What Is The Outsider Club? [Nick Hodge]

After encountering a couple of webinar invitations and publications from The Outsider Club, you may be wondering what to make of the publisher.

Nick Hodge, the founder, echoes what many investment gurus keep saying in their presentations about revealing “hidden” investment opportunities, only he takes it further with the whole rhetoric about ordinary folk being trampled on by “the system” and being cast out as “outsiders”

So, you may be wondering what he is on about… and that’s what I intend to address with this article.

We’ll take a closer look at what The Outsider Club is about, who its experts are, and the services they offer to help you decide whether they are worth getting involved with.

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What is The Outsider Club?

The Outsider Club is an independent publisher of investment newsletters, financial articles, and online webinars. It was established by Nick Hodge.

It comprises of investment gurus and editors who produce content that is meant to help retail investors make better financial decisions.

Outsider Club Reviews

I find it impressive that what started as a small firm has grown its audience and paying subscribers, in a field that is dominated by established firms like InvestorPlace and Banyan Hill.

Nick started the Outsider Club because he was disillusioned with the way the American system was shaping up. According to him:

  • International bankers have taken over the world’s finances and they print money as they see fit. They also manipulate interest rates with impunity.
  • Social security and pensions will soon be gone.
  • The cost of living keeps going up but wages remain unchanged.
  • Debt is getting out of hand as the government keeps borrowing to fight wars that people don’t want (I should mention that President Trump has been doing the opposite by minimizing the number of conflicts the country is involved in).
  • The Patriot Act has infringed on citizen’s liberties.

He also believes that the banking elite manipulates the politicians so that they get away with malpractices and the people who pay for those transgressions are the ordinary citizens; “The Outsiders.”

Therefore, the Outsider Club caters to people who hold contrarian views about finance, life, and governance. Outsiders know the system is faulty but they are doing something about it.

Nick says that the publications help those people take control of their finances and their freedoms. It also gives them access to “hidden” investment opportunities.

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Who are the Experts at the Outsider Club?

Nick Hodge

Nick is the founder and the CEO of the Outsider Club. He edits a couple of newsletters for the publisher, including Nick’s Notebook, Early Advantage, and Wall Street’s Underground Profits.

His research and investment recommendations are typically in the energy, natural resource, cannabis, and biotech sectors.

He has been featured on TV and publications like Business News Network, Yahoo’s Daily Ticker, and Newsmax TV.

Jimmy Mengel

Besides Hodge, Jimmy Mengel is arguably the most prolific of the editors who work at the Outsider Club. He edits The Marijuana Manifesto and The Crow’s Nest and contributes to Green Chip Stocks, Healthier Talk, Health Wire, and The Outsider Club newsletter.

I have encountered him before as I reviewed his Tesla Killer Blue Gas presentation about the hydrogen fuel cell electric cars proving to be a better than battery-powered ones like Tesla.

Jimmy studied Journalism and English in college but his interest in the field of investments grew after he started working for a local publisher.

When he is not giving investment advice, he writes about natural health, civil liberties, and government malfeasance.

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Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real edits Junior Mining Trader and Junior Mining Monthly. He also contributes to The Resource Stock Digest and The Outsider Club newsletter.

He mostly gives investment advice in the natural resource sector although this wasn’t always the case. Before he fell in love with it, he advised his followers to invest in real estate and, in fact, stay away from natural resources.

In his official bio on the Outsider Club’s website, you’ll find this statement explaining this:

“Del Real’s insights and advice have made – and saved – investors millions of dollars. For years he advised clients to steer clear of most companies in the resource space. And for years the resource bear market has persisted.”

To be fair, at the time, the housing market was unbeatable, but that all changed when the Subprime Mortgage Crisis hit and the resource market went bullish.

His approach involves going to the ground and meeting up with industry insiders rather than analyze stock charts and read financial documents at the office.

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Jason Simpkins

Jason Simpkins contributes to The Wealth Warrior. He has been a reporter and financial analyst for 10 years.

