What Is The Publisher’s Table by Matt Insley?

The Publisher’s Table is an initiative by the publisher at St Paul Research, Matt Insley, to make the services rendered by the company more accessible to more people

Designed as an upgrade to all the advisory services the firm offers, it is meant to present you with more access to their services at a discount.

In this review, I shed light on what this entails if you are considering trying it out.

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What is The Publisher’s Table?

As I’ve already mentioned, The Publisher’s Table is a new subscription plan being offered by Matt Insley, the head publisher at St. Paul Research.

The Publisher's Table (Matt Insley)

St. Paul Research is an independent research firm that offers financial advice that is meant for retail investors. On its editorial team, it has investment gurus with various backgrounds in the world of finance.

Circling back to The Publisher’s Table, it is designed to give you access to more services if you are already a subscriber to one or more of their advisory services. The way Matt puts it, you will have lifetime access to everything St. Paul Research publishes for a one-time payment. This includes services like (their subscription values are attached):

  • The Profit Wire ($2,000 per year)
  • The Buyout Millionaires Club ($2,000 per year)
  • The Weekly Fortune Alliance ($995 per year)
  • Ray Blanco’s FDA Profit Alert ($1,995 per year)
  • Ray Blanco’s Breakthrough Technology Alert ($1,995 per year)
  • Ray Blanco’s Catalyst Trader ($1995 per year)
  • The Weekly Wealth Alert ($2,000 per year)
  • Technology Profits Confidential ($99 per year)
  • Technology Profits Confidential Pro ($99 per year)
  • Lifetime Income Report ($99 per year)
  • Lifetime Income Report Pro ($99 per year)
  • Alan Knuckman’s Big Option Trader ($299 per year)

In that sense, it is similar to services offered by other publishers that follow the same template of giving you lifetime access to a collection of services offered by different editors. I can think of services like Publisher’s Passcode, another similar plan by St. Paul Research, and Brownstone Unlimited by Brownstone Research (Jeff Brown).

Matt also says that you get to attend virtual events where you are “on the publisher’s side of the table.” To better understand what he means by this, here is Matt describing how one such event is supposed to be like:

“I’ve decided to do something that, as far as I know, is a financial publishing first…

We are calling it “The Publisher’s Table Cocktail Hour.”

And at this event, you’ll have a chance to take a seat at “my side of the table” and listen in as our financial editors pitch us their very best moneymaking ideas for the month ahead… All while you get to sit back and enjoy your favorite drink…

You will even be provided your own custom cocktail glasses (which are yours to keep) and a special drink menu that’s only shared with our high end readers.

We will make sure to cover each idea in detail so you can decide for yourself which ideas you like the best.

You’ll have the chance to hear brand-new and cutting-edge investment ideas pitched directly from Zach Scheidt, Alan Knuckman, Ray Blanco, and Greg Guenthner.”

During such events, they discuss things like the state of the market, the hottest new market trends, the best strategies to play big market swings, markets that are about to be hot, and places you should not invest your money in.

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Who are the experts behind The Publisher’s Table?

Although Matt Insley is the head publisher, he oversees what the editors are publishing. So, here are the editors whose services you will be gaining access to:

Alan Knuckman: Alan comes from Chicago where he began his career in finance as a clerk on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). He has been working in the options markets for more than two decades. His financial advice mainly involves options trading and he offers services like Big Option Trader and Penny Contracts.

Ray Blanco: Ray is a technology investments analyst and most of his work centers on big trends in the tech industry. He also dabbles in cannabis investing. He is best known for being an editor at Seven Figure Publishing where he edits services like Technology Profits Confidential.

Greg Guenthner: He is also known for working as an editor at Seven Figure Publishing. On top of that, he is a CMT (a designation given by the CMT association to experts at technical analysis). He has been working for Agora Financial since 2005.

Zach Scheidt: Scheidt specializes in income investing and most of his advisory services embody this approach. He finds stocks that pay dividends and writes about them. He began his career as a cost accountant for SunTrust Bank before he joined the world of newsletter editing.

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Other benefits of joining The Publishers Table

Although the main fixture of this new subscription plan is access to all services offered by St. Paul Research (and the massive discount that entails), there are other bonuses you get when you sign up for it:

  • Weekly updates from the Lion’s Den: Every Friday, you get an email from Matt summarizing the events of the week. He also gives his insights into the market.
  • Access to all call and virtual events: You get an access link to all events hosted by the firm. This includes conference calls and summits during which you can submit questions to the editors.
  • Access to the exclusive “cocktail hours”: Matt says that you’ll get to sit on his side of the table as editors pitch their best investment ideas for the following month. You are added to a list of people that receive an exclusive signature cocktail menu for attending these events.
  • Invitations to live events: These events are unlike the aforementioned call and virtual events because here, you get to attend them physically. Matt even teases an event that will be hosted at the top of the Belvedere.
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Service usage guides. These are specific techniques to maximize your profits and experience with their research services.
  • Access to trading research services by new editors that are yet to join.
  • A set of cocktail glasses with custom branding from St. Paul Research.

If you are among the first 150 people to sign up for the subscription, you get a special invitation to the “2021 Executive Boardroom Summit.”

How much do you pay to join The Publisher’s Table?

When you sign up for The Publisher’s Table, you pay a one-time fee of $1,997 for all the services offered by St. Paul Research. There is no renewal and you get a lifetime membership.

Does The Publisher’s Table come with a Refund Policy?

The subscription fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

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Closing Remarks on The Publisher’s Table

The Publisher’s Table is nothing more than a plan that is designed to get more people to sign up for the services offered by St. Paul Research. The publisher, Matt Insley, sweetens the deal by giving you access to all the services the firm offers without having to pay an annual subscription.

What it means is that you no longer have to pay the yearly subscription fee on any service offered by St Paul Research and you get a “VIP all-access pass” to all the publications they publish (including the ones they start offering in the future).

The benefit of the subscription, besides the cocktail hours and the gifts, is that you get to save on the costs of subscribing to the newsletters. For context, all the advisories included in the package cost $14,680 per year cumulatively if you join them individually (and this renews every year). However, if you join The Publisher’s Table, you pay $1,997 for all of them and there are no renewal fees.

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