What Is The Weiss Crypto Investor? [Martin Weiss]

Weiss Ratings recently released a presentation by Martin Weiss with the header, “THE GREATEST MONEY REVOLUTION OF ALL TIME.”

In it, Martin was claiming that investing in cryptocurrencies is the right thing to do now that Bitcoin has grown “from practically nothing to an almost $1 trillion asset, and counting.”

In this article, I shed light on what Martin was talking about as well as find out more about the newsletter he is touting here.

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What is Weiss Crypto Investor – The Greatest Money Revolution? (The Pitch)

Martin Weiss from Weiss Ratings (an independent publisher of investment advice targeting retail investors) recently did a presentation where he was pitching the publisher’s flagship crypto advisory service, Weiss Crypto Investor.

Weiss Crypto Investing

He was talking of a money revolution that will transform all forms of investment and change how we live our lives. Here is how he put it:

“This money revolution will transform nearly every investment and nearly every investment market in the world today.

It will radically change how you borrow and lend money, how you buy and sell stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate and more. It will directly compete with — or even replace stockbrokers, commercial banks, investment banks, even central banks.

It’s so pervasive, so fundamental and so far-reaching that I can only describe it as the Greatest Money Revolution of All Time.

Most people, though, have never even heard of it. And yet, it’s already spreading around the globe, gaining momentum and making early investors wealthy.

It’s a completely new, safer, cheaper, faster and much more profitable financial system. And it’s built on the same basic technology that was used to create …


And from that intro, you can tell that he was talking about cryptocurrencies.

Before we go any further, I should mention that he kept referring to the blockchain as “Decentralized Finance” or “DeFi” for short.

He says that with central banks doing a lot of quantitative easing, which he mentioned would be problematic in a presentation called The Next Phase of the Collapse Of 2021, there needs to be a solution to the chaos. And cryptocurrencies are the solution.

He says that they will create a global financial market without banks, middlemen, and even the central banks where buyers and sellers will deal directly with each other privately beyond the reach of government money printing.

And how does he want us to invest?

He is a big fan of altcoins (cryptocurrencies that are alternatives to Bitcoin):

“As you’ve probably seen, Bitcoin has surged in value. But Bitcoin itself is not the primary cryptocurrency that’s leading this great money revolution. The cryptocurrencies leading this revolution — especially the ones I’ll name today — have gone up three times more than Bitcoin, five times more than Bitcoin, even 29 times more than Bitcoin.”

He says that his firm, Weiss Ratings, developed a rating system that foresaw the 2017 cryptocurrency Bubble (and collapse).

“But there’s more. You see, that’s when we embarked together on a monumental new project: To develop the world’s first and only cryptocurrency ratings.

At that point in time (December 2017 and January 2018), investors all over the world were going absolutely nuts for Bitcoin.

Crypto markets were in bubble-land, grossly overpriced and extremely risky.

So, our new crypto ratings naturally reflected that. And when we issued our first ratings, not a single crypto got an ‘A’. And so, our message to investors was absolutely clear:

‘Stay away or get the heck out.’”

This time, he says that there are three cryptocurrencies you should be looking to invest in.

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The Cryptocurrencies Weiss is Recommending

He has identified three digital currencies to buy besides Bitcoin and is referring to them as “super-cryptos.”

(Spoiler alert, I couldn’t unveil them because the clues were rather vague)

Supercrypto #1

He says that it is an essential building block of decentralized finance and after the Bitcoin halving in 2016 (which we saw guys like Matt McCall (Ultimate Crypto) talk about), it went up three times more than Bitcoin. It did the same in 2020 and he sees the pattern repeating (going up three times higher than Bitcoin).

He says that its network allows users to share thousands of computer programs called decentralized applications or DApps. Some of these DApps include programs that enable you to trade stocks with your peers anywhere in the world.

He wrote a report about it called Supercrypto #1. The World Computer That Will Take Over the Internet.

Supercrypto #2

He says that the “world computer” he references in that first report is on every continent but “does not have the eyes and ears to know what’s happening in the financial markets.”

Thus it needs a tool to feed it real-time data on prices in the financial markets from all over the world and that connection will be provided by this second crypto. He has written about it in a report called Supercrypto #2. The Eyes and Ears of the World Computer.

He says it is surging five times faster than Bitcoin and should continue doing so in the future.

Supercrypto #3

He has yet another digital currency to present us with that he claims is “the single fastest-growing asset in the new world of decentralized finance” because it is providing the highest yields.

He says that some people describe it as a virtual bank and others a digital hedge fund. He has written a report about it called Supercrypto #3. The DeFi Leader That’s Making Investors 29 Times More than Bitcoin.

To get the three reports, you have to sign up for a newsletter published by Weiss Ratings called Weiss Crypto Investor.

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Who are the Experts behind this?

Weiss Crypto Investor is run by two guys: Juan Villaverde and Bruce Ng.

Villaverde is an advanced mathematician and a researcher who helped craft the crypto ratings model they use.

Bruce has two advanced degrees in physics. According to Weiss, he is among the foremost experts in altcoins.

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What is Weiss Crypto Investor? (The Newsletter)

Weiss Crypto Investor is the flagship newsletter at Weiss Ratings that deals with cryptocurrencies. If you subscribe to it, each month they send you new money-making opportunities from the two cryptocurrency experts, Juan Villaverde and Bruce Ng.

They recommend currencies that are not well-known yet have the potential for exponential growth and warn you about hyped-up cryptos that look good at first glance but are not viable candidates for investment.

In addition to the monthly alerts, you receive:

  • The three reports about the supercryptos for free.
  • Crypto Investing for Newcomers. It is a video course that teaches you everything that you need to know regarding cryptocurrencies, including how to create a digital wallet.
  • A free subscription to an e-letter they publish called Weiss Crypto Alert. They publish it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

How much do you pay to join Weiss Crypto Investor?

If you join the newsletter via the presentation, you only have to pay $39 for a one-year subscription.

Does Weiss Crypto Investor have a Refund Policy?

It comes with a 12-month, money-back guarantee.

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Closing Remarks on Weiss Crypto Investor

In his presentation, Martin Weiss claims to have identified the ideal altcoins to invest in, as all other gurus have, and we have encountered a couple here in this blog.

I should mention that investing in altcoins is relatively riskier than most forms of investment and you can even consider it speculative. Even Weiss himself acknowledges this when he says:

“Should you invest all your money in these cryptocurrencies? No. Of course not! But with profit potential they can provide, you don’t have to invest all your money.

You can invest just a small fraction of your money and still have the opportunity to make a real difference for yourself and your family.”

Unfortunately, the clues he gave regarding his three picks were quite vague and I was unable to reveal their names. That being said, be wary of scams and risky projects that can take away your money.

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