What Is “Trump’s 5G Lockdown” pitch by Louis Navellier?

Louis Navellier recently released a presentation with the heading “Trump’s 5G Lockdown” In This Era of Unwanted Foreign Aggression, President Trump Acts to Secure and Protect Super-Fast 5G for the American People.

In it, he hyped up 5G as “the biggest investment opportunity you’ll see this decade,” which is something we’ve known for a while. In fact, many gurus have been banging on about it since last year (make no mistake, the impact of 5G is not lost on me).

But amid all that, he proposes that we invest in what he thinks is “the most exciting company leading the 5G charge.” A company that will provide us with “an extraordinary wealth turbo-booster shot over the next 24 to 36 months.”

I sat through the presentation and wrote this article to summarize it in case you haven’t watched it. I also reveal the name of the company he wants you to invest in.

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What is Trump’s 5G Lockdown?

Trump’s 5G Lockdown by Louis Navellier is the title of a pitch for his Growth Investor newsletter, which we will delve into later in this article.

Trumps 5G Lockdown king of 5g turbo button

But before he gets there, he goes on about the importance of 5G to our future lives.

Tying in with that, and probably the part that inspired the title of the presentation, he points out that President Trump has been taking a protectionist stance about 5G. He says that the president has recognized that allowing a “malicious actor” like China to be in charge of the country’s 5G buildout would put national security in peril.

Trump’s mantra, “Made in the U.S.A,” was also a contributing factor to his decision to add Huawei to the Commerce Department’s Entity List.

Since Huawei is arguably the global leader in 5G technology, its removal from the US market opened the doors for other companies (presumably American) to fill the void and drive the country’s 5G rollout.

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What is the “Trump’s 5G Lockdown” stock?

Louis Navellier says that he has identified an American company that appears to be playing an important part in the process of bringing 5G to the masses. He says:

“One American company has jumped out to an early lead — and is in the perfect spot now that the profits are beginning to roll in. I call this company The King of 5G “Turbo Button” Technology.”

Now, pay attention to that “King of 5G ‘Turbo Button’ Technology” bit because it means that he has rehashed the “Tiny Silver Smart Antenna” presentation that he first released in February and recirculated in May.

When I reviewed that presentation, I pointed out that “Turbo Button” was used figuratively to imply that 5G will deliver faster internet speeds, akin to the high speed you’d associate with the Porsche 918 Spyder he was flaunting in that presentation.

Interestingly, the new presentation touts a DIFFERENT STOCK to the one he proposed in that presentation. Although there are similarities in the wordings of the two presentations, the clues for the stocks in question are different.

Going back to the new presentation, here is how he describes the new recommendation:

“They’re making a big push to enable 5G communications from multiple angles…

Advanced semiconductor manufacturing to power the latest “smart antenna” technology

Improving integrated circuit quality for applications like self-driving cars and security monitoring

Developing advanced printed circuit boards (both wafer and panel) with finer linewidths, straight sidewall geometry, and multiple layers required by new 5G-enabled devices.

I expect demand for their cutting-edge technologies to surge over the next couple of years thanks to the game-changing rollout of 5G networks.

It is reported they control over 50% of the revenues in chip-testing tools.”

So far, this one is different from the one he touted back then – which was Keysight Technologies (KEYS). I have no idea why he abandoned that one but here are further clues for the new recommendation:

“Check out this statement made by the company’s CEO on May 5, 020, that I’ll bet not many people noticed… ‘We also see strong results in our specialty semiconductor markets with demand driven by 5G infrastructure investment.’

I suspect this is a BIG reason why their stock soared by 99.1% in 2019. And why it’s been way up over the past 90 days.”

These clues point to a company called KLA Corporation (KLAC). It was formerly called KLA-Tencor but changed its name in 2019.

A quick Google search of that statement made by the CEO on May 5, 2020, revealed that it was from the CEO’s Q3 earnings call transcript.

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Who is Louis Navellier?

Louis Navellier is an experienced trader, money manager, and investment guru who’s been active in the financial services industry for 35 years.

Louis has been consistently beating his benchmark index, the S&P 500, since 1997. Cumulatively, he has earned returns of 1,070% compared to the index’s 374% in that period; that is almost $3 to $1.

He also runs a firm called Navellier & Associates where he and his staff manage more than $2 billion for institutional and individual clients. He claims that over the years, they have recommended companies like Apple, Netflix, and Amazon before they became the juggernauts they are today.

His performance led to The New York Times referring to him as “an icon among growth investors” and MarketWatch identifying him as “The advisor who recommended Google before anyone else.”

At InvestorPlace, he publishes Accelerated Profits, Growth Investor, and Breakthrough Stocks.

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What is Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor?

As I mentioned before, the “Trump’s 5G Lockdown” presentation was REALLY meant to advertise his investment advisory service, Growth Investor.

Navellier says that it is built on a proprietary software called “Portfolio Grader” that he uses to analyze the stock market. It works by going through the portfolio, analyzing each stock, and rating them to determine the ones that are likely to earn positive returns.

It also scans the market round the clock in search of new opportunities, something that led him to discover that he describes this way:

“You know what I’ve learned — crunching the numbers for nearly 5,000 individual securities, practically nonstop? One select group of stocks consistently outperforms the S&P. Almost without fail… Doesn’t matter if you’re looking by day, by week, or by YEAR. These superstar stocks all have certain characteristics in common.”

This, he explains, is how he has been alerting his readers to the biggest stocks before the market catches on.

When you join the Growth Investor, he sends you his special report, The King of 5G “Turbo Button” Technology. It contains details concerning his number one 5G stock pick and instructions on how you can buy it for a fraction of its real value.

In addition to that report, you are entitled to:

  • Access to the “members only” Growth Investor website replete with his latest analysis and recommendations.
  • The Growth Investor bulletin, sent via email every Friday with updates of existing recommendations and developments on his watch list.
  • The Growth Investor monthly newsletter every third or fourth Friday of the month with new profit opportunities.
  • Exclusive email alerts when you have to close or open a position urgently.
  • Access to the Portfolio Grader. You can plug in any stock to determine whether it is good enough to invest in it.

You also receive a free report with five companies that the Portfolio Grader has deemed good enough to invest in in 2020. It is called Louis Navellier’s Top 5 ‘Superstar Stocks’ for 2020.

Subscription Price

The annual subscription fee is $49.

Refund Policy

The Growth Investor has a 365-day (1 year) money-back policy.

Trumps 5G Lockdown king of 5g turbo button

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Trump’s 5G Lockdown Conclusion

We have established that Trump’s 5G Lockdown presentation by Louis Navellier was closely related to a previous presentation he made in February (2020) called “Tiny Silver Smart Antenna.”

Although there are similarities in the presentations, this is not the usual “rehash an old presentation to ignite interest” routine… he is touting a new stock (KLA Corporation).

KLA Corporation has had a good year after its March lows and appears to have surpassed its January highs, which may have piqued Louis’ interest. It may prove to be a good investment in the long term if everything goes according to plan.

Finally, 5G has got technologists and investors excited. So, you can expect to see more of these presentations coming because it will usher in a new era of advancements as well as make money for investors. As you invest, bear in mind that 5G will take a few years to reach mass adoption.

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