Louis Navellier The Technochasm [I’m A One Percenter Pitch]

Louis Navellier recently released a presentation with the heading “I’m A One Percenter,” referring to how wealthy he is.

The presentation centers on the impact of technology-based companies on the market, particularly how they affect other non-tech ones. Navellier believes that if you invest in the right disruptive companies, you can bridge the technochasm (which I will explain later in this piece).

In this article, I walk you through the presentation highlighting the key talking points and Navellier’s proposition.

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What is Louis Navellier The Technochasm? (The Pitch)

Louis starts the presentation by pointing out that there is a huge wealth divide in America that he calls “The Technochasm.” He says that as the rich get richer and richer, more average Americans are sliding into poverty including those in the middle class that are now finding themselves living from paycheck to paycheck.

Louis Navellier The Technochasm

This rift is being driven by technology and how it has impacted business operations. He states that companies that embrace technology have an edge over those that don’t (even when they are established brands). This excerpt from his presentation sums it up:

“You’ve probably noticed in recent years how established businesses that appear sturdy and in control of their markets are suddenly getting destroyed by technological upstarts…”

And he gives examples of companies like Netflix using technology to displace Blockbuster, Amazon doing the same in the retail space, among other modern tech companies. He even mentions a startup that he says will disrupt the legal field using AI…

“One small startup, for instance, just developed an AI-based software program that can review and analyze legal contracts faster and with better accuracy than a human can.

It was recently pitted against 20 of the best lawyers in America—and won!

I’ll tell you more about this business in a moment, but first, think for a moment about the implications this will have on anyone in – or thinking about going into – the legal profession.

What will it do to wages?

Similar disruptions are occurring right now in real estate… human resources… transportation… customer service… finance… sales… marketing… and more.

The driver of wealth inequality – the force that has opened a large and growing chasm between the haves and the have nots — is technology.

Most people don’t realize it, but technological disruption is creating a giant shift in the way our economy works and how we build wealth.

The destruction of seemingly strong and dominant businesses by innovative technology-focused upstarts is a story we are starting to see over and over in America…”

Therefore, people who own and invest in new tech-driven companies are getting rich while those who stick to the old way of doing things are being left behind or pulled back.

This growing divide caused by technological disruptions is what he calls “The Technochasm.”

He also mentions that due to tech’s ability to expand exponentially, it takes less time to generate wealth.

How to invest in The Technochasm

Louis Navellier says that you haven’t missed out on all the investment opportunities in the tech world yet because there are more disruptive technologies that are fledgling. In his words…

“As I said before, I believe we’re about to enter the fastest, most disruptive period of the Technochasm…

The next few years could be the greatest period ever to be a technology investor. There could be more disruption in the next 20 years than in the previous 80 years combined.

Converging technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence, driverless cars, augmented reality, blockchain and more will completely reshape our world…

And with all that disruption comes incredible opportunity.”

So, what is Louis’s advice on how we should navigate the markets? He breaks it down into three steps:

  • Step 1: Own the “kings of scalability.” He wants you to invest in companies with minimal marginal cost because revenues rise much faster than costs.
  • Step 2: Profit from the network effect. He describes the network effect as what occurs when a new user of a service or product increases the value of that service or product. An example is the telephone, when there were fewer users, it wasn’t as valuable an invention as it became when almost everyone had one.
  • Step 3: Subscribe to his newsletter, The Growth Investor.

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Louis Navellier’s recommendations

He has six companies that he recommends you buy and they are split into two (three in one special report, and the others in another).

He describes the first group in the presentation as follows:

The first company…

“One of them has created a software platform that is revolutionizing the way businesses manage and analyze their projects.

Businesses are going crazy for it. This company claims 42% of the 2,000 largest global companies among its customer base and gaining. Which is why sales are growing at a blistering 30% per year.

Of course, a few years of incredible growth is great.

But sales mean nothing if businesses don’t renew these services year after year—a key metric most analysts fail to take into account.

A whopping 99% of customers renew this company’s software.

