Is The Four Day Profit Cycle by Tom Gentile Legit?

I recently came across a presentation by Tom Gentile concerning something he was referring to as “The Four-Day Profit Cycle.”

In the intro, he indicated that he had formulated an incredible technique that you can use to “10X Your Money… in Just Four Months.”

If you are unfamiliar with him, Tom is no stranger to releasing presentations making bold claims and formulating trading algorithms so when I came across this one, I wanted to find out whether it was any different from his previous ones.

I watched it in its entirety and wrote this article to give you an overview of what “The Four-Day Profit Cycle” is all about.

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What is The Four Day Profit Cycle? (The Pitch)

The Four Day Profit Cycle is basically an ad for Tom Gentile’s Weekly Cash Clock newsletter.


The Four Day Profit Cycle

It centers on the Four-Day Profit Cycle whose premise is that you only need to invest a single stake to generate a windfall by following Tom’s advice. The goal is to multiply your money 10 times within four months.

Need proof? Here is what Tom Gentile says about it:

“Multiplied your money 10X in four months!

Can you even wrap your brain around what it would be like to take home THAT much money THAT fast?

Having 10X your money in just four months? From a small, one-time stake?

Let me show you how this works – and how you could have made money from Monday to Friday – nearly every single week… over a four-month period… just like clockwork.”

He even illustrates how an initial investment worth $5,000 could have turned into $52,455 within four months of trading in early 2019:

The Four Day Profit Cycle

Tom says that you can start with as little as $150 but if you wish to earn a larger profit, you should start with a larger investment.

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How does he spot his trades?

Tom says that he relies on a “pattern” that he spots by studying stock charts. Well, technically, he doesn’t do the “studying” himself because he relies on a “proprietary tool” called the Weekly Cash Clock.

“But the Pattern behind My Four-Day Profit Cycle Trades Has Proven Lucrative Time and Time Again When You Catch It.

Now, these aren’t “pick-up-a-chart-and-squint” kinds of patterns.

These are patterns nobody can physically see.”

And speaking of the Weekly Cash Clock:

“I’ve got a team of programmers working around the clock. And they’re tracking the precise price movements shown by the top 250 stocks – millions and millions of data points every single day.

All that data goes into my proprietary tool… which lights up the pattern like a Christmas tree.”

During the presentation, he puts up a graph of the Weekly Cash Clock at work, analyzing Facebook:

The Four Day Profit Cycle

As you’d expect, he is not forthcoming about how the system works although he throws us a few bread crumbs (that aren’t that helpful anyway).

He says that the pattern occurs when “three trading channels align.” The three are:

  • Momentum
  • Strength
  • Confirmation

He says that they all have to line up to allow him to extrapolate the movement of the stock. This way, he can predict how the stock will move in the next few days — whether it will go up or down.

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Trading Options

Rather than trade the stocks directly, he finds options associated with the stock he has isolated and trades them.

“I match up the move that the pattern shows me is coming with a lightning-fast Weekly Options contract.

Weekly Options are designed to start, end, and distribute any profits back to you within one week.”

He tells us that this enables him to make money in all market conditions.

The weekly options he talks about are different from the normal options contracts; weekly options last eight days while normal ones exist for a month.

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Who is Tom Gentile?

Tom Gentile is an investment analyst who works for Money Map Press.

You have probably heard of him before making presentations like Largest Economic Shift in Society or seen him on TV as a market commentator.

Either way, Tom is a professional options trader who also likes referring to himself as “America’s #1 patter trader” (I have no idea what that means).

He is not one of those gurus who acquired an MBA from an Ivy League school and went on to work for flashy Wall Street firms. He learned how options trading works while he was living with his parents. He later co-founded Optionetrics, an education firm that taught people how to trade options.

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What is the Weekly Cash Clock? (The Newsletter)

Tom Gentile will let you in on his “Four-Day Profit Cycle” if you subscribe to his newsletter, The Weekly Cash Clock.

He created it “to help regular people finally have a real shot at becoming rich.”

How does he achieve that?

By giving you access to “hidden” profitable investments gleaned from his proprietary tool, the Weekly Cash Clock – I suppose he named the service after the trading system on which it is built.

When you become a member, you receive:

  • The Weekly Cash Clock Alert: On Mondays, you receive an email at around noon ET with a new opportunity backed by Tom’s research. He tells us that you only need five minutes to place it and be on your way.
  • Weekly Cash Clock Urgent Updates: If any unexpected changes happen during the week, Tom sends you an urgent update describing what you should do to react appropriately.
  • Weekly Cash Clock Alert Video: These videos, typically two to three minutes long, come with every alert. Tom explains why he chose a particular trade and shows you how to place your trade.
  • Weekly Cash Clock Text Messaging Service. This service is optional. You receive a text when Tom sends out one of the aforementioned alerts.
  • The Weekly Cash Clock Quick-Start Guide. If you are getting started with options, this guide shows you everything you need to know about them. It has details like how to open a trading account, how to take advantage of Tom’s recommendations, among other things.
  • The Essentials of Profitable Options Trading Video Course. It is a four-part online video seminar whereby Tom teaches you strategies to help you improve your trading skills.
  • Weekly Cash Clock Online. This is the 24/7 members-only website where you can see all of Tom’s previous recommendations and webinars and the Weekly Cash Clock model portfolio.
  • Weekly Cash Clock Coaching Webinars: Tom and his team hold these online group coaching sessions where they teach you tips and tricks you can use to save money.

You are also entitled to all the special reports that are sent out to prospective members during his webinars.

How much does it cost to join the Weekly Cash Clock?

A one-year subscription costs $1,950. It renews automatically every year and deducts the fee from your credit card unless you cancel it.

Does Weekly Cash Clock come with a refund policy?

Unfortunately, this advisory service has NO REFUNDS.

Instead, Tom has this thing he calls a $1 million guarantee:

The Four Day Profit Cycle

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Closing Remarks on The Four Day Profit Cycle

In a nutshell, The Four Day Profit Cycle is a trading strategy whereby Tom Gentile uses a proprietary program to predict stock movements.

Since those stocks are not likely to move up or down by a significant margin within such a short period, Tom taps into the leveraging power of options; this means that his option plays “magnify” the small movements that the stocks make for larger returns.

He sends you a trade recommendation on Monday of a weekly option that will yield returns if his prediction is true.

Since you can make money trading options whether the underlying stock is going up or down, Tom’s strategy is meant to make you money in all market conditions.

Is Tom’s peculiar investment strategy feasible? Can you make money the way he describes it?

Technically, you can, but timing the market, no matter how good Tom wants you to believe he is, does not guarantee returns. Inevitably, you will lose money at some point and the good thing is that options don’t require a large investment like stocks.

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