What Is The Great Stockflation by Bryan Bottarelli?

I recently came across Bryan Bottarelli’s presentation about something called The Great Stockflation and decided to take a closer look.

In the presentation, Bryan says that the endless money printing, stimulus, and 0% interest rates “Are Set to Drive the Dow to 50,000 and Beyond.” So he wants you to invest in the stock market and he wants you to allow him to guide you.

He also teases a few stocks and in this article, I will give you an overview of the presentation as I also try to find out the names of those companies.

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What is The Great Stockflation? (The Pitch)

The Great Stockflation is the title of a presentation that Bryan Bottarelli released to urge people to invest in the stock market and sign up for his advisory service to receive his guidance as they invest.

The Great Stockflation by Bryan Bottarelli

Bottarelli sees the stock market going up exponentially in the coming months with the Dow rising to 50,000 points by the end of 2021…

“As you’re about to see… we are at the beginning of an explosion of stock market prices that will send them to highs we’ve never seen before.

The Fed is currently pumping in more money faster than ever before in the history of the stock market.

And it is creating a new phenomenon I call the ‘Great Stockflation’…

A sharp and long-lasting bull market that will take prices higher than most people could possibly imagine.

In the next few minutes… I’ll show you irrefutable proof that it’s coming.

Including why I predict that stockflation will push the Dow to 50,000 and beyond by December 31, 2021.”

He explains that stockflation is what occurs when the government and the Fed implement policies that drive the prices of stocks higher. This includes open market operations where the Fed buys long-term securities to increase the money supply and government stimulus where major corporations on Wall Street are handed billions of dollars in relief money.

He says that while those policies are meant to get a struggling economy back on track, the money that is injected finds its way to the stock market thus driving prices up, a sentiment we saw in a presentation by Nomi Prins in her presentation aptly titled “Rigged Open Market Operations.”

Therefore, he says that you shouldn’t liquidate your stocks too soon because 1) you may miss out on the big gains, and 2) cash will depreciate due to inflation. In addition to the above-listed factors, he says that the government has ruined alternatives to stocks like CDs, bonds, and savings accounts leaving people with no choice but to invest in the stock market.

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The Secret Group of Stocks That Will Benefit from The Great Stockflation

Although he wants you to invest in the stock market, he says that not all stocks will do as well as a select group that he has identified. This group comprises tech companies behind innovative technologies that are new to the market.

He targets tech companies that are just going public to get in at the cheapest price before they go on a big run.

Here are the stocks he teases:

An IPO stock

The first one on the list is a tech company that has an IPO…

“For the first time, he’s [Warren Buffet” going in on ONE new IPO via the Berkshire Hathaway fund.

It’s a company Fortune magazine says is among the ‘hottest of the growing crop of tech IPO candidates.’

In fact… at IPO…

It was the fifth-most-valuable tech startup ever…”

He says that Forbes published this about it…

“The company delivered sky-high revenue growth last fiscal year of 173% and 121% in the most recent quarter with a record-breaking net retention rate of 158% – which is the highest of any public company of its kind at time of listing.”

And a little more about it…

“Its revenue has already surged another 119% in the first quarter as a public company.

And its profit margins are growing…

Up from a healthy 46.5% for the 2019 fiscal year…

To a jaw-dropping 56% for 2020…

Why is this company generating so much business?

One word…


The company he is teasing here is Snowflake Inc. (SNOW). Snowflake is a cloud computing data warehousing company based in San Mateo, California. It was one of the most anticipated IPOs in 2020. The Forbes article he references gives you an in-depth review of the company.

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An Online Cryptocurrency Broker

Here are the clues…

“This company makes it as easy as buying stocks.

It’s the first IPO of its kind – a company for trading cryptos.

Fortune magazine calls this IPO a “milestone for the crypto industry”…

CNBC calls the company the “poster child for the new cryptocurrency trading sector.”

Reuters calls it a “landmark stock listing.”

