What Is The Oxford Club?

You have probably encountered a couple of newsletters and presentations from experts who publish their work via The Oxford Club.

Having encountered some of them myself, I decided to take a closer look at the Oxford Club to determine what it is all about.

In this article, I explore the experts and the services they offer to help you decide whether you should join their services.

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What is The Oxford Club?

The Oxford Club is a publisher of independent investment newsletters. The company’s headquarters are in Baltimore, Maryland where the parent company, The Agora (formerly Agora Inc.) is also based.

You should be careful not to confuse The Agora and Agora Financial; the latter (Agora Financial) is a subsidiary of the former.

The Oxford Club Reviews

The Oxford Club aims to share with its members opportunities to earn market-beating returns as well as strategies to preserve the wealth they gain.

To become wealthy as per the company’s ethos is to achieve financial freedom, to have extraordinary life experiences, to form strong relationships with successful people, and to give back i.e. charity.

It achieves that mainly by publishing monthly newsletters. It also hosts financial seminars and overseas investment excursions

It has over 157,000 members scattered across 130 countries.

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Who started The Oxford Club?

The Oxford Club was established in the early seventies by an American trader called Gary Scott. He lived in Hong Kong where he sold insurance and mutual funds. He decided to bring together a group of expatriates who also worked there to form an international businessman’s club.

They named the club The Merchants & Brokers Exchange.

After running the club for a few years, he decided to surrender control to Bill Bonner, who changed its name to The Passport Club. Bonner is also the founder of Agora Financial and Bonner & Partners.

Meanwhile, another publisher was being launched in Florida, independently. It was called The Oxford Club. A few years into starting it, its founder sold it to Bonner, who combined it with The Passport Club to create one company.

Bill Bonner decided to stick with the name “The Oxford Club” because he felt it was classier and it better evoked a spirit of tradition. He enlisted the services of Julia Guth as CEO, she has remained in that position ever since.

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Who are the Experts at The Oxford Club?

Alexander Green

Alexander Green is the chief investment strategist at the Oxford Club. He and former TV host, Bill O’Reilly, famously launched The Great American Wealth Project.

He has been involved with the financial services industry for more than twenty years – he is also an investor. He worked for Wall Street firms for 16 years as a research analyst, investment advisor, and portfolio manager.

His investment strategy is predominantly based on momentum investing and value investing. He also has a knack of detecting the moves that company insiders are making to find opportunities for his followers.

He edits the following newsletters:

The Oxford Communique

The Oxford Communique is the flagship newsletter of The Oxford Club. Alex has been teasing it with the “Single-Stock Retirement Plan” presentation.

When you join The Oxford Communique, Alex sends you the monthly newsletter in the third week of the month. He then sends you a print version a week after that.

There are regular updates between the newsletters to provide you with important information regarding changes to the model portfolio.

The Insider Alert

Alex studies the moves that are being made by insiders i.e. buying or selling to determine whether a company’s stock has a positive or negative outlook.

His logic is that when insiders sell, it indicates that the company’s prospects are not good but when they buy more stocks, they think the stock will do well.

While it sounds straightforward on paper, it is not an airtight approach because sometimes insiders sell or buy stock for reasons that have nothing to do with the company’s prospects.

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The Momentum Alert

Alex aims to pick fast-moving stocks based on their historical performance. He bases the strategy on more than 107 years of data that he uses to find companies that have a proclivity to outperform their competitors and surpass earnings estimates.

He says that he has earned an average return of 63% from his Momentum Alert portfolio.

Oxford Microcap Trader

As its name implies, The Oxford Microcap Trader is all about investing in microcap stocks.

Green looks for under-the-radar businesses that are hardly talked about by mainstream financial media outlets or considered by institutional investors.

He uses value and growth indicators to identify companies with 10X profit potential (capital gains).

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Marc Lichtenfeld

Lichtenfeld is the chief income strategist at the club. He is a specialist in income investing and he all about helping people get their retirement sorted.

