What Is The Next Tesla Motors? [Wyatt Research Pitch]

If you are subscribed to any service offered by Wyatt Research, you have probably received an email about “The Next Tesla Motors.

It has to do with investing in Pre-IPOs through “a secret type of deal” that Wyatt claims only the rich have had access to. And of course, there is a small EV manufacturer involved to get excited over.

In this review, I will reveal what I think he is talking about to help you decide what you will make of it.

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What is The Next Tesla Motors?

Ian Wyatt has been inviting people to his upcoming webinar and in his most recent invitation, he is promising to reveal “The Next Tesla Motors” through a special report.

The Next Tesla Motor by Ian Wyatt

He states that the market for electric vehicles is booming and investing now can earn you huge profits. He says:

“EV stocks are BOOMING. And newly public companies are soaring 487%… 597%… and even over 839%.”

So he implies that the best way to invest in the EV market is to target newly formed public companies that show signs of going up by those margins. And he has his top EV stock that he wants to reveal to you for free if you agree to register for his pre-IPO webinar.

There are two things to figure out from this:

  • What is his top EV pick that he expects to become the next Tesla?
  • What is a pre-IPO opportunity?

This is not the first time that Wyatt is teasing an electric car maker and inviting people to his pre-IPO webinar. So we have some precedents to work with.

When you register for the event (and the free report), you receive an email from Wyatt’s firm and in it, you discover that the event he is promoting is called “The Billionaire’s Pre-IPO Secret.” The first few lines of the email read:

“Thank you for registering for ‘The Billionaire’s Pre-IPO Secret’.

Billionaires are getting rich with Pre-IPOs.

Right now is your chance to jump into these same red hot IPOs.

Wall Street has locked you out of these deals. And that means you’ve been missing out on profits of 300%… 500%… and even 1,000%!”

When he talks about a “pre-IPO secret,” he is referring to SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies).

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SPACs also referred to as Blank Check companies, are one way of buying into companies before they go public and they have been getting a lot of attention over the past two years – which fits into the “red hot IPOs” description by Wyatt.

A SPAC is a unique type of company because when it is created, it does not have operations and it does not produce any goods or services. It raises capital through an IPO and uses that money to buy a company that produces goods and services. When it goes public, the money it raises is put in a trust and it has two years to acquire a company, otherwise, the money is refunded to the shareholders.

SPACs allow private companies to go public at a lower cost and without the scrutiny that comes with doing an IPO. When you invest in a SPAC, it is like you are buying the acquired company “pre-IPO.”

SPACs have become popular over the past two years and investment gurus have already started creating newsletters targeting them. The most recent ones I have written about are Enrique Abeyta’s Empire SPAC Investor and Jeff Brown’s Blank Check Speculator.

Wyatt claims that the pandemic will create an IPO boom in 2021 and there is a secret backdoor for buying shares of IPOs – investing in Blank Check companies.

Circling back to the EV manufacturer he is referring to as the next Tesla, and I’m just speculating here, it could be Fisker, Inc. The company fits the description because it is led by Henrik Fisker, who draws comparisons to Elon Musk for his sales pitches. Fisker Inc (FSR) was acquired by a SPAC called Spartan Energy Acquisition Group.

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Who is Ian Wyatt?

Ian Wyatt is a professional trader who has been investing in the stock market for the last 25 years. He started Wyatt Investment Research in 2001 to help retail investors make better decisions in the market.

Ian is a value investor by definition. He searches for businesses with sustainable business models and large cash flows and only buys them at the right price. He also ensures that those companies are run by CEOs whose interests are aligned with those of the shareholders.

As the chief investment analyst at the firm, he works with a team of research analysts to find good investments that he then shares with his clients.

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Closing Remarks on The Next Tesla Motors

“The Next Tesla Motors” is meant to promote an upcoming event by Ian Wyatt. He doesn’t give too much away but since he has done this before (talk about pre-IPO opportunities and tease an EV company), I think that the EV maker that he was teasing is Fisker Inc, and what he refers to as pre-IPO opportunities means investing in SPACs.

Since SPACs have become wildly popular over the past two years, most analysts have been referring to them as “pre-IPO” opportunities.

If you are looking to invest in SPACs, you should be wary of the fact that since there are many of them now, the companies that they are targeting have an advantage because they have suddenly got an assortment of buyers to choose from. This means that SPACs are likely to overpay for a good deal.

That being said, there are many investment opportunities and you just need to make moves that suit your circumstances and goals.

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