And it’s not just cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are backing this IPO…

Co-founder of Netscape and billionaire investor Marc Andreessen is in… and is a vocal supporter of the company…

USAA Bank, the investment arm of the insurance giant, is behind this company…

Plus… the New York Stock Exchange itself is an investor.”

And a few more clues

“CNBC reports it already has ‘more users than Charles Schwab.’

In fact, an executive from Charles Schwab left the brokerage to join the board of this hot crypto-trading company.

That’s why we call it the ‘Top Online Cryptocurrency Broker.’

Back in 2018, CNBC reported it was valued at $8 billion…”

These clues all point to Coinbase, Inc., the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the country by trading volume. Chris Dodds is the executive he refers to because he left Charles Schwab for Coinbase. The company has not yet gone public as of writing this review (end of March).

He wrote a new report called IPO Buying Guide 2021: How to Get in on the Ground Floor of the Next Game-Changing Companies. It has details on how he thinks you can profit from tech IPOs plus details of individual companies he has pinpointed.

Real Estate Company 1

Bryan says that the real estate market has been doing very well over the past few months and he sees an opportunity to make money by investing in a lending company that is bucking the trends in the industry. What does he say about it?

“It has quietly eaten up the largest piece of the $2 TRILLION annual mortgage market.

Almost completely under the radar… its market cap has grown twice as big as Fannie Mae’s and Freddy Mac’s – COMBINED.

Even though it’s a new IPO… it’s not new to the mortgage industry at all.

Over 35 years… it’s issued more than $1 trillion in loans…”

It is targeting the millennial market with its online model…

“The company I’m talking about has essentially become the #1 company people under 40 use to find and buy homes.

They can search online… find a lender online… and do all the paperwork also online.

Add all that together and you have the recipe for a booming company and a major stock win.

In fact, the company is already outperforming the competition.

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association…

This company’s lenders average more than 4X as many completed loans each month as their competitors.

They almost double their largest competitor’s return on assets and return on equity.

They operate at a healthy 69% net profit margin…

And their loan volume is up 126% compared with 2019.

The company’s goal is to grow its loan volume 4X…”

Bryan quotes the company’s leadership saying…

“There are a lot of [companies] that might go from 5,000 loans to 10,000… But to go from where we were, 50,000 or 60,000, to over 100,000… is a real challenge. Our competition [gets] stuck somewhere along the way. That benefits us [because] we’re able to continue to scale.”

These clues point to a lending company called Rocket Companies (RKT). Formerly known as Quicken Loans, Rocket Companies is a 35-year old Detroit-based company that had been private until 2020 when it went public. It is one of the biggest lenders in the country.

He wrote a report about it called The Online Lending Disrupter.

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Real Estate Company 2

Still in real estate, he also teases another company he calls “the Carvana of Real Estate” because it is emulating what Carvana did for the automobile industry by making it easier for people to buy and sell homes.

“This next one lets you find a new home online – and gives you the ability to check out a house you like on your schedule…

(You don’t even need a real estate agent to let you inside.)

It’s what I call the ‘Carvana of Real Estate.’”

It has a machine learning-based website that gives you information on the houses that are in the market.

He quotes a principal at Thomvest Ventures who had this to say about it…

“They’ve clearly demonstrated that some home sellers prefer the convenience and speed of transacting online as opposed to the more traditional listing process.”

Nasdaq reported…

“Because of the convenience and speed of this system, the conversion rate for [the company] is an off-the-chart 34%.”

And more clues about it…

“Plus… if you want… you can even sell your home directly to the company.

The company estimates that the average home seller will net $8,000 more using this process compared with the traditional way of listing a home.”

These clues point to Opendoor Technologies Inc (OPEN). It is an online real estate company based in San Francisco that makes as-is cash offers to property sellers online, improves and repairs the properties it buys before relisting them for sale.

He wrote a report called The Carvana of Real Estate.

A Small-Cap Play

He teases a small company in the electric vehicle business…

“It runs an EV charging network with 23,000 locations worldwide.

And it’s expanding… fast.

It’s deploying stations across the Northeast at hundreds of restaurant locations.

