What Is The Virtual Black Diamond Conference?

Money Map Press and Money Morning recently held a series of virtual meetings discussing the markets and how they intend to approach the coming months.

They recorded everything and intend to sell them as a package called the Virtual Black Diamond conference.

In this review, I’ll briefly go over them to give you an overview of what to expect from the Virtual Black Gold Conference in case you are considering buying it.

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What is the Virtual Black Diamond Conference?

The Virtual Black Diamond Conference is a collection of events that featured several experts who work for Money Map Press.

The conference lasted three days during which those experts discussed the state of the market and how best to make money under the circumstances.


Virtual Black Diamond ConferenceTheir thinking was that their insights could prove to be particularly helpful at a time when there is a lot of uncertainty over how the market will react to presidential election results, a concern also expressed by Bryan Bottarelli in his Election Survival Summit.

To add to that, there is the possibility that there could be a second wave of COVID-19 infections, not to mention negative interest rates.

Although they had different views, they sort of agreed that the next few months could be even more unpredictable than 2020 as a whole, and it has seen its fair share of volatility.

Bob Keppel, the publisher, believes that the conference couldn’t have been held at a better time because he thinks that the next six months can be the most profitable (if you follow the insights given by the gurus during the conference).

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What to expect from the Virtual Black Diamond Conference

As I write this, the Virtual Black Diamond Conference has already passed but, fortunately, they recorded the event and they intend to let you watch it if you are interested.

It comprises of:

  • Three days of footage of the gurus talking about niche investment opportunities
  • 27 hours of keynote speeches from “industry insiders.” They discuss where you should put your money to earn maximum returns.
  • 32 investment ideas put forth by the experts.
  • Q&A sessions. The experts also answer the most popular questions asked by the audience (but only general questions, not personalized ones).

All the footage is downloadable and they let you have it if you pay a flat fee of $149.

Who are the Experts involved?

The Virtual Black Diamond event mostly featured experts who work for Money Map Press and Money Morning although there were many other guests. The key speakers were:

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Tom Gentile

Tom Gentile is an expert options trader. He regards himself as “America’s #1 Pattern Trader.”

Tom develops proprietary algorithms that analyze historical price data to spot hidden patterns. These patterns enable him to predict, with an above-average level of accuracy how a stock is going to behave in the future. He then trades options based on those predictions.

Andrew Keene

Andrew Keene used to work at the CBOE and as you’d expect, he is also an options expert. His strategy centers on observing how insiders are trading and using that to predict how the affected stocks will react. He trades based on how he anticipates those moves to pan out.

D.R. Barton Jr.

Before he started publishing financial newsletters, D.R. worked as a chemical engineer at DuPont. He quit his job and started a hedge fund.

He started teaching Main Street investors how to make better investments and gave recommendations based on the findings of his “hook” pattern. Nowadays, he gets his recommendations from something called “Dark Pool Exchanges” which earns him quick triple-digit gains.

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Michael Robinson

Michel Robinson is the tech investment expert at Money Map Press. He has had a 35-year career at Silicon Valley where he used to be a board member of a prestigious venture capital firm.

He has witnessed the emergence of robotics, artificial intelligence, robotics, and cloud computing. He monitors technological trends and comes up with investment opportunities for his readers based on his findings.

Chris Johnson

Johnson began his career as a broker on Wall Street where he worked under a legendary trader called Bernie Schaeffer. He now analyzes stocks using moving averages (30-day, 50-day, and 200-day moving averages) and trades options according to his price predictions.

Shah Gilani

Shah Gilani “paved the way for the invention of Wall Street’s brutally effective ‘fear gauge’ – The VIX.” This implies that he is an expert at analyzing volatility models.

He shows readers of Money Morning how to make money using something he calls “pulse trading.” He is a regular on CNBC and Fox Business news.

David Weisburd

David Weisburd is an angel investor. He was one of the early investors of the likes of 23andMe, DraftKings, and Palantir. David has a net worth of up to $30 million.

He is part of the Angels & Entrepreneurs network.

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Highlights of the Virtual Black Diamond Conference

Although each expert made important points, here are the highlights of what they discussed during the event:

  • Tom Gentile talked about investing in gold and cryptocurrencies. He also pointed out a mistake many traders make and hinted at how he thinks you should invest during the election period.
  • Andrew Keene outlined the strategy he has been using to make millions. He talked about how you can make more from your investments via legal insider trading. Finally, he talked about his S.C.A.N. system.
  • Chris Johnson talked about two specific indicators you should pay attention to, two gold stocks you should consider, alternate energy trades you should monitor, a “next generation” cannabis play, and five stocks you should avoid immediately.
  • David Weisburd mainly focused on investing in private deals and the benefits of angel investing.
  • Michael Robinson discussed investing in tech stocks.
  • R. Barton Jr. talked about investing during a period of volatility.
  • Shah Gilani explained how his “Pulse Trading” technique works.
  • Don Yocham (executive director of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors) was brought in to analyze the cannabis industry.

There were several guest appearances but the one they were keen to highlight was Rick Rule. Rick is an expert at natural resource investing with more than 35 years’ experience in the field. At the event, he gave his outlook on the precious metals sector and how he would recommend investors to take part.

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Closing Remarks on the Virtual Black Diamond Conference

The Virtual Black Diamond Conference took place for three days and involved several experts – most of them work for Money Map Press and Money Morning. They recorded the speeches and discussion sessions and are selling them as a package for $149.

They discussed a variety of issues and offered advice on how Main Street investors should handle their investments for the next few months to set themselves up for massive returns. However, you should be careful when following the advice because there are no guarantees that the advice you receive will turn out to be as good as they say it is.

That being said, even if you don’t intend to follow their advice, I think you can gain value from listening to them. Don’t forget that their advice is generalized.

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