per kilowatt hour, its energy expenditure sets it apart from nearly every other BitStock in the market by half!

But my #1 BitStock also has another advantage over the competition…

The company has inked an exclusive deal with an all-in-one, turn-key hardware supplier.

In other words, they have a strategic partnership with the manufacturer of their most crucial equipment – something most Bitcoin miners lack.

And there’s one more reason to be bullish I haven’t mentioned yet…

Fidelity International, one of the world’s leading investment and asset management companies, has taken a huge 9% stake.

In 2019, when Bitcoin rose 90%… this firm soared by more than 200%.”

Speaking of its leadership team, here is what he says about it:

“With more than 25 years of experience, its leadership team has recently signed a massive contract that will add more than 5,000 mining machines to its operations.

In other words, it’s a fast-growing company with an aggressive and experienced management team.

And with a tiny market cap of only $23 million, they have a ton of room to blossom into a high-flying BitStock.”

He has put all the details concerning this company in a special report called Flaring BitStocks: Explosive Gains on One Tiny Firm at the Intersection of Big Green, Big Government, and Big Oil.

Bitstocks by Nick GiambrunoTo get a copy of the report for free, you have to join a paid newsletter Nick edits called Crisis Investing.

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Who is Nick Giambruno?

Nick Giambruno is an investment guru who works at Casey Research, an independent financial research firm that publishes newsletters targeting individual investors.

He is the Chief analyst of the flagship newsletter called The Casey Report and a premium newsletter called Crisis Investing.

Nick Giambruno used to work at an investment bank in Dubai ten years ago when he met Doug Casey in Beirut. Doug is the founder of Casey Research.

Nick joined the firm and since then, he has been traveling the world together with Doug Casey uncovering investment opportunities.

Nick Giambruno writes about value investing in crisis markets because he is a big fan of investing when there is “blood on the streets.” He also writes about the global cannabis market, international banking, second passports, and surviving a financial collapse.

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Crisis Investing Review

Crisis Investing is a contrarian financial newsletter that focuses on opportunities that arise when the markets are in turmoil.

Bitstocks by Nick GiambrunoNick Giambruno says that when running it, he leverages his and his team’s experience and vast book of contacts to dig up investments before Wall Street and the general public are even aware they exist.

When you join, you receive:

  • Access to Nick’s complete library of back issues and special reports
  • Full access to his model portfolio, with over 20 open ‘buy’ recommendations.

You also get the following special reports for free:

  • BitStocks: The Virtually Unknown Strategy to Outperform Bitcoin by 16 Times (or More)
  • The Lateral IPO: A Secret “Backdoor” Into the #1 IPO of 2021
  • Silver Spike: The Tiny 70¢ Stock That Could 12x Your Money From The Financial Hurricane.
  • Crisis Trades: Collect $99,100 As The Financial Hurricane Sweeps America

How much is Crisis Investing?

Although the usual subscription fee is $4,000, you get to join for just $1,795 plus applicable taxes if you do so through the link at the end of the presentation.

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The Crisis Investing Refund Policy

Crisis Investing does not have cash refunds. There is NO REFUND POLICY.

Bitstocks by Nick GiambrunoWhat they have instead is a satisfaction guarantee that lets you cancel your membership within 90 days. You can then sign up for any other newsletter offered by Casey Research, Palm Beach Research Group, Brownstone Research, or Rogue Economics.

Closing Remarks on Bitstocks

Nick Giambruno believes that Bitcoin will keep going up. But even as you invest in the cryptocurrency, he thinks you should also consider going for the Bitcoin miners that will use the oil that goes to waste when oil miners have no idea how to handle it. He claims that these companies could soar 5x… 10x… or even 20x higher.

He considers it a good model because these Bitcoin miners will have access to cheap power, a critical factor that determines whether a Bitcoin miner will do well.

That being said, I think you should do more research on these stocks before you follow Nick’s advice because things may not work out as he tells us. Another problem with these stocks is that they are quite small, and we all know how volatile and risky they can be.

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