It’s acquiring other charging companies – like U-Go, which it picked up just this past November.

And it just signed an exclusive deal with Lehigh Valley Health Network, giving it the right to add hundreds of stations across Lehigh’s locations.

But even more importantly, Apple recently made an important update that will boost visibility and access to its charging stations all across the country.

That’s a recipe for dramatic gains in a small cap stock like this one.

Its market cap is around $2 billion…”

The company that fits this description is Blink Charging Co (BLNK). It builds EV charging infrastructure and has created a network of charging stations across the world.

He wrote a report about it called My Favorite Small Cap Play for 2021.

A COVID Vaccine Play

He also teases a company that will take part in the Covid-19 vaccine distribution…

“And as the vaccine gets circulated throughout the world, one unique company will be crucial.

It’s not one of the companies that created the vaccine itself.

Rather, it’s a company that will be crucial in ANY vaccine that is created in the years to come, including the ones for COVID.

In short, it’s a logistics company that is essential for long-distance delivery of goods that must be kept cold…

Like vaccines.”

He quotes Alger Small Focus Fund saying this about it…

“We believe demand for [their] services is hitting an inflection point, with their customers planning to seek regulatory approval of at least six new biologic drugs this year and more than 17 next year.

It acquired CRYOPDP and MVE Biological Solutions, which will nearly quadruple revenue from $34 million as of last year to approximately $160 million.”

From those clues, he was referring to CryoPort Inc. (CYRX). CryoPort provides cryogenic logistics solutions to the life sciences industry. It also facilitates the global distribution of things like animal health vaccines and embryos for in vitro fertilization.

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Who is Bryan Bottarelli?

Bryan Bottarelli is the head trade tactician at a boutique investment research firm called Monument Traders Alliance. He offers investment advice to retail investors predominantly through an investment forum called The War Room.

Bryan graduated with a business degree from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. His first job out of school was on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He learned how the market works while also witnessing the technology boom of the late nineties.

He left his job in 2006 to start a research service called Bottarelli Research. Then he teamed up with Karim Rahemtulla to form Monument Traders Alliance.

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What is Trade of the Day Plus? (The Newsletter)

Bryan did the presentation to advertise Trade of the Day Plus to prospective subscribers. He teased those stocks to give them a taste of what being a member of the newsletter looks like.

I revealed the names of companies he was teasing so that you don’t have to sign up for his newsletter just to find out their names. If you found his presentation compelling and would like to sign up for his advisory service, you will get:

  • All the special reports I mentioned above for free.
  • Every week on Wednesday, he sends you a video in which he recommends a stock and gives you the details of how to get in on it.
  • Free insights every day through the Trade of the Day e-letter subscription.
  • Bryan’s Profit Plan for every play. This is his exit strategy for every recommendation.

How much do you pay to join Trade of the Day Plus?

A one-year subscription costs $79 if you join via the link below the video.

Does Trade of the Day Plus have a Refund Policy?

You can cancel your subscription any time during your subscription period for a full refund.

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Closing Remarks on The Great Stockflation

Bryan says that the Fed implementing open market operations, the government handing out stimulus checks, and regular people flocking to the stock market (by creating accounts on Robinhood, ETrade, and other platforms) are working to increase the prices of stocks. He doesn’t see these trends slowing down and expects the Dow to keep rising – he predicts that it may reach 50,000 by the end of 2021.

Therefore, he wants you to invest in the stock market to avoid missing out on the gains as well. He insists that you invest in tech stocks that are about to IPO, real estate stocks because the market is hot, and gold because it is a good hedge investment. For his guidance, he wants you to sign up for his advisory service called Trade of the Day Plus.

The companies he teases in the presentation are:

  • Snowflake Inc. (SNOW)
  • Coinbase Inc.
  • Rocket Companies (RKT)
  • Opendoor Technologies Inc (OPEN)
  • Blink Charging Co (BLNK)
  • CryoPort Inc. (CYRX)

If you feel that you agree with him and would like to sign up for his newsletter (for $79/yr), don’t forget to diversify your investments and do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.

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