Before he started working at The Oxford Club, he worked as a senior columnist for Jim Cramer’s TheStreet.

He edits the following advisory services:

The Oxford Income Letter

Marc aims to share recommendations that yield income through “dividends and other income-producing strategies using his proprietary 10-11-12 System.”

He expounds the 10-11-12 system in his book Get Rich with Dividends: A Proven System for Earning Double-Digit Returns. In the book summary on Amazon, he says that his system can enable you to achieve an annual return of 12% or more by investing in the right dividend stocks even when they fail to earn substantial capital gains.

If you sign up for The Oxford Income Letter, you will receive a monthly newsletter as well as weekly updates.

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Closing Bell Profits

Lichtenfeld runs a proprietary computer program that spots a weakness in the market. The loophole enables you to invest in certain stocks 15 minutes before the market closes to earn a profit.

He runs the program and notifies his subscribers before 3:45 PM where they should place their bets to earn a profit.

Stock Sequence Trader

This newsletter enables you to make money from what Marc calls “the single biggest breakthrough in a stock’s lifecycle.” The event, he clarifies, has nothing to do with earnings announcements, share buybacks, or other conventional indicators.

In a presentation promoting the newsletter, he explains that the event he is alluding to is the filing of statements of profitability – when a company reports increased sales and profitability, he knows that it has the potential to go up.

He uses an “Ignition Sequence System” to pinpoint the event and spot the trades with the potential to register the greatest upside.

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Oxford Bond Advantage

To put it succinctly, this service by Lichtenfeld is all about finding the best corporate bonds to invest in – he calls them “superbonds.”

To identify them, he uses a sophisticated trading terminal from Bloomberg. It updates itself automatically every second depending on what’s happening in the market.

It targets companies that can survive market turbulence. In an ad called “American Stock Quitters,” here is how he described one of the requirements for the stocks he recommends:

“I’m looking for what The Oxford Club calls a minimum expected annual return, or MEAR for short. We want that MEAR number to be BETTER than the stock market. For superbonds, we look for 10X the stock market’s return.”

The other requirements are that they have enough cash flow to cover debts, good leadership and that they not be overhyped based on temporary trends.

Matthew Carr

Matthew Carr is the chief trends strategist at the Oxford Club. This means that he specializes in locating the biggest trends in the market to help his followers to earn massive returns.

He has been a professional trader and analyst for over two decades.

His research is centered on classic industries like oil and mining, but he also dabbles in cutting-edge sectors like cannabis, 3D printing, and cloud computing; he mostly recommends small-cap tech companies in those niches.

Strategic Trends Investor

Strategic Trends Investor is the go-to source of groundbreaking investments at the Oxford Club.

Matthew works with energy and infrastructure strategist, David Fessler, to find the most compelling investments from a variety of industries. They look for disruptive companies to invest in them before they are taken up by Wall Street investors.

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Dynamic Fortunes

Dynamic Fortunes helps you trade only using what Carr calls “Profit Windows” rather than a “buy-and-hold strategy.” He argues that the Profit Windows strategy delivers five times higher returns and it reduces risk by half – an assertion supported by a study carried out by the Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business.

To implement the strategy, he employs a trademark system called “Profit Launch Windows.”

Trailblazer Pro

Trailblazer Pro is based on a trading strategy that focuses on cutting-edge sectors; industries that are just coming up but that show immense potential. These include penny pot stocks, virtual reality, robotics, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, gene editing, and other fledgling industries.

The goal is to find the best stocks they have to offer and invest before the mainstream money pours in – when major investors enter these sectors, those stocks go up.

The VIPER Alert

The VIPER Alert has nothing to do with the snake, rather it is a trading service through which Matthew picks stocks that are poised to surge to new highs.

To achieve that, he uses a system he calls “The Viper Score” and a unique ratio he developed to spot companies that are likely to yield massive returns in the short-term.

