What is James Altucher’s The A.I. Crown Jewel

Financial analyst James Altucher is making waves again with his latest AI forecast – this time about an impending $150 trillion megatrend sparked by what he calls a game-changing “New AI Breakthrough.” As is typical with Altucher’s bold claims, he suggests backing this prediction early could mint tremendous fortunes.

Specifically, Altucher points to Nvidia’s pivotal role in the AI revolution so far, with investors in the leading AI chipmaker realizing massive returns. However, he argues the biggest gains now lie with Nvidia’s indispensable supplier, which he claims most investors overlook.

In this article, we’ll analyze Altucher’s perspectives and offer objective insight into the opportunities and risks associated with his AI outlook. We’ll evaluate the credibility of both the purported AI breakthrough and the potential of Nvidia’s supplier to emerge as a key AI investment.

Our goal is to bring transparency for readers on whether Altucher’s latest AI prediction has substance or is exaggerated hype. He anticipates monumental change and trillions in wealth creation from AI – but does this specific opportunity represent a justifiable way to capitalize early? Let’s examine further.

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Key Takeaways

  • James Altucher emphasizes the significance of “The A.I. Crown Jewel,” claiming it’s the world’s fastest A.I. chip and a game-changer in the artificial intelligence industry.
  • A.I. models today require exponentially more computing power than a decade ago, and this chip is the only one capable of delivering such computational power on a commercial scale.
  • This unique A.I. chip is exclusively supplied by a mysterious company with a monopoly on its production.
  • Altucher suggests that investing in the little-known supplier could lead to significant gains, with supplier stocks often soaring when big companies make breakthroughs.
  • He has written a special report titled “The A.I Crown Jewel: How To Cash In On the $150 Trillion A.I. Megatrend,” accessible by signing up for Altucher’s Investment Network newsletter.

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What is The AI Crown Jewel?

According to James Altucher, if you’re looking to cash in on the artificial intelligence boom, then you need to focus on the device he calls “The A.I. Crown Jewel.”

The Crown Jewel is allegedly the fastest A.I. chip in the world.

James Altucher The AI Crown Jewel

Altucher says that it is a huge deal because today’s A.I. models require ten billion times more computing power than the A.I. models of ten years ago and the Crown Jewel is the only A.I. chip in the world that can deliver this level of computational power on a commercial scale.

James Altucher claims that it will disrupt the global economy and unlock trillions in new wealth.

He is not the first person to tell us that as we’ve recently covered reviews by Teeka Tiwari (Secret AI Project CONAN) and Marc Chaikin (Number One AI Stock).

Going back to the presentation, James claims that “The Crown Jewel” is sold exclusively by Nvidia but it doesn’t actually make this device.

James Altucher The AI Crown Jewel

Instead every single “Crown Jewel” is supplied by one, single, mysterious company that has a monopoly on The Crown Jewel.

Since the mysterious supplier is the only company in the world that makes this technology, Altucher says that it is a golden opportunity for you to cash in on the A.I. boom; and that’s by investing in it.

Demand for “Crown Jewels” is High

James claims that the demand for the AI chip is high and the mysterious company will ship out more than a half-million “Crown Jewels” this year and an additional 2 million “Crown Jewels” next year.

Elon Musk has apparently bought 10,000 Crown Jewels and big tech companies have already placed billions of dollars in orders.

Altucher says that Facebook needs 100,000 Crown jewels, Google might want 30,000 each, and Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle might want 30,000 each as well.

Quoting Business Insider Altucher says that venture capitalists are personally snapping up Crown Jewels as fast as they can. They are building a stash as they try to guarantee their portfolio of companies will have direct access to this technology.

This is what has driven Nvidia to a trillion-dollar valuation.

How to invest in Nvidia’s Supplier

James predicts that the little-known supplier could become the next trillion-dollar stock because when big companies launch big breakthroughs, supplier stocks tend to soar.James Altucher The AI Crown Jewel

He has written a special report called The A.I Crown Jewel: How To Cash In On The $150 Trillion A.I. Megatrend.

To get your hands on it, you have to sign up for a newsletter called Altucher’s Investment Network.

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Who is James Altucher?

James Altucher is a well-known podcaster, author, and entrepreneur. He is perhaps best recognized for his book titled “Choose Yourself,” which became a bestseller.

In the book, Altucher shares his ideas and experiences on personal development, entrepreneurship, and the changing landscape of work and career. He encourages individuals to take control of their lives, make their own choices, and find success on their terms.

Altucher has also been involved in various business ventures, including investments and startups.

His podcast, “The James Altucher Show,” features interviews with a wide range of guests, from entrepreneurs and authors to experts in various fields, discussing a variety of topics.

Altucher is known for his candid and sometimes unconventional advice and viewpoints on success and personal growth.

On the investment front, James Altucher is no stranger to making bold predictions that turn out to be shockingly accurate.

