Is The Millionaire Market Summit Legit? [Adam O Dell]

At The Millionaire Market Summit, Adam O’Dell claims that we are about to see a historic bull market. Nothing encapsulates his optimism better than the title of the presentation where he is quoted saying,

“The Next 12 Months Will Mint More New Market Millionaires Than In the Last 15 Years”

He tells the audience that you can make a lot of money in the stock market by investing in certain stocks.

In this article, we learn more about why he is saying this, and I provide you with details derived from his proposal.

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Introduction to The Millionaire Market Summit

Adam O’Dell is expecting big changes to happen to the market and he wants his followers to prepare for them.

Adam O'Dell's The Millionaire Market Summit

John Burke, who hosted the event, says this in the preamble,

“…he’s [ADAM] urging investors to buckle up and prepare for the biggest ride of their lives…

Because he’s spotted three market catalysts that could send the market to brand-new heights…

And help “mint more new millionaires in the next 12 months than in the last 15 years.

In the next few minutes, Adam will explain why we’re set up for an extraordinary run that will create new millionaires at a historic pace…

And how everyday investors can capitalize on this same momentum by finding the best stock opportunities before they go parabolic.

He’ll also give us all of the details about his No. 1 “market-breaker” stock of the year…

A little-known company sitting at the forefront of a potential $16 trillion investment opportunity”

Therefore, Adam has spotted one company that he wants his followers to consider investing in.

He says that headlines written by mainstream media outlets are confusing and meant to distract you because you can make sense of the market.

Adam believes that we are at the start of a market boom that will surpass any other we have seen before.

If you recall, Adam was also behind presentations like A9 Gold Stocks and Imperium Technology.

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The Three Market Catalysts

What are these three factors that Adam expects to drive the market upwards?

1. “The stock market is the only game in town”

Adam O’Dell says that the stock market is the only good investment people can resort to under current circumstances.

Adam O'Dell's The Millionaire Market Summit


Interest rates have fallen dramatically over the past few years and in the wake of the pandemic, the Fed wants to keep it that way to aid recovery.

Adam says that for as long as he can remember, interest rates used to be high enough that you could put your savings in a bank account and rely on it to earn you a decent return.

But now that they have fallen, it makes no sense for people to put their savings in the bank. Therefore, more people are opting to put it in stocks because they can at least earn more from their savings.

2. “An accelerant is fueling the boom”

Adam says that the market reacts to certain factors (accelerants) that drive it in a given direction.

Adam O'Dell's The Millionaire Market Summit

He says that the market right now has an accelerant that will fuel a boom. He claims that the last time the market saw such a powerful accelerant was in the ’90s. The accelerant back then was the internet going mainstream.

Adam claims that the pandemic is the accelerant this time round.

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3. “There’s a LOT more money in play today”

Adam claims that there is a lot more money in the market now than during the Dot Com Boom. He says that the amount of money in the stock market has tripled in over two decades.

On top of that, he notes that the federal government has spent over $6 trillion on pandemic relief and appears set to spend even more.

Thus he speculates that there is nearly $5 trillion sitting on the sidelines waiting to be pumped into the stock market. With the new momentum, he says that we are going to see the stock market rise to new heights.

How Adam O’Dell wants to Beat the Market

Adam O’Dell says that the best way to capitalize on the upcoming boom is to beat the market, which is easier said than done.

His way of achieving this is to invest in individual stocks instead of opting for passive investments like exchange-traded funds, bonds, and mutual funds. About achieving this, he says,

“They [savvy investors] know that investing in individual stocks offers the best chance for explosive growth…

And in a booming market, investors in the right stocks can realize life-changing gains.

It’s why I’m confident that this is an opportunity for investors to make more gains over the next year than they have over the last decade.”

Adam O’Dell has identified a group of stocks he calls “market breakers” because he expects them to break expectations and break out for massive gains. He says that they belong to sectors that are already growing faster than the overall market.

He then says that most of these stocks are not on most investors’ radars today.

In a crowded market, he says that there are measurable qualities that cause some stocks to break out above others, thus exceeding expectations and exploding for big gains.

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Adam’s Stock Picks

He has identified a couple of these stocks.

He uses an algorithm to identify them and says that it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep it running. It pores through the stocks actively trading on the market and filters them based on six qualities, namely momentum, size, volatility, value, quality, and growth.

It rates the stocks on a scale of 0 to 100. When a stock has a rating of 90 or higher, it is added to what he refers to as “The Green Zone.”

He has compiled three reports about three companies that have met all his requirements. The three reports are collectively part of The Market Breakers Bundle.

He says that the first company on the list is in a sector that Goldman Sachs has said will become a nearly $16 trillion investment opportunity in the next decade. And that’s the energy sector.

It is also at an inflection point where demand for its services may explode, elevating it to market leader status. In the meantime, he says that folks aren’t familiar with it.

What does he say about it?

“…this company stands to absolutely cash in on the $2 trillion infrastructure plan Biden recently proposed.