In a pitch he shared, he claims that:

“It scans all 3,812 publicly traded stocks every single day… searching for the best stocks that fit five crucial metrics.”

The five metrics he was talking about are Value, Income, Profit, Earnings, and Revenue. He has a target for each metric and if a stock meets all five as well as having a good V score, he recommends it to his readers.

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David Fessler

David Fessler is the energy and infrastructure strategist. He is an electrical engineer who retired at 47 after leading two tech companies as a VP.

After retiring, he got into trading as well as sharing his investment insights full time. He leverages his experience in the tech, energy, and infrastructure industries.

He was behind the “Linchpin Device” presentation about investing in 5G.

He works with Matthew Carr to publish Strategic Trends Investor. His newsletter is called Fessler’s Flash Profits, which I summarize below:

Fessler’s Flash Profits

Every two weeks, he shares his recommendations of stocks that he believes are going to be good investments. His strategy is “buy low, sell high,” which sounds pretty straightforward and vague, to be honest.

He claims to have a scientific system for picking market-beating stock plays. He calls it the “FLASH indicator.” It is based on a Nobel Prize-winning formula that proves that with some stocks, good news takes time to be priced in.

How does the indicator work? Here is how he describes it in an ad for the newsletter:

“My indicator can essentially read every single news article… earnings report… and a big announcement in the stock market within seconds.

…It automatically scans the market for these big events and moves that will affect small-cap stocks.”

So, if you join the service you can expect to receive recommendations of small-cap stocks that you will hold for seven days.

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Nicholas Vardy

Nicholas Vardy is an expert in quantitative investing, exchange-traded funds, and global investing.

He has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Stanford University. He also has a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Harvard Law School. He is an associate at the Chatham House think tank and the Adam Smith Institute (London).

He appears on Fox Business and CNN International as a commentator and has been cited in Yahoo! Finance, Newsweek, Financial Times, and The Wall Street Journal, just to mention a few.

He contributes to Alexander Green’s The Oxford Communique on top of editing Oxford Swing Trader and Oxford Wealth Accelerator, both of which I summarize below:

Oxford Wealth Accelerator

The Oxford Wealth Accelerator deals with exchange-traded funds that capitalize on market trends. Vardy has a proprietary trading strategy with which he identifies viable ETFs for his readers.

The advantage of working with ETFs rather than individual stocks is their ability to minimize risk.

Oxford Swing Trader

This service employs a proprietary quantitative strategy based on an algorithm to find short term profit opportunities in the market whether it is bearish or bullish. It capitalizes on wild swings in the market.

According to Vardy (taken from the Swing Trader Summit), here is how the service works:

“I’ve built an algorithmic trading system that searches through all publicly traded stocks and identifies only those companies that have been oversold for several days in a row.

…But I start watching very closely for the reversal.

That way I know exactly when the swing upward will begin.”

If you sign up and implement his recommendations, Nicholas encourages you to hold your positions for two to ten trading days.

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What is the Oxfordian Hotel Collection?

When you become a member of one of the services offered by the Oxford Club, your subscription gives you access to a collection of exotic hotels where you get to enjoy the VIP treatment.

The owners of these hotels have a special bond with the Oxford Club hence the generous offers. You also receive special deals during your stay.

Closing Remarks regarding The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club is a publisher of independent advisory services that provide you with actionable investment advice. In saying that, I am not guaranteeing that all their services are going to earn you profits because timing the market is not assured to work.

My biggest concern with the Oxford Club is how they market their services. In their presentations advertising their newsletters, the experts emphasize on potential returns while downplaying the risks involved. They also don’t directly disclose the amounts you need to invest to earn the profits they quote.

These tactics, though misleading, don’t mean that the services or gurus are not legit. However, it behooves you to be careful with your spending – do not invest more than you are willing to lose.

That being said, you can benefit from the insights the experts share with the correct approach. Exercise caution and only invest when it suits your strategy and you will do fine.

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