The Real World Andrew Tate Review: Legit Worth It?

Looking for a review of The Real World by Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate’s new educational platform called The Real World has been getting a lot of attention since it launched in November 2022 after Andrew Tate had stopped the Hustlers University affiliate program.

He launched it saying that he’d be giving people “the portal to escape the matrix.”

In this Tate’s The Real World review, we will take a closer look at what this program is about and you can decide whether it is something that can provide value to you.

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What is The Real World by Andrew Tate?

The Real World is an online business education platform for providing mentoring services and coaching to members. It is Andrew Tate’s new project

Although it has similarities to Hustler’s University, one of the main differences between the two is that while HU has been running on Discord, The Real World runs on its dedicated platform built.

The Real World Tate

The Real World (TRW) is run by “professors” who teach you how to make money online usually in an area they excel at. Tate himself is hardly involved in the day-to-day running of TRW and this explains why it kept running even while he was in jail.

He does make appearances on the platform and posts messages to the wider audience in “The Real World” forum. Here is an example of an Andrew Tate post in the Real World:

Andrew Tate post on the Real World

Since The Real World launched, I have been a member paying a monthly subscription.

Therefore, I have witnessed it evolve over time but not much has changed. Before Tate launched the platform, I was a member of Hustler’s University, until he was banned from social media and shut down the affiliate program.

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Similar to Hustlers University, The Real World is an exclusive online educational platform dedicated to empowering individuals with valuable skills for earning income online.

Within this virtual environment, highly knowledgeable tutors, referred to as professors, impart essential knowledge to students, guiding them not only in money-making techniques but also in the art of investing their earnings wisely to build substantial wealth.

The professors at The Real World adopt a practical approach that allows students to learn through hands-on application of lessons in real-world scenarios.

I find their teaching methodology within the campuses highly engaging and effective. Notably, they incorporate quizzes that not only reinforce learning but also evaluate your understanding of the material being taught.

Having been a member for several months, it has become evident to me that The Real World is a comprehensive online business education platform that offers mentoring services, wealth creation strategies, and personalized coaching to its members.

In many ways, it bears a resemblance to Hustler’s University, but with a more refined and advanced approach, making it a highly evolved product in comparison.

The Real World does not offer certificates of completion or any form of accreditation like the normal universities, nor does it have any affiliations with other educational institutions.

In this review, we will delve into the different campuses and their operational mechanisms. However, before we do that, let’s take a moment to discuss the founder of The Real World, Andrew Tate.

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Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Emory Tate III is a British-American former professional kickboxer.

Andrew Tate has gained notoriety for showing off his wealth and his propensity for expressing controversial opinions. Over the past few years, he has amassed attention, largely attributed to platforms like TikTok and YouTube, which facilitated the virality of his content.

Andrew Tate

He made his money running a webcam business with his brother, Tristan Tate.

They had multiple websites where men would log in and chat with women at a fee. They’ve been criticized because that business model encouraged preying on men who were desperate enough to pay to talk to a girl.

Andrew also sold online courses geared toward helping men become better at dating. They were similar in style to the pickup artists of the early 2000s and were sold at $500 each.

Tate was on Big Brother in 2016 but he was kicked out when a video leaked of him appearing to assault a woman. He denied any wrongdoing saying that what happened in the video was consensual.

Tate also runs a program called “The War Room” which he describes as “a global network in which exemplars of individualism work to free the modern man from socially induced incarceration.” To gain access to it, you have to pay $4,497.

Tate was de-platformed from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok for his controversial comments on a variety of social topics.

After being suspected of engaging in organized crime and human trafficking, Andrew Tate spent several months behind bars in a Romanian prison. However, successfully appeal the decision, resulting in his detention being replaced with house arrest.

In his defense, Andrew Tate asserted that Romanian prosecutors lack substantial evidence and contended that their case against him is a “political” plot aimed at suppressing his voice.

Following the arrests made in December, DIICOT issued a statement identifying six victims involved in the human trafficking case. These individuals were purportedly subjected to “acts of physical violence and mental coercion” while being sexually exploited.

It is an ongoing investigation and as I write this, the Tate brothers are under house arrest.

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How does The Real World work?

In contrast to HU, which operated through Discord servers, The Real World functions on dedicated servers under the control of Tate and his team.

Accessible through a web browser, The Real World portal boasts a custom-built infrastructure that operates independently but functions like Discord. Tate also took measures to establish his own payment processors for the platform.

The Real World portal on a web browser

For convenient access on the go, you can install a smartphone app to reach the portal.

This app is readily available for download from both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Here is a preview of how it looks on a mobile device:

The Real World phone App

With the app, you can access the campuses conveniently in one place.

You can access the courses on your smartphone app

Within The Real World portal, you will find ‘campuses’ or channels, each dedicated to a specific topic.

Each campus is run by specialized professors who guide and instruct you on the step-by-step processes of their respective business models.

They emphasize hands-on learning, as you gain practical experience by actively applying the acquired skills in real-life scenarios.

