What is Jeff Clark’s The Breaking Point Summit?

Jeff Clark, a renowned options trader, has been talking about investing in the global markets at a time when he says they have reached “The Breaking Point.”

He says that he has discovered a strategy you could use to convert the chaos in the market into “contract-backed income.” He says that you can earn up to $10,440 every 2 weeks starting with $0 upfront.

In this article, we examine what he is referring to here as well as what we can expect from the event.

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What is Jeff Clark’s The Breaking Point?

Jeff Clark says that even with markets broken down and inflation burning your cash savings, you may not have realized that this could be the greatest moment of your financial life.

Jeff Clark's The Breaking PointHe says that he has he intends to reveal a trading secret that’s remained quiet for over 40 years. He calls this secret “The Breaking Point.”

According to Jeff, when markets are at their lowest points, you can use it to make money off of your investments. He says that because he claims to have already used this strategy to generate a fortune for his wealthy private clients—and his own family.

He goes on to say that billionaire traders like Bill Ackman used this secret to make over $2 billion when markets crashed in 2020 and Warren Buffett used this strategy to make over $7 billion in the lead-up to the 2008 financial crisis.

Jeff Clark says that with his strategy you can earn over $10,440 every 14 days trade after trade.

And, if you take action taking advantage of “The Breaking Point,” you can generate gains like 12x, 39x, and even 48x in less than 37 days.

He says that he has derived those figures from his recent backtest results that he got even as the stock market dived:

Jeff Clark's The Breaking Point

How does his strategy work? He explains in a letter to Jeff Clark Trader readers:

“Over the past few months, I’ve been testing a new “collision signal” with the potential to avoid big drawdowns in a stock – and get in right in time for the big rallies.

It’s simple really…

Rather than risk buying and holding stocks, I use extremely cheap options contracts to maximize the gains and minimize the risk. I call these “penny options.”

When I see the signal occur, I quickly enter a trade on the stock.

During our testing, you could’ve made gains like 815% in 13 days on Southwest Airlines (LUV) while the stock was down 20%…”

He provides other examples of these penny options making a lot of money.

The idea is that he will recommend those trades to his followers if they sign up for his subscription service.

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What Jeff Clark will cover during the webinar

Jeff Clark will use “The Breaking Point” webinar to reveal:

  • A precise mathematical “signal” he says you can use to spot these trades in advance
  • How you could legally get “paid” to use this strategy. He claims that you can earn that from investing even starting with zero dollars upfront
  • He says that this strategy can continue to work irrespective of what happens to the stock market concerning inflation or interest rates.
  • How these trades cost as little as $0.03 in terms of investment.

He also says that he will reveal three stock names and ticker symbols that could be approaching this trade setup right now with each of them worth a potential $10,440 or more.

This sounds a lot like his Three-Stock Blueprint where he finds three stocks that meet certain criteria and trades options on them multiple times expecting to make money off of them each time.

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Who is Jeff Clark?

Jeff Clark is an investment analyst known for his proficiency in options trading. He is also the editor of several investment newsletters that focus on profiting from options in any market.

Jeff Clark has been at it for over 15 years but when he got into the newsletter business, he was working for Stansberry Research, where he edited two trading letters, The Short Report and Pro Trader.

This was after leaving his independent, San Francisco-based brokerage house and private money management firm at 42.

While working for the firm, he was working for around 100 of California’s wealthiest individuals. He says that he shares the same strategy he used for those clients with his loyal subscribers.

He now edits an introductory options service called Jeff Clark Trader, whereby he offers option trading fundamentals and lower-risk trades meant to teach investors the power of using options to amplify their returns.

Jeff Clark has an advanced options service called the Delta Report. With this one, he provides more advanced options strategies, with greater frequency and higher return potential.

Jeff has no problem using both conservative and speculative strategies, depending on the situation if it means taking advantage of short- and sometimes intermediate-term moves in the market.

Jeff Clark also used to develop the curricula for an international Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program and founded an investor education firm. This was before he joined Stansberry Research.

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Closing Remarks on Jeff Clark’s The Breaking Point

In the lead-up to “The Breaking Point” event, Jeff Clark warns the most challenging times are still ahead of us. He says that it is so bad that in as little as 30 days if you’re still holding regular stocks you could lose up to half your investment.

However, if you follow his short-term trading strategy called “The Breaking Point,” you may avoid this market chaos.

Jeff Clark started talking about the market going bearish in January. Back then, he told his followers that he thought that 2022 would see a major shift out of growth and into value for most of the year.

He also predicted that the broad stock market would be bearish in 2022 and he expected to see most major market indexes lose ground.

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