“The Best Trading Strategy For 2021” [Super Options]

Tom Gentile and Andrew Keene recently did a presentation called “The Best Trading Strategy for 2021” in which they unveiled Super Options.

Super Options is a new investment advisory service by Money Map Press that they claimed holds “the secret to the biggest, fastest-moving plays on the market” that can “hand you 400% or more in a matter of days or weeks.”

I sat through the presentation to find out what Tom and Andrew were talking about and decided to write this article presenting you with their main talking points. I also shed light on their new advisory service.

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What is The Best Trading Strategy For 2021 (Super Options)?

In the presentation, Tom Gentile interviews Andrew Keene to get him talking about his investment strategy that he claims can earn you money quickly.

The Best Trading Strategy For 2021 (Super Options)

Andrew refers to it as “super options” and he will be offering a new advisory service by the same name. We have encountered his work before on this blog; for example, I have reviewed The 1450 Club.

The two experts have a back and forth where they make the new strategy sound infallible (it isn’t) by giving examples of people who are earning big returns in days by using it. Looking past those examples, at the heart of Andrew’s trading strategy is what he calls super options.

What is a super option?

Well, in Andrew’s words:

“Super Options are a way for anyone to leverage the biggest, fastest-moving, most explosive stocks on the planet.

And believe me…

I’m not talking about targeting stocks that gain 1% or 2% a day or 7% or 8% in a few months.

I’m talking about a special group of stocks structured in a certain way. Companies that make gigantic moves in days or weeks.

Little-known companies that often gain 10% or 15% in a single day and can jump over 328% in less than four months.”

So, he targets a “special group of stocks” that earn big returns and he trades options on them.

Options are quite popular with investment gurus and Andrew is no different. To him, they are better than “long-term plays that go nowhere for long periods” because they give him the chance to double or triple his money in a matter of days or just a few weeks.

The stocks he targets have to meet certain criteria. The two that he mentions in the presentation are liquidity and stock scarcity.

When it comes to scarcity, he prefers companies with a relatively small float (the shares available for the public to buy and sell). He explains it as follows:

“Well, Tom, that’s why I focus my energy on companies with fewer than 25 million shares available to trade each day.

And believe me…

I tested, backtested, and stress tested everything – you name a test, and I probably ran it.

The gains I got just blew me away.”

He argues that with the supply of shares restricted, if all of a sudden (perhaps driven by some event) many investors want to buy a stock, demand will outstrip supply, and the prices will go up exponentially in case there is a squeeze.

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Speaking of Liquidity, he prefers companies that have enough movement as early as the first time they trade. Replying to a question asked by Tom, Andrew explained his rationale. Here is how that part of the exchange went:

“[Tom asking]

But the Super Options Tracker isn’t just randomly hunting for these opportunities, is it?

[Andrew replies]

No. It only targets stocks that have reached a specific set of milestones. The first is daily trading volume of at least 200,000 shares.

That means the shares themselves are liquid.

So you can easily get in and out of the option positions.”

Andrew wants stock that has the liquidity to enable him to get in and out of his trades quickly because he is keen on making short-term trades.

How does Andrew spot his trades?

Now that we know what kinds of companies he goes after, this is the next logical question to ask.

He has a tool called Super Options Tracker. He says that it is based on the same code and data as S.C.A.N., another of his trading systems.

It relies on the Ichimoku Cloud, which he explains working as follows:

“Because ever since I started using the Ichimoku cloud, I’ve never been short on cash.

It’s the best way I’ve ever seen to project where a stock could go BEFORE it happens. It’s not a crystal ball. It just seems that way.

It works using the formula you see here:”

The Best Trading Strategy For 2021 (Super Options)

“The Super Options Tracker automatically crunches all these numbers in real-time, so they don’t have to.

And it’s so simple to use…

If you see a green cloud – the stock is likely headed up. That means it’s bullish.”

The Best Trading Strategy For 2021 (Super Options)

“If you see a red cloud, that means the stock is likely headed down, so it’s bearish.”

The Best Trading Strategy For 2021 (Super Options)

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo or an Ichimoku Cloud is a technical indicator that builds on a candlestick chart to improve the accuracy of forecast price moves. It shows the support and resistance levels and the momentum as well as price trend direction.

Andrew is spot on in his definition because when the price of a stock is above the cloud, the trend is up and when the price is below the cloud, the trend is downward.

The Ichimoku Cloud is often used along with other indicators to ensure that the right predictions are being made.

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Who is Andrew Keene?

Andrew Keene is an investment analyst who is part of the editorial team at Money Map Press. He heads up two advisory services besides Super Options, namely the 1450 Club and Project 303.

His first job in finance was working as a bank analyst – a job he was fired from for sleeping on the job. He went on to work as a clerk at the Chicago Boards Options Exchange, where he learned how to trade.

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What is Super Options? (The Newsletter)

Tom Gentile and Andrew Keene did the presentation to promote Super Options, a new advisory service that will be headed up by the latter (Andrew). It is published by Money Map Press.

Through it, Andrew recommends options of companies with a small float that his indicator shows are likely to go up.

He will be sending as many as three recommendations to his readers every week and he believes that each trade has the potential to earn you 400% or more in a matter of days or weeks.

Each recommendation comes with instructions on how to set up the trade to automatically buy when every condition is met and close the position when the time is right. He will also send you a video that walks you through this.

He also sends you the Super Options Training Series through which he teaches you how options trading works if you are a beginner.

How much do you pay to join Super Options?

The annual subscription fee if you join via the presentation is $1,750.

Does Super Options have a Refund Policy?

They offer refunds if within one year if Andrew fails to send you at least 30 trades that double your money.

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Closing Remarks on The Best Trading Strategy For 2021 (Super Options)

In the presentation, the impression you get is that you only have to spend a small amount of cash to buy super options that can easily soar thus doubling or tripling your money in just a few days or weeks and Andrew has the perfect tools to spot those trades. However, this won’t necessarily be the way things pan out because the market can be quite unpredictable and, therefore, not as easy as they make it sound.

Undeniably, subscribing to Andrew’s newsletter and following his recommendations could be a nice way to speculate but you should not go into it expecting to be rich off of it.

Besides, the advice you get is general and it doesn’t take into consideration how your situation is and what your aspirations and preferences as an investor are. So, as you sign up for the newsletter, you should realize that it is not as straightforward as giving away your credit card information and starting to trade. You have to do more due diligence first.

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