The Copywriting Campus is the most popular

Among the various courses offered, the copywriting campus garners significant popularity.

Its appeal lies in the fact that you don’t require a lot of money to start your journey. Merely having a laptop and an internet connection is enough to take this course.

The Real World has not imposed a minimum age requirement for joining, enabling individuals of any age who can afford the subscription fee to become members.

A significant number of users on the platform are under 18 years old and although they are unable to engage in cryptocurrency or stock trading, they still participate in related chat rooms.

It is important to emphasize that the professors do not encourage individuals under 18 to engage in unlawful activities or create accounts where they are not eligible. Instead, they advise them to abide by the rules and seek parental assistance when accessing accounts that require age restrictions.

Another thing I found is that while The Real World predominantly celebrates achievements and success, it also provides a space for members to share personal stories of vulnerability, grief, and feelings of inadequacy in their lives.

The portal fosters a supportive community where members uplift and support each other on their journey toward achieving success.

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Who are the Professors?

The coaches are called “Professors” but Tate says that “their teachings come from experience, not theory.”

The Real World Professors

Every professor within the program has earned over $1 million USD utilizing the very methods they teach. These highly motivated and experienced professionals are committed to providing you with structured coursework and daily lessons. They guide and mentor you throughout your business journey.

From the initial stages of earning your first dollar to scaling your business into a multi-million dollar enterprise, THE REAL WORLD is meant to offer guidance as you work to achieve your entrepreneurial aspirations through the Campuses.

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The Real World Campuses

When you sign up for The Real World, you will start learning the digital skills you need to master to earn a six-figure income completely online.

According to Tate, making money is a skill that can be learned. The campuses provide you with the coaches and the learning environment. You learn to utilize new disruptive technologies and strategies to make money.

Tate claims that THE REAL WORLD is modeled to be the ultimate all-in-one learning platform guiding you from making your first dollar online to scaling into a multi-million dollar business.

The Real World new skills

The lessons cover the following business models:


Within the realm of e-commerce, the coaches at The Real World will guide you through the process of discovering profitable products, establishing an impeccable online store, and driving traffic to your websites.

Ecommerce on The Real World

Whether it’s dropshipping or private labeling, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to transition from a novice to a successful online business owner.


Copywriting campus on The Real World Tate

They teach you how to become a copywriter as well as how to secure high-paying clients.


In the realm of freelancing, The Real World offers comprehensive training on various valuable skills.

Freelancing on The Real World Tate

You will gain expertise in designing logos, translating eBooks, video editing, social media account management, and website creation, all of which can be monetized. Additionally, you will learn effective strategies to foster client loyalty, ensuring long-term success in your freelancing endeavors.

Artificial Intelligence

With AI getting a lot of attention these days, they teach you how to monetize it.

As you are making money online, they teach you how to multiply your income by investing. They focus on cryptos or stocks.

Stocks Campus on The Real World

The Crypto Investing Campus:

Crypto Investing Campus on The Real World

They focus on investment strategies that are supposed to multiply your profits to attain financial freedom.

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The final step is scaling your business.

The Real World scale your business

At The Real World, you receive comprehensive instruction on optimizing your operations and propelling the growth of your business.

The program offers a unique opportunity to directly engage with individuals who are earning six-figure incomes every month.

By becoming part of this global community, you gain access to a supportive network where members assist one another in overcoming challenges and celebrating accomplishments together. At the same time, you learn over 18 distinct methods of generating income, expanding your repertoire of money-making strategies.

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How The Real World Campuses Work

The campuses have modules, each with tutorials (made up of written material and videos of the professor teaching the subject).

How The Real World Campuses work

Here is an example of a video on the copywriting campus:

The copywriting professor in The Real World

They have a structured learning experience whereby you progress through the content sequentially, as the subsequent tutorials are unlocked upon completion of the preceding ones. Here is an example within the crypto campus:

The crypto campus The Real World

And the copywriting campus:

the copywriting campus The Real World

To evaluate your comprehension of the content, there are quizzes. To advance to the next tutorial, you should achieve a perfect score by answering all questions correctly.

Tutorial questions in The Real World

In the event of an incorrect response, you are provided with the opportunity to retry the questions and revisit the material as many times as necessary.

This allows you to reinforce your understanding and improve your performance until you achieve the desired level of proficiency.

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Why Does Andrew Tate Keep Talking About “The Matrix”?

As he promotes The Real World, Andrew Tate keeps talking about “escaping the Matrix.”

According to Tate, the mainstream news and political establishment are on a mission to control the populace.

He believes that following “the traditional path” where you go to school and get a regular job means that you are an unwitting participant of the Matrix, just like in The Matrix.

During the launch, he ran an ad promoting The Real World that was full of the Matrix references whereby it referred to the viewer as Neo. Andrew Tate referred to himself as Morpheus and he likened joining the program to escaping the Matrix.

