What Is The Forever Battery? [Charles Mizrahi]

Charles Mizrahi believes that the electric vehicle industry is about to explode thanks to a new technology he calls “the battery of the future” or “The Forever Battery.”

He says that up until recently, electric cars formed a tiny portion of cars sold annually but that is set to change once the new battery is integrated because it will push electric car prices down and boost sales.

Amid all that, he sees an opportunity for investors to make money. In this presentation, we will be taking a look at what Charles is proposing.

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What is The Forever Battery?

According to Charles Mizrahi, we finally have the technology that will overcome all obstacles that currently prevent electric vehicles (EVs) from going mainstream. He notes that 21 years after the first EV went on sale, electric cars only comprise 2% of all cars sold in the US.

The Forever Battery by Charles MizrahiBut, he sees that changing thanks to a new technology he calls “Forever Battery.”

Energy storage has always been a challenge for EVs because the battery technology we’ve had so far has not been good enough. The batteries we use (mostly Lithium-ion) have their limits and these have held back the electric vehicle industry, for the most part. An improvement has been long overdue.

The Forever Battery is going to improve on that. It is about the size of a pack of cards and Charles says that it is expected to allow electric vehicles to cost the same as gas-powered cars by next year.

The Forever Battery by Charles MizrahiUnlike other batteries, he says that it takes just 15 minutes to charge, weighs next to nothing, doesn’t easily burst into flames, and powers a car for 1,000 miles on a single charge.

He sees this as an important development because so far, the price of electric cars has always been high, something that has made their adoption rather slow.

Batteries have been the subject of presentations like The 12 Million Mile Battery, Quantum Glass Battery (Matt McCall), and Tesla’s Million Mile Battery (Ray Blanco).

What Charles is calling “forever battery” is a solid-state battery.

A solid-state battery is completely different from Lithium-ion batteries, which have a liquid core. A solid-state battery has a solid core.

Charles points out that a solid core is advantageous because there is a limited danger of explosion or fire. It also has a greater surface area making it more energy-dense.

In a nutshell, solid-state batteries are smaller, lighter, safer, more powerful, and more convenient than current batteries.

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How Charles Mizrahi is investing in The Forever Battery

Charles Mizrahi claims that wealthy individuals like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Branson, and Jack Ma have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the technology.

Therefore, he wants you to emulate them and invest in the technology.

He has identified one company that he believes is at the epicenter of the EV revolution because it has pioneered the Forever Battery technology.

“One company is leading the way, having secured its technology with 200 patents.

In time, it could easily become a household name like Microsoft, Intel or Oracle.

The company operates out of this Silicon Valley laboratory. The Washington Post calls it a ‘billionaire factory’ … because the potential to make money is off the charts for early investors.

The Wall Street Journal calls it ‘the hot battery startup that could zap Tesla.’

The company’s management team has extensive experience and operating capabilities in the automotive sector with a track record of keeping shareholders very happy.

And it just upped the ante by nabbing a former Tesla engineer to oversee the expansion of production.

One of its biggest corporate shareholders is a car manufacturer that aims to produce 22 million battery-powered EVs by 2029.

And deep-pocketed investors like Bill Gates, Vinod Khosla, George Soros and Jeremy Grantham have poured more than $5 billion into the company.”

Charles Mizrahi says that after 10 years of research and development, the battery is ready for prime time.

He says that he is certain that the forever battery will be the biggest story in the automotive industry for at least 10 years.

He has written a report titled The Forever Battery: How to Profit as EV Sales Grow 1,500% Over the Next 4 Years.

The Forever Battery by Charles MizrahiInside this special report, you’ll find the name and ticker symbol of the one stock Charles Mizrahi claims is likely to outperform almost everything else in the electric vehicle space.

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Who is Charles Mizrahi?

Charles Mizrahi is an investment analyst who works for Banyan Hill Publishing.

Charles came from a poor background; he grew up in a blue-collar household in Brooklyn, NY. He says that growing up poor taught him the value of a hard-earned dollar.

At the age of 20, he was trading on the floor of the New York Futures Exchange, and soon after, he had his money management firm where he oversaw $200 million in client money. He was named the no. 1 trader in the country at the age of 35.

After working on Wall Street for 37 years, Charles Mizrahi joined the newsletter writing business. He launched the Alpha Investor, publishing it via Banyan Hill Publishing.

His goal is to give individual investors access to the best profit opportunities.

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Alpha Investor Review

Charles Mizrahi Alpha Investor is one of the most popular investment newsletters offered by Banyan Hill Publishing.

Alpha InvestorCharles makes monthly recommendations and in-depth analysis for every major trend he is following, including artificial intelligence, genomics, biotech, 5G, autonomous vehicles, and battery technology.

When you sign up for the newsletter, you receive:

  • 12 Monthly Research Briefings. Every month you get a new briefing containing a NEW stock recommendation to consider. Charles explains why he is recommending the company so that you don’t have to research a thing yourself.
  • Charles Mizrahi’s Model Portfolio. The model portfolio has the stocks he recommends you buy — all listed out in one place. All you have to do is read his research and decide if they are the right investments.
  • Weekly Updates. You hear from Charles Mizrahi every week in his video updates. He gives you a rundown on how the stocks in his portfolio are performing and provides special alerts concerning when it’s the best time to buy or sell.
  • The Alpha Investing Manual. This report shows you what to expect from Charles as well as what to do when you receive one of his stock recommendations.
  • Access to a Private Members-Only Website. This website contains all of Charles’ research briefings and special reports as well as the model portfolio.

A New Era of Energy Storage: The Hottest Breakthrough of the 21st Century

This bonus report has another recommendation by Charles Mizrahi that he expects to do well in the next few years.

The Forever Battery by Charles MizrahiIt is a company that is likely to disrupt the energy industry “on an unprecedented scale.” The company specializes in solid-state technology just like the Forever Battery.

Charles says that with this company’s tech, renewable energy may become a viable alternative to coal and oil.

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Alpha Investor Pricing?

If you join via the link at the bottom of the presentation, instead of paying $199, you only have to pay $47 for your first year and $79 when the subscription renews.

The Alpha Investor Refund Policy

The subscription comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

The Forever Battery by Charles MizrahiEven then, I strongly advise that you read the terms and conditions concerning refunds to be sure that you are entitled to a refund.

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Closing Remarks on The Forever Battery

According to Charles Mizrahi, the affordability problem of electric vehicles has impeded their mass adoption – they have always been prohibitively expensive compared to gas-powered cars.

On top of that, they’ve always had sub-standard batteries that were prone to fires, took too long to charge, and were energy inefficient.

He thinks that all these problems will be alleviated with a new technology he refers to as “the forever battery.”

He says that it will make electric cars more convenient because they will take a shorter time to charge and will be less prone to fires. Additionally, it will reduce the prices of EVs drastically thus making them more affordable.

With those two factors going for EVs, he expects the electric car industry to boom and he wants you to profit from this revolution by investing in the company that is behind the forever battery.

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