Is The End of the Dow Prediction Legit? [Ian King]

Banyan Hill’s Ian King recently released a presentation with the heading “The End of the Dow.”

It is about a bold prediction he is making about the market (and no less about the Dow) that he wants you to take seriously because he claims to have accurately called the 2008 Crash.

In this article, I will provide you with an overview of what Ian King talked about in the presentation as well as reveal his number one tech stock for 2021.

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What is The End of the Dow? (The Pitch)

The End of the Dow is a presentation by Ian King in which he promotes the Automatic Fortunes newsletter.

Ian starts the presentation by talking about an imminent tech boom that he believes will change the way we work and the way we live our lives. He says that we are adopting new technologies like IoT, AI, 5G, and other innovations at a staggering rate.

The End of The Dow

Consequently, companies like DocuSign, Doku, Amazon, and Zoom that have benefited from these trends have soared.

He also believes that we are in the innings of a tech boom that we should take advantage of by investing in the right companies.

He says that all successful tech companies go through three stages before they become household names. This is what he calls “The Innovation Breakout Curve”

The End of The Dow

  1. Stage 1 is Inception: At this point, it is a startup being run by the founder alone.
  2. Stage 2 is Breakout: When it is at this stage, it has started gaining traction and has the potential to be a disruptor.
  3. Stage 3 is Maturity: Here, the company is established and when you invest in it, you are assured of stability, albeit with low returns.

Therefore, he believes that you should invest before it breaks out at the beginning of stage 2 and sell as it enters stage 3.

To determine what companies he invests in, he says that they must satisfy 5 metrics:

  • They have to be in a billion-dollar industry
  • They should have a proven CEO
  • They should have an annual revenue growth of more than 20%
  • They have to be investing cash into future growth
  • They should have a catalyst event ready to catapult them to big returns.

At the same time, he also warns you to avoid companies that are in the Dow that become encumbered by bureaucracy, which stifles innovation and makes them complacent. These companies usually have a phase 4 (Demise):

The End of The Dow

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Ian King’s #1 Tech Stock for 2021

Ian King has found one stock that he feels has the potential to skyrocket in 2021.

“I want to give you my No. 1 stock to buy right now … a company crowned the most disruptive stock in the world.

I think buying it today could be like buying Apple or Amazon early on….”

He says that “it is disrupting the $74 billion payment processing industry.” It is a leader in the financial technology (fintech) industry where it enables people to turn their smartphones into cash machines.

Why is he optimistic about it?

  • The smart money is buying it. For example, Joel Greenblatt has invested $6.7 million, David Tepper has invested $60 million, and Ken Fisher has poured in $197 million.
  • It takes a 2.65% fee on every transaction it facilitates and since its customer base is expanding, this makes for healthy cash flow.
  • Its CEO is proven. He helped start Twitter and also was part of Disney’s board while it was working on Disney+
  • Its top three directors have invested over $60 million into it.
  • Its revenues have been growing at a rate of 50% per year for five years in a row, from $1.2 billion to $4.71 billion.
  • It is re-investing its cash into a new app in the digital wallet industry allowing users to transact cryptocurrencies.
  • Its catalyst is that it is developing a new AI system to break into the $18 trillion banking industry.

According to Ian, it is a disruptive company likely to soar 1,000% in the next ten years. To learn more about it as well as find out how to invest in it, you should read Ian’s research report called How to Make a Fintech Fortune. Inside, he reveals its name and stock symbol. You can get it for free if you sign up for Automatic Fortunes.

Fortunately, you don’t have to sign up for the newsletter just to reveal the name of that company because after doing some research, I have found out that the fintech company he is talking about is Square Inc. (SQ).

Interestingly, this is not the first time he is teasing the company. He did it before in a presentation he did called The Big Rip.

The clues add up because David Tepper, Joel Greenblatt, and Ken Fisher were all investors at some point although their stakes have changed significantly. Joel and David have sold shares but they have retained some.

Arguably the biggest hint is the fact that Jack Dorsey, founder, and CEO of Square is also the founder and CEO of Twitter. He was also on Disney’s board for five years before he left in 2018 due to a conflict of interest.

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Who is Ian King?

Ian King is a former hedge fund manager who now works as a professional investment analyst. He is also a trader with over two decades of experience analyzing financial markets and trading.

He started trading at Salomon Brothers where he was a desk clerk in the famed mortgage bond trading department. He then went on to work for Citigroup and later spent a decade trading options at a hedge fund called Peahi Capital.

He is one of the editors at Banyan Hill Publishing where he publishes Crypto Profit Trader and Automatic Fortunes. He uses the former to convey actionable crypto investment ideas to his audience.

He developed an online course called “Crypto Trading” for Investopedia Academy.

Ian has made appearances on Real Vision, Fox Business News, Zero Hedge, Investopedia, and other financial media outlets.

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What is Automatic Fortunes? (The Newsletter)

Automatic Fortunes is an advisory service run by Ian King that is designed to help you make money in the stock market – the description is as simple as that.

In the context of this presentation, it appears Ian will be focusing on tech stocks. These are companies involved in AI, big data, 5G, and IoT, just to mention a few.

When you become a member of Automatic Fortunes, you will receive:

  • Monthly reports: Every month, you receive an eight-page report deep-diving into the next stock recommendation to show you why he is recommending that you buy it.
  • Access to Ian King’s model portfolio: it contains all the stocks Ian has on his “buy now” list. It also indicates which stocks he intends to sell and at what price.
  • Trade alerts: Whenever Ian wants you to buy or sell a stock, he sends you an alert via email. The alert comes with instructions as well as an explanation as to why he is making the recommendation.
  • Weekly updates: Every Thursday, he hosts a short webinar during which he updates you on the market and answers general frequently asked questions.
  • Daily tips: These come in the form of short articles addressing whatever is happening in the market.
  • Access to the encrypted website.

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Bonus Reports

In addition to those benefits, there are a couple of reports Ian will send over to you for free as soon as you subscribe via this presentation. They are:

  • The Company Leading the Big Data Money Boom. It is about a company in the Big Data industry that may grow 18,000% in the next ten years.
  • The Company Leading the $12 Trillion 5G Revolution. It concerns a company providing high-speed internet.
  • Buy This Millennial App Now
  • Five Toxic Stocks to Dump Now. This report is about five companies that people are being told to buy that may not be great picks in the long run.
  • The Driverless Car Race is Here: Grab Over 100% Gains Now

How much do you pay to join Automatic Fortunes?

The annual subscription fee is $97

Does Automatic Fortunes have a Refund Policy?

Yes, it does. You can cancel your membership for a full refund any time within 365 years of joining.

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Closing Remarks on The End of the Dow

The End of the Dow is a presentation by Ian King during which he outlines his investment strategy. The title is a bit misleading because the pitch isn’t about the Dow Jones Industrial Average “coming to an end.”

Instead, it is about what Ian King believes to be an impending tech boom that will catapult certain companies in the stock market to new heights. These disruptors will do so well that they will replace some of the companies in the Dow – and this is probably why he chose that title for the presentation.

Amid those disruptors, he has singled out Square Inc., a company that has disrupted the digital payment processing space and that has seen its revenues grow consistently over the past five years. Ian is right about it being a successful company (at least in the past few years) and makes a solid argument about it being a good investment in the long term. But before you invest in it, do more research to ensure that it is the right investment for you.

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