What Are A9 Gold Stocks? Legit Investment?

Wondering what A9 Gold Stocks are?

As the coronavirus-induced recession prompts investors to turn towards Gold, Adam O’Dell has his say on the best way to cope in his latest presentation titled A9 Gold Stocks.

Although it is an ad for his newsletter, Green Zone Fortunes, he uses it to tout what he describes as:

“The little-known investment that can give you up to NINE TIMES more profit than buying gold coins, ETFs or bullion”

He is betting on gold because he expects it to reach $10,000.

In this article, I will walk you through the presentation as I also reveal the names of the stocks he is touting.

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What is A9 Gold Stocks?

Adam O’Dell’s presentation titled A9 Gold Stocks is all about investing in the precious metal as he expects it to go on a massive bull run.

Adam O'Dell's A9 Gold Stocks

In the opening statements of the pitch, he says:

“The yellow metal is up off the canvas and has recently hit seven-year highs…

And over the past 12 months, gold has tripled the return of the S&P 500, the Dow Jones and even the outperforming Nasdaq.”

The premise of the presentation is that you should invest in gold right now because it is bound to go on a long-term bull run.

Why Adam thinks you should invest in Gold now

Adam anticipates the gold market to go on a tear. To add weight to his argument, he mentions that major investors are also rushing to invest in gold.

First, he mentions Naguib Sawiris – an Egyptian billionaire who has invested half his wealth in gold, Ray Dialio, and Sam Zell as some of the people backing the idea of a gold rally.

Then he says that a special indicator that alerted investors to the previous two bull markets is showing that we are on the cusp of another similar market. The special indicator he is referring to is the Dow-to-Gold Ratio (a measure of how much gold you need to buy the DJIA).

He even pulls a chart that goes all the way back to 1915:

Adam O'Dell's A9 Gold Stocks

His interpretation of the chart is that as stocks go bullish, gold goes bearish and vice versa. Since the green line is the beginning of a bullish gold market (the circled part), he anticipates that we are about to see gold soaring.

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How Adam thinks you should invest in Gold

Although you are bound to make profits however you choose to invest, he claims to have found the best type of investments: Gold Mining Stocks.

If you invest in his A9 Gold Stocks, he believes that you will earn nine times more returns than people who invest in bullion, ETFs, or gold coins. He says that:

“That means for every $1 the average investor makes in gold… you could make $9!”

A9 Gold Stocks are a special type of gold mining company that may outperform the price of gold. Therefore, as gold prices rise, those stocks will rise even faster. He even demonstrates this with a chart:

Adam O'Dell's A9 Gold Stocks

This is not even the first time that this disparity in gains happened. As he puts it:

“If you got into A9 Gold Stocks the last time gold entered a bull market, you could have made an absolute fortune. I believe this time will be no different.”

So, in the previous bull market, investing in A9 Gold Stocks was more lucrative and with the new bull market (which could even be bigger), he expects them to repeat that and earn investors large amounts of profits.

He has three of these stocks that he thinks you should make a move on before prices start to rise exponentially.

To find them, he used three rules.

The first rule is that they must be trending high (momentum investing):

“A9 Gold Stocks must be found in a gold market showing strong, positive momentum.”

This means that he doesn’t wait for prices to fall. As he puts it:

“In short: Instead of trying to ‘buy low and sell high’ like most investors… our strategy is to ‘buy high and sell higher.’”

The second rule is that these stocks need to show a Gold Alpha Ratio that is 4 times the price of gold. Gold Alpha Ratio (GAR) has the formula:

Adam O'Dell's A9 Gold Stocks

The third and final rule is that these stocks need to have good fundamentals i.e. good management and large gold reserves.

To recap, the three requirements a good A9 stock needs to meet are:

  • Be trending higher
  • Have a gold alpha ratio that is 4 times the gold price
  • Have solid fundamentals

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What are The Three Stocks he is touting?

Since he doesn’t reveal their names to get you to subscribe to his newsletter, I’ll reveal the ones I can here for your benefit:

  • Stock 1: It started trading in 1987 and was formed in 37 years ago (in 1983). Without even looking for more clues, a simple Google search of companies formed in 1983 brings up Barrick Gold. Its stock symbol is GOLD (NYSE). It fits the rest of the description because it has operations on five continents and is the second largest gold producer in the world.
  • Stock 2: The second one was founded in Canada 70 years ago and it also has mining interests in Argentina and the US. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a company that was formed in 1950 (give or take) so we’ll move to the next one.
  • Stock 3: The third one was formed in 1957, has paid cash dividends every year since 1983, and owns the largest operational mine in Canada (at the time of releasing the pitch). With those two clues, it has to be Agnico Eagle Mines Limited, which trades on the NYSE as AEM. It was founded in 1953 as Cobalt Consolidated Mining Company but changed its name in 1957.

Adam compiled the names of the three stocks in a report called A9 Gold Stocks: Boost Your Gains by NINE TIMES During the Greatest Gold Rally in History.

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Who is Adam O’Dell?

Adam O’Dell is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT), a designation held by about 1% of the 6.3 million people working in the finance sector in the US. This means that he is great at using technical tools to find good investment opportunities.

He claims to have launched a trading system in 2012 that beat Warren Buffett. Out of the 194 trades he has recommended, he has recorded an average gain of 12%, sometimes registering returns as high as 336%, 407%, and 432%.

He edits the Green Zone Fortunes newsletter but before that, he worked for Dent Research (an independent publisher like Agora Financial and InvestorPlace) where he was the editor of 10X Profits and Cycle 9 Trader.

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What is Green Zone Fortunes?

To receive a copy of the report for free, you have to subscribe to his newsletter, Green Zone Fortunes.

While this presentation leaned heavily into precious metal investments, Adam clarifies that there is more to his newsletter than those investments. To quote him:

“To be clear: My service isn’t just about gold and silver.

I simply go where the profit potential is biggest.

That means you could get a gold play… a tech play … or an energy play.”

He picks a stock every month by running the entire catalog of 3,000 stocks trading in the US through a “filtering system” called Green Zone. He sends his recommendations to his subscribers every month.

In addition to the free report and the monthly recommendations, if you sign up for the Green Zone Fortunes, you receive:

  • A second report titled My #1 Play as Silver Rockets to $100/ounce.
  • A third report called The Crash-Proof Portfolio: How to Sell Your Stocks Before a Crash … Every Time!
  • Winning at Stocks “Millionaire Masterclass,” which is a seven-part course on how Adam O’Dell trades.

Subscription fee

A one-year subscription costs $79

Refund Policy

The newsletter has a one-year money-back guarantee.

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A9 Gold Stocks Conclusion

Adam O’Dell’s A9 Gold Stocks presentation encourages you to invest in gold mining companies that he believes always outperform other forms of gold investments. He is basing his hypothesis on the movement of gold prices against the overall market.

With the coronavirus economic recession having a negative impact on the markets, it makes sense for investors to resort to gold, which is one of the most popular stores of value. Therefore, investing in gold stocks, as Adam proposes, is a sensible move.

That being said, there is no guarantee that Adam’s three picks are going to soar 9 times higher than other forms of gold investments. Bear that in mind if you decide to invest in his picks.

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