Most of his work centers on investing in the energy sector.

Jason graduated from college and got a job managing a major financial publication in Baltimore, which is, incidentally, where publishers like Agora Financial and The Oxford Club are situated (chances are, he was working for one of these).

He covered the 2008 Financial Crisis and the ensuing debt crises extensively. He also wrote about the oil market and the Chinese Economic Miracle.

Adam English

Adam English has been writing about market trends ever since he joined the financial services industry. Before he joined the Outsider Club, he had a well-performing portfolio and thousands of readers.

The senior editors at Angel Publishing took him on in 2012 when they realized his potential and he worked there until he joined his current employers.

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What Premium Services does the Outsider Club offer?

The Crow’s Nest ($199 per year with a 30-day money-back guarantee)

The Crow’s Nest by Jimmy Mengel is dubbed “the ultimate personal finance resource” because it is designed to help people invest safely in often unpredictable markets.

Mengel started it when he realized that it is challenging for ordinary folk to navigate a tumultuous financial landscape because they lack the expertise and the tools.

He, therefore, uses his experience to seek alternative stable investments that most people have no idea exist. He also shares interesting tips on tax loopholes that you can exploit and how you can manage risks without sacrificing returns.

Nick Hodge’s Early Advantage ($1,999 per year with a 30-day money-back guarantee)

Nick Hodge believes that we are on the cusp of a global energy transformation.

At the same time, he does not restrict himself to biotech and technology and often encourages his subscribers to invest in any industry as long as it is profitable.

“With Early Advantage, Nick reaches beyond energy to disruptive technologies, agriculture, electronics, and more. No sector is off-limits.

And the early advantage doesn’t only apply to stocks. You’ll get Nick’s musings on productivity, taxes, food, leisure, and more.”

He adopts a boots-on-the-ground approach whereby he attends conferences and shows, visits sites, interviews insiders one-on-one, and does anything he feels he needs to do to give his subscribers an early advantage on money-making opportunities.

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Marijuana Manifesto ($2,999 with a 30-day money-back guarantee)

Ever since cannabis became legal in some states, not to mention Canada, speculative investors have been looking for ways to profit from pot-related investments.

Jimmy Mengel is one of the few investment gurus that appreciate the potential of the fledgling industry. He even claims that he was one of the first to identify it as a viable avenue for investment.

However, the marijuana industry has the reputation of being volatile, which makes it tough for investors to make money consistently.

Marijuana Manifesto will help you tame it by providing you with good investment recommendations featuring a mixture of high-flying stocks for short term returns and stable ones to hold for the long term.

How does Jimmy spot these investment opportunities?

He visits the pot farms and meets and talks to the people running those companies to get an accurate picture of how the situation looks like on the ground.

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Nick’s Notebook ($4,999 with a 30-day money-back guarantee)

Nick launched this premium service to give subscribers access to the private equity market. This includes private placements, private companies, pre-IPOs, and IPOs.

This reminds me of Teeka Tiwari and his pre-IPO summit.

Going back to Nick’s Notebook, he lets you in on deals that you would otherwise not hear about.

So, how does he find those deals?

“The sole purpose of this service is to leverage Nick’s network of brokers, analysts, high net worth investors, executives, directors, and financiers — built over a decade in the business — to give you access to deals.”

His goal is to get you to invest in private companies in as early a series funding round as possible so that by the time they go public, you will earn maximum returns.

The caveat is that you are not guaranteed to get shares in those companies due to how obscure they operate and you have to be an accredited investor to take part.

Wall Street Underground Profits ($199 per year with a 30-day money-back guarantee)

Nick Hodge is the editor of Wall Street Underground Profits. He refers to it as a “community” of individuals who are:

“…looking for ways to increase their income… increase their personal and financial privacy… and increase their personal freedoms… all while decreasing their taxes… decreasing their debt… and decreasing their dependence on the broken American system.”

