TriFuel-238: What Is It & How To Invest?

Wondering how to invest in TriFuel-238 stock and whether it’s worth your time?

Angel Publishing, an independent firm that publishes financial newsletters, has been pushing a presentation by one of its editors, Keith Kohl, about an investment opportunity in the energy sector. The header reads:

“Forget Batteries, Solar, and Renewables…

America’s Next Energy Revolution Will Be Powered by ‘TriFuel-238’

Discover the ‘Quantum Leap’ technology that could hand early investors an exceptional windfall of as much as 46,018%”

I went through the entire presentation and put together this review where I give you an overview of the main talking points as well as the company he is teasing in the presentation.

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Introduction to Trifuel 238 Stock

Keith Kohl’s presentation “Trifuel-238” centers on a new development in the renewable energy sector that he wants you to be excited about.

Keith Kohl's Trifuel 238

Here is how he describes it:

“…it has nothing to do with wind, solar, or any renewables.

It’s not some ‘new oil,’ liquid gas, diamond battery, or hydrogen fuel cell…

Or practically any other technology you’re hearing about right now!

‘TriFuel-238’ is something radically different.

And no other fuel comes close.

‘TriFuel-238’ is 40,835 times more powerful than natural gas…

It’s 67,389 times more potent than gasoline…

And it packs a punch that hits 78,171 times harder than coal.

But ‘TriFuel-238’s’ immense power isn’t really the “big deal.”

The fact is this isn’t an energy story — it’s a breathtaking TECHNOLOGICAL advancement.”

He says that Nobel Prize-nominated investor David White is a big fan of it, and has been quoted describing it as “a game-changing technological advancement.”

This new fuel technology does not produce carbon emissions and Keith claims that it is also cheap. He says,

“My research points to ‘TriFuel-238’ becoming the world’s go-to energy solution…

And the demand for this incredible fuel being out of this world.

Because its rock-bottom energy cost will see energy corporations save billions — and their bottom lines erupt!

And for the tiny, 13-man operation that’s behind this revelation…

Which is lining up deals for this patented technology as we speak…

Just a crumb of the eventual demand I expect it could soon generate…

Has the potential to see its currently dirt-cheap stock price explode!”

So, there’s also a small company (the 13-man operation he references) that he wants you to consider investing in.

Speaking of the tiny company, Keith says that some big-name investors have started to silently load up on shares of the stock.

He says that the likes of Rockefeller Capital Management, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, and the $6.2 trillion Vanguard Group have all snapped up hundreds of thousands of shares while prices are still low. He says that investing legend Jim Simons has joined in too.

By introducing Trifuel-238, the tiny company has revolutionized nuclear energy because it has altered the fuel on a molecular level thus increasing the energy output of the power plant.

I think he may be telling us that this tiny company has found a way to utilize uranium-238 more effectively. Researchers are working on new ways to better harness energy from uranium.

It reminds me of when Alex Koyfman did a presentation where he referred to Uranium as The Most Hated Metal in the World and urged people to invest in a uranium stock.

What more do we know about the company from the presentation?

It replaces aging coal and upgrades “old” nuclear to safer, cheaper, and powerful “TriFuel-238.”

It has partnered with Exelon, Southern (the coal company), Framatome (French), and two other energy giants (the two companies have 15 nuclear reactors combined).

Keith Kohl says that it could potentially earn $20.66 billion every year from these deals and even if it only secures a conservative 1% of everything that’s on the table, it could see a 19,518% quantum leap from where its revenues are right now.

He wrote a report called The Undiscovered Tech Company Behind the Coming ‘TriFuel-238’ Revolution. It has the name of the company and the opportunities it creates. To get a free copy of the report, you should sign up for Keith Kohl’s newsletter called Energy Investor.

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Who is Keith Kohl?

Keith Kohl is an investment guru who publishes investment research that reaches up to 300,000 readers. He considers himself a true insider in the tech and energy markets and claims that his work has helped thousands of individual investors profit off of the energy and technology sectors.

Keith Kohl is the editor of Topline Trader, Energy Investor, and Technology and Opportunity. These advisory services are published by Angel Publishing.

For close to two decades, Keith Kohl claims to have called practically called every major oil play before the mainstream media outlets caught wind of them. This includes the Bakken oil boom.

