What Is Tom Gentile’s Money Hour? [Beat The Experts]

Looking for more info on Tom Gentile’s Money Hour?

Money Map Press has been promoting Tom’s Money Hour using presentations like Beat the Experts!

The presentation, which has the heading “How I Learned to Beat Everyone” popularizes the idea that you can make money fast by following Tom’s advice as he navigates the options market.

In this article, I outline the presentation’s main points to show you what Tom’s new advisory service is all about.

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What is Tom Gentile’s Money Hour aka Beat The Experts?

Tom Gentiles Money Hour is being promoted via a pitch called Beat the Experts! is a presentation that was conducted in the interview format; Megan Gunning interviewed Tom Gentile and as he was answering the questions, he was promoting his new advisory service called Money Hour.

Beat the Experts (Tom Gentile's Money Hour)

Tom admits that after recommending hundreds of trades, the top 10% best-performing ones possessed peculiarly similar characteristics:

  • He never kept his positions open for more than 60 minutes, with the average one lasting only 24 minutes.
  • He recorded the best results when trading between 9.30 AM and 12.30 PM
  • They only involve 12 name-brand stocks. The 12 are Netflix, Facebook, Roku, Apple, AMD, Micron Technology, Nvidia, Disney, Twitter, Snap, Microsoft, and Beyond Meat.
  • They were all recorded on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday because these days witness the most volatility. Mondays and Tuesdays are the least volatile days.
  • The average gain was 29%

The trades he was talking about are option plays. Tom is no stranger to options trades as we’ve seen him talk about them in a presentation he recently did called The Four Day Profit Cycle.

He prefers options to stocks because their prices are more sensitive to movements in the market than stock prices. They also have leverage. To demonstrate how this works, he uses the example of Twitter:

“If a stock goes up 43% – like Twitter did between July 9 and October 22…

As a shareholder, you’re only going to make 43% on your money.

And that’s over a period of four months!!

But if you look at the option prices for the trades I just told you about…

The first went up from $0.97 to $1.21. The second – $0.19 to $0.29. The third – $0.71 to $1.07.

Those prices jumped as much as 50% in minutes…

Not months, weeks, or days – MINUTES.”

Therefore, when trading options, you can earn big returns with a smaller starting capital within a shorter period than stocks.

You can also bet against falling stocks, which enables you to make money even when a stock is plummeting.

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How does Tom pick his trades?

He says that his strategy relies on spotting small patterns:

“If I see a pattern where a stock is going up at the same exact time every day for multiple days in a row…

Then I know my probability of success is much higher.”

And how does he spot those patterns?

Using software:

“I’ve made my mark by developing software that identifies patterns in stocks.

And because this software is proprietary…

No one else can see these patterns.”

Once he finds a stock that has a consistent pattern, he predicts whether it will rise or fall (even by a small margin) and then trades the right option for it.

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Who is Tom Gentile?

Tom Gentile is an investment analyst who’s been active in the finance industry for 30 years.

Before his interest in finance or investments was piqued, he was working 60 hours a week at Home Depot. It was around that time that he studied the ins and outs of options trading every night.

He later helped establish a company called Optionetics that taught people how options trading works. He and his co-founders sold the company in 2009 to a large discount broker for millions of dollars.

Nevertheless, Tom’s desire to teach people how options work did not wane. He dedicated himself to teach people all the options trading secrets he knew and so far, he has taught over 300,000 traders through seminars, workshops, and sponsored events.

He joined the editorial team of Money Map Press and now offers advisory services like Fast Fortune Club, Alpha-9 Trader, Microcurrency Trader, and Weekly Cash Clock, among others.

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What is Money Hour? (The Newsletter)

Money Hour is an investment research service that is published by Money Map Press through which Tom makes options trade recommendations.

If you join the newsletter, Tom promises to deliver short-term returns, but you have to day trade (between 9.30 AM and 12.30 PM from Wednesday to Friday). Each play lasts a couple of hours.

As we’ve established, Tom studies the market looking for patterns in a select group of stocks. After careful consideration, he predicts the movements of those stocks and recommends options trades that profit from the predicted price moves.

When you become a member of Money Hour, you are entitled to:

  • Money Hour Trade Companions. Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning, you receive emails with details about the company you are to trade that day, the option symbol you should trade, instructions on how to automate your trade, and a link to the live Zoom call that he conducts to explain his pick.
  • 60-Minute Trader: How to Identify Micro-Patterns in Under 1 Hour. These are a set of training videos that show you how to trade options. Tom also demonstrates how he uncovers his 60-minute micro-patterns if you want to do things on your own.
  • Access to the Money Hour web portal

How much do you pay to join Money Hour?

The annual subscription fee is $1,495

Does Money Hour have a Refund Policy?

Yes, they offer refunds if you meet certain conditions. Here is Tom stating them:

“I’m backing your subscription with a 100-winning-trade guarantee.

To reiterate what that means…

If you decide to join today at this special rate…

And if my track record shows that I didn’t deliver 100 winning trades in the next year…

This $1,495 will be fully refunded to you.

All you have to do is call my staff – just say the word, and they’ll refund every penny right back to you, no questions asked.”

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Closing Remarks on Tom Gentile’s Money Hour

Beat the Experts is a presentation by Tom Gentile promoting Money Hour – a new investment research service that deals with options trades that deliver short-term gains.

Tom says that his process entails using software to study patterns in a select group of stocks. These patterns cannot be spotted with the naked eye (hence the need for software). Once he has determined how a stock is likely to move, he finds the appropriate option to trade.

He prefers options to stocks because they provide him with leverage; he can turn small movements in the stock price to generate larger profit margins.

He keeps the positions open for short periods to minimize risk exposure.

Tom appears to have perfected his process and even has a set of rules governing his trades. However, that does not eliminate risk because the market is more than capable of springing a surprise.

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