He even quoted Morpheus from The Matrix saying “This attack is an act of desperation” when referring to how he was banned from social media as a means of controlling him.

Andrew Tate says that joining The Real World and taking courses is a way to “escape the matrix” because he thinks having a 9-5 job makes you a “wage slave brokie.” The Real World is meant to help you escape the clutches of this system:

“The Matrix wants you poor, weak, alone and complacent.

When a powerful force like Andrew Tate tries to wake you up, the Matrix attempts to erase him.

It’s time to wake up, Neo. You must become rich, strong, well-connected, with a soul of fire.

We are opening a mass portal to escape slavery.

THE REAL WORLD is a community, a membership, an educational platform, it’s a way out.”

Red pilling is an internet term that was popularized by The Matrix and has been part of the cultural lexicon. It refers to when the protagonist, Neo, was offered a choice between a blue pill that would keep him trapped in the simulation living a meaningless life, and a red pill that was to help him to escape the fake reality of the matrix and venture into the real world.

You can see parallels between that analogy and Tate’s The Real World.

On top of that, in the movie, Morpheus was hunted down by the agents working for the machines and Tate wants you to see the similarity between that and how he is being treated by social media companies.

Andrew Tate said that Hustlers University was Step 1 of a 3-Step Plan and The Real World is Step 2.

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Is Andrew Tate’s The Real World Legit?

The Real World by Andrew Tate is legit.

The Real World does provide you with information for educational purposes but unlike a university, you won’t get a certificate of completion or accreditation.

It is an online platform that you sign up for to gain access to the exclusive server for education, mentorship, and a community. With the information you gain, you can gain useful skills and set up a profitable business online.

Tate has been calling on people to take personal responsibility for their life. Hustlers University 2.0 was meant to spread that message.

When Tate founded Hustlers University 2.0 in 2021, he gave users access to private Discord servers where they’d find lessons on how to make money using things like investing in cryptocurrency, setting up e-commerce and Amazon FBA businesses, and offering copywriting services to businesses.

It is a bit like The Timeless Marketer by Tai Lopez or Inbound Closer by Payton Welch where you join a program that shows you how to make money online.

HU has “campuses” where each campus teaches a specific subject. The Real World has adopted the same approach but is more in-depth, has better training, and overall a better experience for members.

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Benefits of Andrew Tate’s The Real World

When you become a member of Tate’s The Real World, you receive:

Access to a community of Money Makers

The program will give you the chance to directly communicate with people who are making six figures per month.

Within that community, you get to support each other, overcome problems together, and celebrate your achievements.

Lessons on how to make money

You learn how to make money through:

  • 18 modern methods of creating wealth. You learn ways to earn money online.
  • Access to the lesson plans and daily informative videos.
  • A Treasure Trove of Resources with Guidance on How to Navigate Them
  • Full Access to Your Professors For Any Questions You May Have.

Is Hustler’s University and The Real World the same thing?

The Real World is not the same as HU because it has a “self-reliant infrastructure,” which means that Andrew will not be relying on mainstream tech platforms like social media platforms. He attempts to avoid those bans.

He will also no longer rely on payment processors or “matrix controlled servers” and instead use alternative banking systems.

The goal is to decouple himself from platforms that may kick him out:

“The educational platform at Hustler’s University will be completely outside of the Matrix.

‍The Real World will have a self-reliant infrastructure with no points of attack, so we can teach wealth creation methods never taught before in HU.”

On a functional level, it looks like TRW will just be a new version of Hustler’s University that does not rely on tech service providers and cannot be shut down at least that is the claim, although on December 31st domain was inaccessible and they have since relaunched it via

Andrew Tate tweeted saying that the matrix can shut down his domains, there will always be another ready and waiting to replace it.

HU students got free access to The Real World as long as they kept their HU subscription active.

If you were a member of HU, you didn’t need to register for The Real World either.

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How Much Does Andrew Tate’s The Real World Cost?

A monthly membership to Andrew Tate’s The Real World costs $49.99.

A monthly membership to Andrew Tate’s The Real World costs $49.99.

According to the sales page, the price may not stay at $49.99 per month.

A monthly membership to Andrew Tate’s The Real World could increase to $147.

According to the site, the price could go up to $147.

Note that this is sometimes a ploy employed to get people to sign up for the program.

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Final Words on Andrew Tate’s The Real World

The Real World, just like Hustler’s University, is a program that teaches you how to make money and gives you access to a community of like-minded individuals.

If you think that the modern education system has failed you and you want an alternative to that, this could work for you.

The timing of The Real World’s launch wasn’t a coincidence. It was a rebrand of Hustler’s University that Tate felt was necessary after being removed from nearly every major social media site. That being said, Hustlers University is still online.

TRW will likely attract you if you want to become just like Tate or agree with his opinions.

It looks like anyone will be allowed to join Tate’s The Real World. There has been no minimum age requirement to join Hustlers University, which means that anyone who can pay the subscription fee can join. A large number of users on the server are under.

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