What is Jeff Brown’s “Convergence” Stock?

Jeff Brown’s “The Convergence” is an event about a massive stock market event that is underway and he wants to alert us to it.

The event affects the pharmaceutical industry and Jeff insists that there is a big opportunity in it if you follow his advice.

In this article, I walk you through his presentation, highlighting the main talking points as I explain what “the Convergence” is.

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What is Jeff Brown Convergence?

In his presentation titled “Convergence,” Jeff Brown tells us that there is a massive “event” that is happening right under our noses in the world of technology and finance.

He says that this event has happened just a few times in human history and he calls it the “Convergence.”

Jeff Brown ConvergenceSo, what does he mean by that?

The term “Convergence”, in this case, is what happens when AI completely disrupts an industry. Such a moment is rare, says Jeff Brown, but when it happens, it can transform the world.

It also creates massive “shockwaves” throughout the stock market.

Every time it has happened before, according to Jeff Brown’s backtests, some investors have seen their investments grow tremendously.

Jeff Brown Convergence Jeff Brown Convergence Jeff Brown Convergence

Jeff Brown clarifies that the results in those charts are incredibly rare and they represent the best performers in his backtest.

Now, while he paints the “Convergence” as a significant event happening to the markets, he insists that 99% of the world is not aware that it is happening and they are left out.

Therefore, in releasing this presentation, he wants to help you be among those who know about it so that you can capture the “event” in your regular brokerage account with a single click. He says that you don’t even have to buy anything (this sounds a bit contradicting because he then instructs you to buy certain stocks).

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No. 1 Convergence Stock

While the “convergence” is a major event, Jeff insists that it isn’t happening at a major corporation, an MIT lab, or a military base. Instead, it is happening at a small-cap biotech company that is 1% the size of Johnson & Johnson.

Jeff Brown claims that this tiny company is upending the world of modern medicine as we know it.

Why? Because it has found a “new way” to discover drugs.

This new way of discovering drugs aims to be more effective than traditional methods. It isn’t aiming at just making the process 1%, 2%, or even 3% better (which would be impressive in the pharmaceutical industry where the effectiveness is often quite low).

Jeff explains that this new way of drug discovery is better because it does not just answer to our limitations. It doesn’t fix the system by helping scientists or speeding them up, it just replaces them.

It uses artificial intelligence without human input to discover new drugs. This is something companies like ZebiAI Therapeutics have started looking into.

Speaking of investor interest, Jeff says that this company has attracted the attention of some heavy hitters.

A few examples of them include Bill Gates, who purchased over sixteen million shares in this small-cap, David E. Shaw – a billionaire – who bought over 9 million shares, and Ron Baron – another rich guy – who owns this stock too.

Each of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world has now entered contracts with this small-cap to use its technology.

On top of that, this company isn’t just giving away its AI to Big Pharma. It’s also using the AI itself to create a drug that if discovered successfully, would completely eradicate one of the deadliest conditions in existence: cancer. Pancreatic cancer, to be exact.

Jeff Brown says that the gains on the table could be even more massive if this company develops this cure.

He wants you to buy stock of this small-cap stock before this news breaks because it is about to initiate what he refers to as the “golden path of biotech.” This “golden path,” is what happens when a biotech company manages to bring a drug directly from the lab into the market where it cures real, human patients.

Jeff Brown wrote a special report on this small-cap called Convergence: The Small Cap Company Using AI To Discover Drugs.

Jeff Brown ConvergenceIf you want him to email it to you for free, you have to sign up for his investment advisory service called Exponential Tech Investor.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is a private angel investor and to date, he has spotted over 150 early-stage tech companies. He has even identified and written about 5 billion-dollar “unicorn” tech companies long before the public knew their names too.

Jeff Brown is a former tech executive at corporations like Qualcomm and NXP Semiconductors.

He is also an active member of the Chamber of Digital Commerce in Washington, DC.

Jeff holds degrees from Purdue University and London Business School and has earned certificates from MIT and Stanford. He is also an alumnus of the Yale School of Management.

In 2020, he founded Brownstone Research, a publishing company that offers financial newsletters and general investment advice. There, he is the editor of popular financial research publications like The Bleeding Edge and The Near Future Report. He has a large team of analysts and researchers to help with the research.

