What Are Amazon Prime Profits Payouts?

Prime Profits Payouts is an online money-making program that promises to help you earn a living working from home with links to Amazon. With the pandemic rendering many people jobless, it sounds like an enticing prospect.

There has been a lot of hype around it and you may have stumbled upon a few promotions online by people trying to sell it to you.

But can it make you money as you work from home?

I gathered all the information I could about it and decided to write this article to share my findings in case you are considering joining it.

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What is Prime Profits Payouts?

Prime Profits Payouts is an online program that claims to help people earn up to $500 per day using “one weird trick.” In 2023 a similar program called the Amazon Royalty Program was released which we also covered.

On the main page of the website, it has a picture of Jeff Bezos, the Amazon CEO, holding wads of cash and with the phrase “Amazon Work From Home” prominently displayed.

prime profits payouts website

This is meant to imply that Prime Profits Payouts is somehow linked with the retail giant – the word “Prime” on the title is also a callback to Amazon Prime, the subscription-based program that gives members more privileges than ordinary customers.

To be honest, Prime Profits Payouts is not dissimilar to other online programs that I have reviewed here before like Inbound Closer by Payton Welch that are based on a multi-level marketing model.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy where distributors of a product or service recruit new distributors to earn a commission on their sales in addition to their direct sales. The problem with this model is that only the high ranking distributors earn any meaningful income.

In the case of Prime Profits Payouts, affiliates recruit affiliates thus earning commissions from their membership fees.

I noticed that one of the news websites promoting the program was not genuine, although it claimed to be peddling legit Amazon news articles. Unfortunately, this is not unique to it because scammers keep changing domain names to make them look new even when nothing else about them changes.

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Fake Customer Reviews

I also noticed that the Prime Profits Payouts testimonials were not genuine, which is a common ploy used by online programs to appear trustworthy.

For example, this picture of a family looks too perfect because it was probably taken by a professional photographer. It has to be a stock photo.

Prime Profits Payouts Review

Stock photos are commonly used by websites to show prospective members that they already have happy customers who are contented with the services they have received.

Fake Income Declaration

I also noticed that the proof of income screenshot was not legitimate.

It was taken from a Google Adsense account. An Adsense account enables website owners to earn a portion of the revenue they make from the Google-powered banner ads they display on their website.

Prime Profits Payouts Review

As someone who has had a Google Adsense account for a couple of years, I can tell that that is an old screenshot. It is also most likely fake.

If you think about it if Prime Profits Payouts is linked with Amazon as it claims, wouldn’t it make more sense for it to share a screenshot of an Amazon Affiliates program income page instead of a Google Adsense account?

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How does Prime Profits Payouts work?

The landing page is filled with links that lead you to a website that houses the system that is designed to deliver hundreds of dollars to you every day.

The website looks like this:

Prime Profits Payouts Review

The video is filled with even more hype about how you will start earning money regularly from the website without fail.

It also claims that there are just a few spots left to join to give you the impression that time is running out and that you are lucky to have landed a spot.

This isn’t true because the people behind the program would like as many people as possible to join. It is by no means a limited opportunity.

To make money, you are only required to click a button on a “black box.” It is a metaphor for “the system” that is running behind the scenes and it is somehow linked with Amazon, which I found not to be true.

Subscription Fee

The amount you pay varies between $47 and $97 depending on the link you use to join. But, it doesn’t end there because they immediately start bombarding you with upsells that promise you a better version of the system that is supposed to bring in more money.

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Prime Profits Payouts Conclusion

Amazon’s success has led many online programs to claim to have partnerships with it. They usually falsely claim to have partnerships with the retail giant to promote their MLM programs and that’s what we are seeing here.

Prime Profits Payouts is not linked to Amazon in any way. It only took up the name “prime” to dupe people into joining while promising them that they will earn $500 per day by clicking on a virtual black box.

I must admit that it sounds appealing, especially to people who are out of work and will do anything to get themselves back on their feet. If you are one of them, I would urge you to take some time to think about the logic in that.

Besides, Prime Profits Payouts does not sell any goods or services or promote them for that matter. And that begs the question: how will you make money? The answer is that you will be paid by the fees other members pay to join the program.

If you join the program, you will receive spam emails promoting upsells that are designed to coax more money out of you for better returns.

Ultimately, I think there are better ways to make money working from home that pay.

I say this because I have tried out hundreds of systems and although most of them were disappointments, some of the work. However, there’s one that has made me a lot of money that I would like to share more details about below.

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