“Tiny Silver Smart Antenna” 5G Review [Louis Navellier]

The Tiny Silver “Smart Antenna” pitch by Louis Navellier concerns a technology that he expects to:

“Make Your Smartphone work up to 1,000X faster… Make Your First Self-Driving Car Crash-Proof…* Make Remote Surgery a Reality…* Make America’s Military Great Again…*** and Give Early-Bird Investors a Chance to Become RICH BEYOND THEIR WILDEST DREAMS!”

If you have been paying attention to what other analysts have been presenting, you can easily tell that the technology in question is 5G.

Having watched the entire presentation, I will use this article to lift the lid on Louis’s perspective on 5G so that you can decide whether it aligns with your investment strategy.

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What is Tiny Silver Smart Antenna?

In “This Tiny, Silver ‘Smart Antenna,’” Louis Navellier discusses 5G investments peculiarly. He also promotes his investment advisory service, Growth Investor.

Tiny Silver Smart Antenna

It is a strange approach because it begins with Navellier flaunting a Porsche 918 Spyder and talking about a “Little Red ‘Turbo Button’” that is somehow linked to 5G.

But when you get in the thick of it, it concerns new chip technologies that will be integrated into every phone and antenna to enable them to connect to the 5G network.

The new network standard, as predicted by analysts and technology enthusiasts, will usher in a new age of technological innovation where IoT, self-driving cars, remote surgery, and other data-intensive applications will thrive.

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What does Turbo Technology have to do with this?

The link between Navellier’s Porsche and 5G has to do with its “turbo button” and the antennas used for 5G communication.

He says that the technology used in 5G enabled phones draws similarities to the engine of the car, which makes it move so fast. When he opened up a new 5G-enabled phone, here is what he found out:

“I had my engineers rip the cover off to peek at what’s powering it. Sure enough, they discovered the SAME kind of ‘turbo button’ technology that makes my Porsche 918 go so blazing fast…

Tiny Silver Smart Antenna

He goes on…

See that tiny silver gizmo in the top right corner? It’s actually a ‘smart antenna.’ Without it, your new 5G phone won’t be able to reach supersonic data speeds…”

However, he is modest about when 5G will be adopted by the masses. He expects it to take a few years for everyone to have access to 5G.

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The “smart antenna” stock that you should buy

He reasons that since 5G will take time to be widely available, you should start investing now while you still have the opportunity to earn profits. He says:

“If I could give you just one piece of advice, here it is…Get invested now, while close to 100% of the massive profit pie is still available.”

But, instead of investing in an obvious pick like Verizon, AT&T, Samsung, or Apple, he has set his sights on another stock.

The conversation segues to the antenna problem that 5G has to address to be viable (note that this refers to Millimeter Wave 5G, not all forms of 5G). We addressed that in my review of The 5G Tollbooth Stock.

As he puts it:

“While a regular 4G antenna can transmit to your smartphone up to 45 miles away… 5G smart antennas need to be placed every 500 to 1,000 feet to allow for blanket coverage.”

He says the solution is beamforming. Beamforming is a system that streamlines the process of data transmission using advanced signal processing tools. Here is how he describes it:

“Think of it as a traffic-signaling system in which smart antennas identify the most efficient data-delivery route to each user… And reduce interference in the process.”

It makes transmission more efficient thus saving power and enabling faster speeds.

This leads us to a company he refers to as “The King of 5G ‘Turbo Button’ Technology.” Here is how he describes it:

“It has only been in existence for five short years. In that time, it’s taken a chokehold on the emerging 5G infrastructure market. All without manufacturing a single smartphone… tower… or smart antenna. Instead, its unique ‘turbo button technology’ is getting built into all those things.”

“Its technology enables the mobile industry to ‘fast track’ 5G product design — from product development all the way to deployment. Even after a new smartphone or smart antenna is rolled out… The King of 5G Turbo Button Technology monitors the situation… Optimizing performance so everything runs up to 1,000 faster than today.”

I reveal its name in the conclusion.

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Who is Louis Navellier?

Louis Navellier is a quantitative analyst and a well-known financial newsletter editor who publishes a majority of his work through InvestorPlace.

He publishes Accelerated Profits, Growth Investor, and Breakthrough Stocks.

Although he has more than one approach to investing, his main investment strategy is growth investing – he targets small companies whose earnings are expected to increase at above-average rates compared to their peers or the broader market.

His interest in the stock market was piqued in college when he developed a stock-picking program that beat his benchmark 3 to 1. When he graduated, he decided to start sharing his insights with investors.

He is a published author. His book, The Little Book That Makes You Rich, made it into SFO Magazine’s list of the top 10 books on investing.

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What is Growth Investor?

The way Louis Navellier structured it, if you want to invest in the King of “Turbo Button,” you have to go through him by investing in his research service, Growth Investor.

The annual subscription fee is $49.

This means that he sends you monthly issues of the newsletter and gives you regular portfolio updates.

When you sign up, he sends you a copy of the report titled The King of 5G “Turbo Button” Technology.

In addition to that, he sends you two bonus reports called:

  • The Netflix of 5G Stocks
  • Louis Navellier’s Top 5 “Superstar Stocks” for 2020

Refund Policy

The Growth Investor newsletter has a one-year, money-back guarantee.

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Tiny Silver Smart Antenna Conclusion

The presentation is all about a component that will be added to smartphones to make them 5G capable. He likens 5G to a “spark plug” that will ignite a revolution changing the way we work and live in the process.

Unlike most other newsletter editors who promise gains within months or weeks, Louis Navellier thinks that we should be more realistic about its mass adoption. He argues that since it will take time for 5G to become a reality, you can still invest now and hope to make money a few years down the line.

But he doesn’t advise you to invest in a telecommunications company or a phone maker. Instead, he recommends an outlier that could be Keysight (KEYS). It fits the description because it has been developing testing equipment that phone makers and antenna makers need to certify their systems.

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