The Timeless Marketer by Tai Lopez [Honest Review]

Tai Lopez has been promoting a new program called The Timeless Marketer a lot of late.

You have probably come across some of his ads and were left wondering what it is about and whether it is worth joining.

I hope this review helps clear the air about the program if you were considering signing up for it.

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What is Tai Lopez The Timeless Marketer?

Tai Lopez’s The Timeless Marketer is a new program by Tai Lopez where he and a few other mentors teach advanced digital marketing.

Tai Lopez The Timeless MarketerThe Timeless Marketer is an advanced digital marketing program that offers training to entrepreneurs who already have sales experience or are already running an online business. Tai Lopez says that it is not suited to people who are completely new to digital marketing.

I assume for those people, he will recommend they join his other program about digital marketing called Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA), which works a bit like the Inbound Closer.

Tai Lopez says that while most businesses are going the eCommerce route, using social media, and adapting to the new digitized economy, few are doing it well. He says that they lack the fundamentals to seize the opportunity and they are too late to catch the trend.

Therefore, The Timeless Marketer is designed to teach you as an online marketer how to become better at marketing in the digital space. It exposes you to the best examples of how this can be achieved and enables you to share Tai Lopez’s exact methods and techniques so that you be better at selling.

When you sign up for The Timeless Marketer, you are taught how to figure out what your customer wants and how to make them the perfect online offer. He and his team also show you how to use your website to make sales and how to target audiences and take your sales skills to the next level.

He also covers how you can convince your target audience to buy your product (including those you’d consider “anti-fans”). He also shows you how to understand people and sell better based on their personalities.

Tai Lopez also shows you how to build your personal brand to increase sales.

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Who are the mentors behind The Timeless Marketer?

Tai Lopez enlisted the help of a few experienced marketers. We shall review them:

Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is an American entrepreneur and life coach who is best known for his viral marketing campaigns. One that really enthralled popular culture was a video he shot on his iPhone called “Here in my garage” that so far has more than 70 million hits on YouTube.

Tai Lopez The Timeless MarketerA polarizing figure in the eyes of the public, Tai Lopez likes to tell his coming of age story as one where he worked his way to the riches he so conspicuously displays.

He says that he wasn’t born into money and was actually sleeping on a couch in a mobile home. He also drove a bottomless car and had just $47 in his account. But life changed for Tai at the age of 19 when he met Joel Salatin, his first mentor who inspired him to become an entrepreneur.

Since then, Tai Lopez has become a bit of a jack of all trades because he has created and run multiple businesses in numerous industries. However, he is best known for his digital marketing enterprises. He has found a way to corner the social media ad market and has managed to garner millions of followers.

He is also known for pushing programs like 67 Steps, a self-help program.

Tai Lopez recently made news when he entered the retail space in 2019. He “acquired” Dressbarn, a $740 million revenue company, and to prove that it was the first of many, he went on to invest in Pier 1, Modell’s Sporting Goods, Stein Mart, Ralph & Russo, The Franklin Mint, and Linens N Things just to mention a few. His motivation for taking these companies on was to turn them from struggling brick and mortar stores into thriving eCommerce giants.

Sean Vosler

Sean is a marketing expert and a bestselling author of a book called 7 Figure Marketing Copy. He is also an affiliate marketing expert who teaches people how to leverage internet marketing to increase business revenue.

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Mark Lack

Mark is a well-known expert on personal branding with an A-list clientele and a best-selling author. He has invested heavily in personal growth and has a reputation in the self-help community as an expert on how to boost your brand.

Cole Hatter

Cole Hatter is an entrepreneur, investor, author, and speaker. He has interests in real estate, startups, and some funds worth over $100 million.

He founded Thrive: Make Money Matter, a conference held every year that teaches entrepreneurs how to grow in both business and life.

Terry Shand

Terry Shand started his career in music and was the marketing director of Universal Music London. He then joined Tai Lopez’s company where he worked as a sales director.

He has had a hand in more than $100 million in online sales as an astute internet marketer. He has also mastered selling in person, on stage, and over the phone. Mr. Shand is also a trainer who has had a hand in training over 100 sales professionals.

Alex Mehr

Dr. Alex Mehr is an investor and former NASA scientist who, together with Tai Lopez, has been buying up stakes in companies like RadioShack, Modell’s Sporting Goods, and Ralph & Russo.

He is a well-known entrepreneur who has launched over 30 products and generated over $1 billion in revenue. He is best known for selling his online dating company Zoosk to Spark Networks for $298 million.

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What You Get When You Join Tai Lopez The Timeless Marketer

The lessons are mostly in video form – they are recordings by Tai Lopez and the other mentors. There are audio versions of the content too in case you like consuming your content that way.

Here is what you get when you sign up for The Timeless Marketer:

Advanced digital marketing training. This content was originally designed for a private workshop but Tai Lopez wants to avail it to you when you join the program. He and his team teach you lessons on persuasion, how to think about marketing, and taking advantage of social media and e-commerce.

Access to marketing experts. The team Tai has brought together is quite skilled in marketing, if what his marketing material says is anything to go by.

What is The Timeless Marketer Price?

You can buy the program for $167.

For that amount, you get access to the program for 3 years.

The Timeless Marketer Money-Back Guarantee

Tai Lopez The Timeless MarketerThe Timeless Marketer has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Closing Remarks on Tai Lopez The Timeless Marketer

Tai Lopez believes that persuasion is the most important marketing skill you need to learn as a marketer and this program seek to teach you that: to persuade people to buy your products.

He says that it is not suited to people who are new to digital marketing and instead targets those who are more advanced. It is for those who are already selling online and want to learn how to improve their skills and numbers.

Tai Lopez and a group of experts teach what they implement in their businesses and endeavors for your application.

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