What Is The Crypto Code by Luke Lango?

The Crypto Code is an online event that will be hosted by Luke Lango and Charlie Shrem and they are expected to talk about investing in cryptos. The header reads:

“You’ll learn how to extract average gains as high as 760% from the crypto markets with near-mathematical precision.”

Luke and Charlie will be talking about how you can extract value from the cryptocurrency market, which is often quite tough to nail.

In this article, we take a closer look at how they intend to do that as we learn more about what they intend to discuss at “The Crypto Code” event.

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Introduction to Luke Lango The Crypto Code

Luke Lango’s The Crypto Code is an online event during which Luke and Charlie Shrem, a well-known crypto expert, will talk about investing in the cryptocurrency market.

This is not the first time Charlie Shrem is taking part in such an event as he has been featured on other events about cryptocurrencies, like Matt McCall’s 2021 Crypto Millionaire Forecast.

Luke Lango The Crypto CodeAccording to Luke and Charlie, 99% of all cryptos in the market today are worthless, and investing in them makes no point because they do not generate any real value for society.

Therefore, they believe that the best way to go about investing in the crypto market is to target the one percent of cryptos that generate value for society. In the invite, it reads,

“What if there was a reliable way of getting into the one percent of cryptos that generate INCREDIBLE lasting value to society…

And then go on to soar hundreds, or even thousands, of percent?

What if you could discover these cryptos BEFORE they begin to take off?

Well, according to Luke and Charlie, every single cryptocurrency on the market has a unique ‘code’…

A unique set of critical metrics.

If you can identify this ‘crypto code,’ you can learn how to make a lot of money in the most exciting asset in the world today.”

So, he claims that you can invest in these cryptos if you have the unique code for each of them and if you identify the code, you learn how to make money investing in digital currencies.

To take advantage of the cryptos, they claim that they have a proprietary system called the MAG Scoring System that can decipher these unique metrics and exploit this code for big gains. Already, they say that it has handed their readers the chance to make gains as high as 760% from cryptos.

Luke and Charlie say that now is the most important time to share their system because they believe that a new massive crypto bull market is forming and certain cryptos could go parabolic, a view shared by investment gurus like Ian King and Matt McCall.

As this happens, they believe that their MAG score system could enable you to make a lot of money as other people who won’t have their insights lose it during the new crypto bull market.

So, what does Luke check for when investing in digital currency?

In an article Luke Lango wrote to promote the event, he says that he is not concerned with what the charts say regarding the direction in which the cryptocurrencies will go. He is more concerned with the “fundamentals.”

He says,

“I don’t care what the charts say. I don’t care what squiggly lines correlate to what squiggly lines.

I care about the fundamentals of blockchain technology because it is those fundamentals that will determine the long-term value of Bitcoin and other cryptos.”

He urges his readers to not panic when they see analysts compare Bitcoin prices in 2021 with prices in 2019, suggesting that we are likely to see the cryptocurrency plummet from its previous highs like it did in the wake of the 2017 crypto bubble.

He demonstrates this with this chart:

Luke Lango The Crypto CodeLuke believes that there is no correlation between the prices then and the prices now and that we should not panic because the “fundamentals” (of certain cryptos) look strong.

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Who is Luke Lango?

Luke Lango is a senior investment analyst at InvestorPlace, which is one of the oldest financial publishing firms in the business.

He writes about the biggest trends in the stock market and how to invest in them in Luke Lango’s Hypergrowth Investing, a free e-letter that he publishes via InvestorPlace.

He is also the editor of premium services like Innovation Investor, Daily 10X Stock Report, Early Stage Investor, Investment Opportunities, Ultimate Crypto, Crypto Investor Network, and Exponential Growth Report, which are all published by InvestorPlace.

He is a growth-focused equities investor who is regarded as one of the top stock pickers in the industry. An independent site called Tipranks even rates him as one of the top financial bloggers on the internet.

Luke Lango The Crypto CodeLuke Lango explores investments in the technology sector because he believes that they can compound exponentially. He also finds opportunities in the venture capital and startup technology world.

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Who is Charlie Shrem

Charlie Shrem is a Bitcoin advocate who first invested in cryptocurrency while he was still a college senior in 2011. He was one of the first crypto millionaires.

Luke Lango The Crypto CodeHe then co-founded an eCommerce website called BitInstant, whose mission was to “help people convert dollars into Bitcoin.” It was quite successful and at one point, it was responsible for about 30% of all transactions. Charlie was quite wealthy at the age of 22.

Charlie was also a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation, along with other Bitcoin advocates. It is a non-profit organization that hopes to popularize Bitcoin and promote it as a credible currency.

Owing to illegal activities carried out on BitInstant, Charlie Shrem spent one year in prison for one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering, failure to file a suspicious activity report, and operating an unlicensed money transmitter. He shut down BitInstant due to this scandal.

After being released from prison, he founded CryptoIQ, a company whose mission is “…to empower people by providing access to the world of Crypto.” He is still heavily involved in the crypto market.

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Closing Remarks on Luke Lango The Crypto Code

Luke Lango’s The Crypto Code is an event where he and Charlie Shrem will urge people to invest in the cryptocurrency market at a time when some people are saying that it is not a great idea.

Luke Lango claims that cryptocurrencies will allow us to create trustworthy financial systems that will replace the current ones that are controlled by untrustworthy people. I think in saying that, he may be talking about the advent of Decentralized Finance (I am just speculating).

He believes that a majority of cryptocurrencies are duds and claims that he and Charlie Shrem have developed a system that enables them to spot the ones that have great fundamentals and have the potential to grow exponentially. He intends to share those insights with his readers to enable them to get in on those cryptos before they begin to take off.

If you would like to find out more about Luke Lango and Charlie Shrem’s view of the market, you can attend the event free of charge.

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