In addition to writing about the energy industry, he claims to have helped his readers secure a stream of double and triple-digit winners in the hottest stocks in the latest tech trends. Such trends include the EV revolution, the 5G rollout, robotics, anti-aging, and automation.

Keith also writes about the biotech sector where he helps his readers take advantage of the newest groundbreaking medical therapies developed by up to 1,000 biotech companies.

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Energy Investor Review

Energy Investor is the investment advisory service that Keith Kohl publishes. Through it, he shares every last detail of his most cutting-edge energy technology research.

It is your line into the world of energy tech investment and it gives you access to some of the most lucrative investment opportunities.

When you sign up for the Energy Investor, you get a copy of the report that details everything Keith has uncovered from months of researching the “Trifuel-238” phenomenon.

In addition to this report, you get:

  • 12 monthly issues of the Digital Energy Investor Newsletter. Each issue has new and exciting research touching on the hottest energy technology companies in the stock market.
  • Model Portfolio updates. You get up to the minute analysis on each recommendation so that if a new opportunity arises, you are the first to know.
  • Flash alerts. If there are changes to the model portfolio, you are informed immediately through Keith’s flash alerts. You are constantly informed whenever there are breakthroughs and innovations long before they get to the public domain.
  • Access to the private, members-only website. It is an online command center for all information regarding your subscription. You can view all your back issues and reports and stay up to date on all cutting-edge opportunities.
  • VIP Member Service team. If you have questions or problems to do with your subscription, you can reach out to the support staff for assistance Mondays through Fridays from 9 to 5 PM (EST).

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“The Billionaire’s Battle: How to Invest in the Next Phase of the Lithium Revolution”

This report is about investing in Lithium stocks because the demand for the metal is soaring, which could force prices to go up.

Keith believes that billionaires like Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, and Tim Cook are racing to grab exposure to lithium stocks and you should too.

He claims that you have the opportunity to get in before it surges. He has identified one lithium producer that is set to profit from the opportunity.

The Energy Cloud’s ‘Financial Plumbing’

In this report, Keith writes about something he calls the “internet of energy,” which is somehow correlated to the Internet of Things.

He claims that it is the sector that could revolutionize our future the most and likens it to “winding back the clock to right before the Rockefeller oil empire existed and collecting royalties on every oil pipeline.”

Billionaires have also invested in it and he puts the number at $1 billion – this is a technology that can accelerate the “internet of energy” phenomenon. He insists that most investors have no idea that the investment even exists and says that it has nothing to do with IPOs. He has identified a “virtually unknown investment” that he shares with you via the report.

The Hidden Grid Giant for 10X Gains

This report is about one company that is selling end-to-end solutions to electric companies across the globe. Its services will be needed to create the “Energy Cloud.” Most people have never even heard of its name and with the launch of 5G, its business could grow up by 10-fold.

5G Volta: Retire Rich on the Power Grid’s Upgrade of the Century

This special report was the subject of a review I did a while back and it concerns an executive order that Trump signed before he left office that demanded the power grid undertake a massive overhaul.

There is a company worth $8 per share that holds the sole shares to the technology that will be used for the upgrade called 5G-Volta. The tiny company could see windfalls of 40X as it benefits from the biggest infrastructure upgrade in 100 years. If it captures a tiny percentage of the infrastructure spending, it could go up by up to 4,089%.

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How much is Energy Investor?

The usual subscription fee for a year of the Energy Investor is $249 but if you sign up via the link provided at the end of the presentation, you can join for just $99.

The Energy Investor Refund Policy

There is a six-month money-back guarantee that means you will be refunded all your money if you cancel your subscription within 6 months of joining.

You get to keep all the reports you get from Keith as part of the subscription.

There is a performance guarantee too. And it states:

“If you don’t see at least a dozen groundbreaking stock picks within your 12 months, you’ll get another year absolutely free.”

Closing Remarks on Trifuel 238 Stock

Keith Kohl believes that there is a new technological development in nuclear energy that will create an opportunity for investors.

He says that America’s energy network is aging and the country could be headed to an energy crisis. But since energy companies can’t just build new coal or gas power plants to offset this deficit, it opens the opportunity for innovative solutions, such as Trifuel-238, which will make nuclear power cheaper and more efficient.

He says that now is the best time to invest in the company behind Trifuel-238 because few people know about it.

That being said, you should be cautious as you invest in it because you may lose your money if it fails to go as Keith Kohl expects it to. To quote him, “nothing is guaranteed when it comes to investing.”

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