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Exponential Tech Investor Review

Jeff Brown’s Exponential Tech Investor is an investment advisory service published by Brownstone Research through which he sends you some of the smallest, most explosive investment ideas in the world.

These are the kind of plays usually reserved for private angel investors like him and are too small to share with the larger audience of his popular premium newsletter, The Near Future Report.

He says that Exponential Tech Investor is not suited to every type of investor. It is aimed at a specific kind of investor:

“This premium research service is reserved for a special type of person.

Someone who can afford to speculate. And someone willing to take a chance at the kind of explosive wealth small-cap investing can offer.

I have a team of hedge-fund quality analysts and staff working for me.

I put in countless hours of my own personal research, all to find the biggest investment opportunities—long before they go public.”

Therefore, a lot of these recommendations are speculative in that they allow you to swing for the fences.

Here is what you get when you join Exponential Tech Investor:

  • Every month Jeff will send you a new stock recommendation he believes could 5–10x your money within 12–24 months.
  • Unrestricted Access to Exponential Tech Investor’s Model Portfolio. The model portfolio has every open position recommended so far. You can invest in every single pick that is still in Jeff’s buy range.
  • Access to every back issue of exponential tech investor and every past special report. You’ll also receive dozens of past issues and special reports ranging across every major trend in technology.
  • 24/7 Access to Exponential Tech Investor’s Members-Only Website. Here, you’ll have full access to past newsletter issues, special reports, and other member benefits at your convenience.

There are other benefits you get when you join:

The Convergence Wishlist

As a subscriber to Exponential Tech Investor, you have access to Jeff’s “watchlist”— the exact companies that he is tracking in the private world.

Specifically, he talks about the private companies that stand to add to this “Convergence” between AI and biotechnology.

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The Million-Dollar Portfolio

The Million-Dollar Portfolio is the most comprehensive list of explosive small cap 5G investments by Jeff Brown. These are stocks poised for exponential growth soon—as 5G finishes rolling out nationwide.

Jeff believes that with the companies found in The Million-Dollar Portfolio, you’ll be able to capitalize on this revolution in a way no one else in the world can.

The AI Accelerator: The Small Unknown Company Pushing AI to the “Edge”

Jeff Brown says that AI driving our cars, while extraordinary, is just one piece of a bigger story. He thinks that AI is coming for much, much more than just our cars – it will have wide-ranging applications.

Jeff Brown ConvergenceFor the AI revolution to happen, Jeff says that it all hinges on one special device, no larger than the palm of your hand to change our world in a big way.

Mr. Brown says that there is only one independent producer of the device in the entire world. This producer already holds 55 patents and it is based in the United States.

Exponential Tech Investor Pricing

If you sign up for Exponential Tech Investor through the Brownstone Research website, a one-year membership costs $4,000.

However, if you subscribe through the presentation, you can join Exponential Tech Investor for 50% off. Therefore, instead of $4,000, you’ll pay just $2,000 for an entire year.

The Exponential Tech Investor Refund Policy

There are NO CASH REFUNDS. Jeff says in the presentation:

“…if you’re not thrilled with your membership in every way… within 90 days, reach out to my Florida-based team.

While we don’t offer cash refunds, we’ll issue you a full $2,000 credit. You can use it for any other product we or our corporate affiliates publish.”

The terms of a refund policy can change at any moment without warning. Therefore, you should always read the terms and conditions page for up-to-date information on this.

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Closing Remarks on Jeff Brown Convergence

Jeff Brown expects AI to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry, an event he calls the “Convergence.” He believes that when this news hits mainstream outlets, the gains in store for investors who get in early could be massive.

He has spotted one small company that has developed a drug discovery process that uses AI. It is selling this capability to Big Pharma and at the same time using it to develop a cure for pancreatic cancer.

Jeff Brown is super-excited about this tiny company because when a small-cap company can create its drug successfully, the upside tends to be huge. He says that the mere hint of an FDA-approved drug is enough to send the biotech market into a frenzy.

He wants you to invest in this company as well as others he will share with you when you sign up for his newsletter.

I should warn you that all investments come with risk and his recommendations may end up underperforming the market or flopping. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

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