This business is making enormous profits. In my view, it is somewhat reminiscent of Microsoft back in the ’80s.

Because few investors know about it, I believe it’s one of the best bargains in the entire investment world—and it’s positioned to grow rapidly in the years to come.”

The second one…

“Another company is bringing the incredible power of the blockchain – one of the most secure digital infrastructures we’ve ever known – to the world’s leading financial institutions… even everyday people like you and me.”

And the third one…

“And there’s one little-known company helping to make it all happen.

I think this company could go down as one of my all-time great recommendations.

Again, few people know anything about it yet. Which makes right now the perfect time to stake a claim.”

The report is called The Kings of Scalability: 3 Must-Own Stocks to BUY.

In his second report, he has three other stocks he advises you to buy, but he only describes one:

“One of these companies, for example, is quietly gaining more users at a rate faster than Alibaba and Facebook.

Shares are rising faster than Amazon or Facebook too, and trades for just a fraction of the price!

It’s one of the hottest growth stories in the e-commerce space….

Yet I’m willing to bet 99% of Americans have never heard of this company before…

The company’s sales have already increased more than 1,000% since it began in 2012.


That’s because its business is spreading virally among one key demographic, over 700 million strong – who are devoutly loyal to this brand – with lots of money to spend.”

This other report is titled The Network Effect: An Incredibly Powerful Wealth Creation Force and it has the names of the three companies.

You get the two reports for free when you sign up for the Growth Investor newsletter.

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Who is Louis Navellier?

Louis Navellier is an investment guru and money manager.

He has been in the financial services industry for more than forty years. In that time, he has witnessed many changes to the economic landscape.

His interest in investing was piqued in the 1970s while he was in college as he was working under a Wells Fargo executive who gave him access to one of the world’s first corporate mainframe computers. It was as big as a room and his mentor tasked him with using it to analyze and find winning stocks.

He outperformed the market by a factor of 3 to 1 and that earned him the tag “King of Quants” (Forbes). He has since been relying on technical analysis to trade and share investment recommendations with his readers.

He launched an investment fund that published research urging investors to consider investing in tech startups that were disrupting the market. He was quite successful and earned plaudits for it.

In addition to money management, he edits newsletters like Power Options and Accelerated Wealth Summit.

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What is Growth Investor? (The Newsletter)

Growth Investor is an advisory service that Louis Navellier publishes via InvestorPlace. Every month, he reveals new developments and technological breakthroughs taking place and shows you how to prepare, stay ahead, and capitalize on potential growth.

When you become a subscriber, you get:

  • 12 monthly issues of the Growth Investor newsletter through which he keeps you up to date on everything going on in tech and the stock market.
  • Free copies of the two aforementioned reports: The Kings of Scalability: 3 Stocks to Buy Now and The Network Effect: An Incredibly Powerful Wealth-Creation Force.
  • Weekly updates giving you his take on the events of the week as he analyzes the market and stock news.
  • A free report titled Portfolio Destroyers: 10 Ticking Time Bombs to Sell Now. It has the names of companies that Navellier expects to underperform in the next few years and potentially go bankrupt.
  • Two other free reports: The #1 Stock for the Driverless Car Revolution and The AI Revolution.

How much do you pay to join Growth Investor?

An annual subscription via the presentation costs $49.

Does Growth Investor have a Refund Policy?

It comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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Closing Remarks on Louis Navellier The Technochasm

Louis Navellier started the presentation by showing off how rich he is to justify why he is uniquely qualified to deliver an important and urgent message about the economic landscape. He states that the wealth divide is getting bigger and that he knows how average Americans can bridge it: Invest in technology-based companies.

His idea of going about that is finding companies that are relatively unknown yet working on disruptive products and services. According to him, these are the next Amazons, Facebooks, and Googles.

Since this presentation is about investing in tech companies, always bear in mind that this sector offers opportunities for both income investing and growth investing (where Navellier is leaning towards). You can choose from mature established companies or startups – the mature companies still offer growth opportunities (and stability), albeit to a lesser degree than the startups.

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