You see, some of that money is earmarked to help fund a national effort aimed at creating jobs for the sustainable infrastructure and clean energy sectors…

And those efforts are primary drivers for this company.

What’s more, $100 billion is earmarked to update and modernize our electric grid…

And this company is a leader in smart grid technology.”

It is also involved in the 5G buildout,

“…this company plays a crucial role in making sure 5G is available nationwide.

It’s part of the 5G infrastructure push that’s going to bring us a host of next-generation technologies…

And I don’t need to tell you that the amount of investment in 5G is staggering.

This company serves major 5G players like Verizon…”

On top of that, he says that it pays a dividend, and actually increased its remittances by 20%. Since he describes it like that, it sounds awfully similar to the company Keith Kohl was teasing in his 5G Volta Pitch.

Adam wants to send you a special report titled The Renewable Energy Stock at The Forefront of a $16 Trillion Investment Opportunity.

Adam O'Dell's The Millionaire Market Summit

This report has all the details you need to make your investment in the stock.

The second company in his crosshairs is at the forefront of new tech infrastructure. It is involved in the blockchain, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence:

“…this company was first to market with an AI-powered learning platform…

But that’s just one of the many things it has going for it.

It provides consulting … software development … this company even provides quality assurance testing for blockchain platforms.”

It is involved in the blockchain indirectly. Adam goes on,

“…it covers a lot of ground … straddling both the $1.4 trillion educational services sector…

And the massive global financial services sector.

It’s a new-age digital solutions company perfectly poised to excel in a post-pandemic world.”

So, it is involved in multiple sectors.

Adam has written a special report with details called Don’t Miss Out on This Cutting-Edge Company While Its Stock Trades Below $20!

The third company is in the global financial services industry. It enables investors to access the ESG scores of the stocks they want to invest in.

It is targeting millennial investors as they flock to the stock market through online investment platforms like Robinhood.

Adam has also written a report about it called Claim a Share of the $26.5 Trillion Financial Services Industry Before This Company Becomes a Household Name.

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Who is Adam O’Dell?

Adam O’Dell is the chief investment strategist of an independent financial publishing firm called Money & Markets.

He is a former hedge fund manager who began writing newsletters in 2012. He claims that since then, he has beaten veteran investors like Carl Icahn, Warren Buffett, and George Soros. Adam claims that he has beaten the S&P 500 more than five times.

His investment approach is to find profits in any asset class. This includes gold, bonds, stocks, and other assets.

Adam is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT), a designation that few people on Wall Street have; being a CMT means that he is a qualified technical analyst. He also has an MBA.

He publishes three newsletters, namely Green Zone Fortunes (the subject of this article), Home Run Profits, and 10X Profits.

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Green Zone Fortunes Review

The Green Zone Fortunes is a newsletter designed by Adam O’Dell that is meant to help investors achieve financial freedom.

Adam O'Dell's The Millionaire Market Summit

Every month, he selects his No. 1 Potential Market Breaker of the month and he shares it with his subscribers. He picks stocks from any sector using his Green Zone Ratings system. As we’ve seen, the system narrows down the best stock picks each month.

When you subscribe for Green Zone Fortunes, you get:

Detailed Monthly Briefings

He sends you a recommendation every month along with detailed research and analysis. You have access to the members-only website as well as his live model portfolio and past research reports.

Access to the Green Zone Fortunes Weekly Hotlist

After analyzing all the stocks in the market, Adam has a list of 10 top-rated ones that he sends to subscribers every Wednesday. They form what he calls “The Weekly Hotlist.”

The Market Breakers Bundle

Adam O'Dell's The Millionaire Market Summit

You will receive the three aforementioned special reports:

  • The Renewable Energy Stock at the Forefront of a $16 Trillion Investment Opportunity
  • Don’t Miss Out on This Cutting-Edge Company While Its Stock Trades Below $20!
  • Claim a share of the $26.5 Trillion Financial Services Industry Before This Company Becomes a Household Name

The Momentum Principle Millionaire Video Series

This video series shows you how to improve your success in the market with investing tips and tricks, including his best investing secret called “momentum principle.” This principle enabled him to outperform Berkshire Hathaway for nearly a decade.

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How much is Green Zone Fortunes?

A one-year subscription normally costs $199 but you can now get it for $47 if you sign up through the link provided at the end of the presentation.

Note that the subscription auto-renews every year (they will automatically deduct money from your credit card every year). The annual cost of the newsletter is $79.

Green Zone Fortunes Refund Policy

You can cancel your subscription for a full money-back guarantee. The newsletter has a 365-day money-back guarantee.

Closing Remarks on The Millionaire Market Summit

The Millionaire Market Summit, featuring Adam O’Dell, is a new marketing campaign to get people to sign up for Green Zone Fortunes.

Adam believes that the stock market is about to go up massively and he wants you to invest in it. However, rather than invest passively, he prefers to seek certain stocks that could do better than the market to beat the market.

He appears to be after short-term growth (a couple of months or a year), which can be quite risky. If you intend to follow his advice, bear in mind how risky investing in these stocks is.

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