Tom Gentile’s Microcurrency Trader – Is It Legit?

Microcurrency Trader is a premium investment advisory service offered by Tom Gentile.

I came across it while I was writing a review about its editor, Tom Gentile.

I found out that it is a top-end advisory service published by Money Map Press and it is designed to help you make money by trading “microcurrencies.”

In this review, I will dive deeper into what Microcurrency Trader has to offer to enable you to better decide whether you should sign up for it.

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What is Microcurrency Trader?

Microcurrency Trader is an investment research service offered by Tom Gentile. Through it, he guides his followers towards profitable cryptocurrency trades.

Microcurrency Trader Reviews

He also offers training, teaching people how the cryptocurrency market works.

He started offering it after analyzing the market for about five years. At that point, he had learned the secrets of finding lucrative trading patterns and figured that he would use them to make a lot of money.

He set up the newsletter to help other traders make money from his research.

“Largest Economic Shift in Society” (Sales Pitch)

Tom released a pitch titled “Largest Economic Shift in Society” to tease the Microcurrency Trader. Some of the quotes I use in this review come from the presentation.

Microcurrency Trader Reviews


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What is Microcurrency?

Tom uses the term “microcurrency” to refer to industry-specific digital currencies that businesses and customers use to pay for goods and services. This means that each industry has its own “microcurrency” that cannot be used in another industry.

Going by that description, I think he is referring to Altcoins, which are defined as any virtual currency that is an alternative to Bitcoin.

Their appeal as a form of exchange is that they are convenient and they attract very low transfer fees if any.

Many businesses from all sorts of industries use them as a means of payment. There are microcurrencies for each industry:

“Take the advertising industry, a $493 billion market. Advertisers, creative agencies, media buyers, television and radio producers… They all deal with dozens of vendors who require payment almost daily. So this currency is used by industry insiders for the payment of these services.”

Note that Bitcoin is not a microcurrency because it is not tied to any individual industry. It is instead, a store of value.

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How Microcurrency Trader Works

But why is this type of investment taking off now?

Tom says that initially, the microcurrency market was only accessible to small firms and individuals. But, it is now opening up to institutions and big investors:

“That’s because for the first time, big corporations, hedge funds, banks, insurance companies, mutual funds… they ALL have access to this tiny currency market at scale…

…now the doors are swinging wide open so institutions can pour billions into this market.”

On top of that, it is also rising due to internet usage, as shown in this graph:

Microcurrency Trader Reviews

Tom also mentions that since microcurrencies are technically cryptocurrencies, there is a finite supply of each that is set in code. This measure was implemented to stem inflation.

Going by the law of supply and demand, the constrained supply, coupled with rising demand is a recipe for price surges.

I should clarify that Tom saying that these currencies have finite supply is not entirely correct because the developers may decide to extend the limits once the supply runs out.

How to make money using microcurrencies

The process by which you can make money off of Tom’s “microcurrencies” can be divided into three simple steps:

  1. Buy the microcurrency now at a low price.
  2. Keep it and wait for the value to increase.
  3. Sell it at a higher price and then exchange it for money.

Since Tom expects this process to take place quickly, you’ll only have to wait a couple of days or weeks to make money.

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Who is Tom Gentile?

Tom Gentile is a professional trader and financial analyst. He is also a newsletter editor with over 25 years of experience in the finance industry.

He got into options trading when he was young but since he lacked formal training, he self-taught himself everything he knows about it. He got so good at it that he co-founded a financial education firm called Optionetics that taught people how to get into options trading.

He and his co-founders sold the company to a major Wall Street for around $20 million.

Although Tom had enough money to retire, he chose to stick around and teach people how to trade as well as share recommendations.

He started working with Money Map Press, a subsidiary of The Agora; just like Agora Financial and InvestorPlace.

He edits Alpha 9 Trader, Weekly Cash Clock, Money Calendar Pro, and Fast Fortune Club, just to mention a few.

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What You Get When You Join Microcurrency Trader?

When you subscribe to Microcurrency Trader, Tom and his team monitor the markets for you. His software tool monitors Long- and Short-Term Currency Wave crossover and when it detects a signal to go ahead with a trade, he vets it before sending you a detailed buy alert. The buy alert is accompanied by a buy alert video.

This email contains details like name, price, and symbol; a chart indicating the crossover; an explanation of his research; and instructions on how to buy. There will be at least one buy alert every week.

When the time comes to take your profits, he sends you a detailed sell alert.

In addition to those two alerts, you also receive:

  • Microcurrency Trader Quick Start Guide. Tom uses this to explain how his proprietary trading system works.
  • Weekly Live Trading Sessions. During these sessions, it will be like you are standing behind Tom’s shoulder as he demonstrates how to trade coins that earn investors large returns.
  • Tom’s Weekly Watchlist. You receive a weekly update of the best coins in the market to invest in.
  • Tom’s Daily Debrief. He shares the biggest news from the currency market, including his analysis of what those events mean for your money.
  • Tom’s Six-Part Video Boot Camp. Through this, Tom teaches you how to become an expert at trading microcurrency even if you are just starting. He teaches you everything you need to know to master the market.

Subscription Fee

One year of Microcurrency Trader costs $5,000. If you subscribe, they will automatically deduct that amount every year unless you cancel your subscription.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds.

Instead, Tom has a “100% No-Risk Guarantee” whereby he promises to either give you an extra year of Microcurrency Trader or give you credit to spend on any other newsletter he edits.

You can activate the no-risk guarantee if you don’t see at least 10 gains worth 1,000% in the first 12 months.

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Microcurrency Trader Conclusion

Microcurrency Trader is a newsletter run by Tom Gentile to share trade suggestions involving altcoins (cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin). Tom also offers training to new traders to help them better understand the market and learn how to trade.

Trading altcoins is lucrative if you are lucky enough to find the right trades. However, it is incredibly risky because they are very volatile.

Tom Gentile, as a cryptocurrency expert, wants to remove some of the uncertainty by letting you leverage his experience. He is also supposed to give you a better shot at making money from cryptocurrencies because he has the resources to do more extensive research.

Before you subscribe to the Microcurrency Trader, ensure that it is the right move for you because there are no refunds. Furthermore, the fee is $5,000 (and it auto-renews each year).

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