What Are Gold Placements? [EB Tucker]

E.B. Tucker released a presentation touting a “secret form of investment” he was calling Gold Placements.

I sat through the presentation and decided to write this review to provide you with an overview of the pitch to help you better understand what he was talking about.

Read it to the end because I also reveal the names of the companies he was teasing.

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What are Gold Placements? (The Pitch)

“Gold Placements” is the title of a pitch by E.B. Tucker concerning a secret form of investment called a gold placement that can turn every $3,000 into $31,251.

“… most regular investors have never heard of these Gold Placements… or their secret codes… and couldn’t access them if they wanted to…”

This is not the first time I am reviewing a presentation about investing in gold as I have previously analyzed Adam Odell’s A9 Gold Stocks and Nick Hodge and Gerardo Del Real’s Paydirt 2020 Summit.

Gold Placements (Stansberry Research)

These gold placements Tucker was referring to are called Warrants (sometimes called certificates).

What are Warrants?

According to Investopedia, a warrant is a contract, just like an option, that gives you the right but not an obligation to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specified price at a future date. Its main difference with an option contract is that it is issued by an individual company while an option is issued by an exchange like the CBOE.

There are call warrants that give you the right to buy and put warrants that give you the right to sell an underlying security. In the presentation, Tucker was talking about “call” warrants because they are prevalent in the natural resource sector.

They incentivize investors to put money into relatively risky mining companies (especially junior ones) that would otherwise not raise enough money through normal funding avenues.

Although some warrants can be traded publicly, some companies issue them privately. In that case, you have to buy directly from the issuing company.

Warrants are considered high-risk because you can lose more money than you would by trading the underlying stock directly if the price of the stock falls. On the other hand, they offer higher potential returns than shares if the prices go up. Tucker agrees:

“As you’ll see, our first gold placement trade recommendation is a perfect example of how you can potentially multiply gold gains a hundred times or more.

It could turn every $1,000 into $8,513.”

Therefore, it is common practice for traders to add gold warrants to their portfolio when they expect gold to rally.

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Tucker’s Recommendations

During the presentation, he hints at three companies (one revealed), whose gold placements he says you should invest in.

He offers the following clues about THE FIRST COMPANY:

“It’s a small gold producer operating in Colombia.

And its gold production is growing at a double-digit pace…

…After having a strong run this year the company pulled back.

That’s giving us the perfect opportunity to stake a position in this company’s gold placements.

These gold placements have five years left to play out and they have solid volume.”

The strongest contender is Gran Colombia Gold Corp (TSX: GCM) which issued warrants in April 2018 that would expire in 2024. They would trade at the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol (GCM.WT.B).

It met the criteria because it is based in Colombia and its warrants had five years left (Tucker wrote about them in 2019).

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“They operate in North America and Brazil with access to significant gold deposits.

But that’s just the beginning of what’s great about this company.

Their list of backers includes the United Arab Emirates Sovereign Wealth Fund.

The company has respected mining veterans running the show and their president has several successful exits under his belt already.

One of their largest shareholders is a legendary billionaire gold-stock investor well-known for his prowess in the gold industry.

Oh, and on execution, their gold placements also give you an ownership stake in a private copper mining company you couldn’t otherwise access.”

This points to Equinox Gold, which in September 2019, declared that it would be listed on the NYSE while its warrants would continue trading on the TSX Venture Exchange as EQX.WT and on OTC markets as EQXWF.

He disclosed its name later in the presentation.

I couldn’t determine what The THIRD COMPANY was because the clues were not very helpful. Here they are if you can decipher this on your own:

“Our last gold placements are offered by one of my favorite gold royalty companies.

It could turn $1,000 into $11,417.

They hold the rights to tons of gold… literally.

As of the last count they have about 2.6 million ounces coming their way…

That’s somewhere close to 100 tons of gold.”

The main takeaway from those hints is that it is a gold royalty company that “sit(s) back and collect(s) money on gold other people pull out of the ground.”

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Who is E.B. Tucker?

E.B. Tucker is an investment analyst and vocal gold speculator.

Tucker is the author of a book titled Why Gold? Why Now? that was published in May 2020. In it, he breaks down the gold market to help speculators better understand it as well as make informed moves in the market.

He is an independent director at Metalla Royalty & Streaming, a company that was formed to provide leveraged exposure to precious metals by acquiring royalties and streams for its shareholders.

He was previously the editor of The Casey Report, and before that, he was a lead analyst of The Bill Bonner Letter and contributed to Stansberry’s Investment Advisory.

Tucker graduated from the College of Charleston with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus in Finance.

Soon after graduating, he co-founded KSIR Capital Management, an asset management firm that dealt with gold and other precious metal equities. The corporate advisory branch of the firm, called KSIR Capital (notice the omission of the word “Management”), also focused on precious metals.

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What is Strategic Trader (The Newsletter)

Gold Placements (Stansberry Research)

The presentation was designed to tease an advisory service published by Casey Research called Strategic Trader. (As I write this, the lead expert of the service appears to be Dave Forest and John Pangere and not E.B. Tucker as it was before).

Strategic Trader is a high-end investment research service that is designed to unveil the “hidden opportunities” that the super-rich and well-connected investors concentrate on.

It is based on the premise that Wall Street insiders often mislead “Main Street” investors with the narrative that stocks are the best investments as they secretly trade other asset classes. Here is how they describe that on the order page:

“Publicly, investment gurus and Wall Street insiders constantly tout stocks as great investments.

But privately? Super rich and well-connected investors tend to invest in very different opportunities.

They rarely just buy regular shares in regular companies.

Instead, they wait until an opportunity is so good and the upside so massive that they’re practically guaranteed huge results.”

Strategic Trader is supposed to let you in on those “good opportunities” that the crafty insiders hide from you. Examples of those hidden opportunities include warrants, stock options, pro options, among others.

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If you subscribe to the newsletter, you will be entitled to:

  • Monthly Strategic Trader newsletters every third Thursday of the month.
  • Regular updates. These are sent out as Dave sees it fit but you can expect at least one or two every month.
  • Video Training (Complete Warrants Crash Course). You will receive a series of videos that will steep you in how Warrants works and how you can trade them.
  • A report titled Pro Options: The Secret Playground of Wall Street Insiders. It sheds light on how those special options work.

Subscription Fee

A one-year subscription to Strategic Trader costs $4,000.

Refund Policy

The $4,000 is non-refundable.

However, if you decide to cancel your subscription, you have to do it within 90 days. If you cancel, they will allow you to use your $4,000 subscription fee on any other high-end research service offered by Casey Research or its corporate affiliates, including Palm Beach Research Group and Bonner & Partners:

Gold Placements (Stansberry Research)

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Closing remarks on the Gold Placements presentation

The most important takeaways from the presentation are:

  • The best way to invest in gold, according to Tucker, is to trade warrants.
  • The price of gold will continue to rise.

When E.B. Tucker published the Gold Placements presentation, he was working at Casey Research where he edited the Strategic Trader newsletter.

Although his situation has changed, one thing remains constant: He believes that Gold will continue to rise well into the end of the year (2020).

In an interview he did at the end of September, he explained that he has maintained his bullishness because stocks, bonds, and cash were not appealing, leaving gold and other stores of value as the most viable investment alternatives for investors.

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