He blames the corruption of the “American system” for the erosion of personal freedoms and wants to help people who believe the same to reclaim those liberties while also making money and reducing taxes owed (legally).

What types of investments does he recommend?

Here is an excerpt from the order page that clarifies that:

“put yourself in a position to reap maximum profits from undervalued mainstream stocks as well as resource stocks hardly anyone else knows about…”

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Junior Mining Trader ($2,999 per year with a 30-day money-back guarantee)

Junior Mining Trader by Gerardo Del Real is all about junior mining stocks with a focus on short-term investments. It works perfectly when paired with Gerardo Del Real’s other subscription, Junior Mining Monthly (long- and medium-term investments).

He recently promoted Junior Mining Trader in a presentation titled Paydirt 2020 Summit. He raised valid points worth exploring.

Junior Mining Trader is all about highly liquid and leveraged investments that exploit volatility and beta in junior mining stocks.

In addition to stocks, he also recommends leveraged ETFs and notes.

Junior Mining Monthly ($999 per year with a 30-day money-back guarantee)

Junior Mining Monthly is Gerardo’s second service that recommends junior mining stocks to its subscribers. Although Junior Mining Monthly deals with medium- to long-term investments, Gerardo Del Real also alerts you when there are opportunities to gain from short-term market inefficiencies.

So what sort of companies does he recommend?

At the time of writing this, here is the answer to that question taken from the official site:

“I look for companies whose actions demonstrate their interests are aligned with shareholder interests. Initially you can expect a bias towards gold exploration and development companies because I feel that’s where the bulk of the next set of big gains will come from. That may change as markets change but the focus right now is in the precious metals — and particularly gold — space.”

He delivers macro commentary to help you understand how monetary and fiscal policies, as well as geopolitical developments, affect your investment decisions.

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The Wealth Warrior ($199 per year with a 180-day money-back guarantee)

Jason Simpkins believes that the world faces a genuine threat of conflict because NATO and the EU are weakening and Nationalism and tribalism have become rampant. American dominance has been eroded and cyber-attacks and other acts of terrorism are being perpetuated by “rogue countries.”

He launched Wealth Warrior to profit from companies that will benefit from that i.e. security companies.

“We seek to mitigate that risk [conflict] by investing in companies that will profit from these trends. These are companies that focus on security — both foreign and domestic.”

On top of that, Jason wants to prep his subscribers for conflict from a financial perspective by creating a portfolio that weathers the market frenzy that would occur during a global catastrophe.

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Free Newsletters offered by The Outsider Club

The Outsider

The Outsider is an investment newsletter that is meant to help out Main Street investors thrive in the face of a financial system that is rigged in favor of the elite i.e. wealthy bankers and institutional investors.

Nick is the custodian of The Outsider and he believes that the financial system is not fair on the ordinary folk. He does not think that allowing central banks to print fiat money out of thin air is a sustainable strategy.

He also doesn’t like the fact that the elite are allowed to get away with economic malpractices, the likes of which retail investors bear the brunt of.

For example, incidences like the bailout of the hedge fund called Long-Term Capital Management in 1998 have encouraged the elite to act with impunity.

Therefore, the content you get with The Outsider is designed to help ordinary folk fight back while preserving their freedoms and civil liberties.

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The Outsider Club Conclusion

The Outsider Club is made up of investment gurus with different opinions on investing, which is beneficial to its clients because it gives them access to a diverse range of investment strategies.

Although it is meant for “outsiders,” people who don’t trust the mainstream media and politicians, I think anyone can benefit from some of the insights the editors publish.

If you intend to join any of their services, you should evaluate the results based on past predictions. Don’t buy into the hype and the promises the editors make because those can be misleading. Besides, past results are not a good indicator of future performance.

That being said, it is refreshing to see that all their services have money-back guarantees because it affords you the freedom to try things out without having to worry about losing your money if you change your mind.

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