Back in 2007, he boldly declared on CNBC that Facebook would one day become a $100 billion-dollar company, a claim that initially earned him ridicule. However, his foresight was on point, as five years later, CNBC had to issue an apology letter acknowledging his accuracy.

Not one to shy away from making big calls, in 2010, Altucher told CNBC that Apple would become the world’s first trillion-dollar company, with the potential to reach a three trillion-dollar market cap. His predictions have often proven prescient.

James Altucher’s involvement in the world of artificial intelligence dates back to the early 90s, during his time in the doctoral program at Carnegie Mellon University.

He worked on an A.I. supercomputer called “Deep Thought,” one of the pioneering A.I. systems. His work drew the attention of IBM, and he ended up advising scientists working on the legendary A.I. system, “Deep Blue.”

This supercomputer was designed to prove that a machine could outthink the brightest human minds and represent a form of intelligence the world had never seen. In a historic showdown, Deep Blue faced off against chess legend Garry Kasparov, ultimately defeating him. Altucher’s involvement in A.I. reflects his long-standing role in shaping the technology landscape.

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Altucher’s Investment Network

In James Altucher’s world of investment, the Altucher’s Investment Network shines as a widely embraced publication, cherished by a dedicated readership of over 100,000 individuals worldwide.

Altucher and his research team work tirelessly, dedicating countless hours to interviews, CEO meetings, and financial research, all with one clear goal in mind: to catapult you to the forefront of the next wave of groundbreaking technology stocks, before they hit the mainstream.

James Altucher The AI Crown Jewel

Altucher recognizes the profound influence of artificial intelligence, which is set to turbocharge various tech sectors, but his letter delves even deeper.

It doesn’t stop at AI; it explores a multitude of exponential trends that promise extraordinary returns, from biotechnology and autonomous vehicles to robotics, cryptocurrencies, and beyond.

As the colossal $150 trillion megatrend shapes our world, Altucher’s Investment Network is meant to act as a guide.

When you sign up for Altucher’s Investment Network, you receive:

  • Monthly Research Advisory: You receive 12 issues of Altucher’s monthly research advisory, offering valuable insights and recommendations.
  • Quarterly A.I. Summit: An exclusive series of live video calls, hosted by James Altucher himself, providing a front-row seat to real-time developments in the AI space. These sessions are packed with insider information and breaking news not available elsewhere.
  • Monthly Mastermind Interviews: Altucher conducts in-depth interviews with influential figures in the artificial intelligence field, delivering valuable perspectives and insights.
  • I. Catalyst Calendar: This calendar, developed in collaboration with Altucher’s research team, identifies crucial market-moving catalyst events. These events, ranging from government policy shifts to major corporate announcements and significant partnerships, have the potential to drive specific A.I. stocks to new heights. You gain a critical edge by staying ahead of these explosive events.
  • Weekly Updates: Regular updates keep subscribers informed about breaking developments and investment opportunities as they emerge.
  • Exclusive Members-Only Website Access: Subscribers gain entry to an exclusive website offering model portfolios, an archive of back issues, and special reports.

James Altucher has some valuable investment insights to share in the form of special reports, offering immediate opportunities for investors.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you get when you sign up:

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“Own The Secret Technology Behind The AI Crown Jewel”

There’s a unique piece of computer technology that’s an essential ingredient in creating every “Crown Jewel.” What’s intriguing is that there’s only one company globally crafting this high-tech gear.

James Altucher The AI Crown Jewel

With the ever-increasing demand for “Crown Jewels” from Big Tech, the stock linked to this exclusive technology is poised for consistent, record-breaking growth.

“The Top 3 Speculations For The A.I. Boom”

Altucher’s research squad has pinpointed three under-the-radar companies with cutting-edge technology poised to ride the wave of the $150 trillion A.I. megatrend.

James Altucher The AI Crown Jewel

These small stocks carry life-changing potential for those ready to explore.

“The Million-Dollar A.I. Portfolio: The Top ‘Buy-And-Hold’ A.I. Stocks To Turn $10,000 Into $1 Million”

This model portfolio, managed by a nationally-renowned tech analyst, known for making the right call on Nvidia when it was just $3, is a game-changer.

He’s curated a selection of powerful tech stocks designed to grow your wealth alongside the A.I. megatrend, promising substantial returns.

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Our Verdict on James Altucher’s “The AI Crown Jewel” Pitch

In closing, while the boat may have sailed for skyrocketing stocks like Nvidia, James Altucher makes a sound point – investing in indispensable “pick and shovel” suppliers enabling today’s hottest trends can be a savvy strategy.

Just as component makers fueled massive Apple growth over the years, suppliers of Nvidia’s coveted AI chips stand to profit immensely from surging AI demand across countless industries. Altucher believes Nvidia’s key AI supplier has all the makings of the next great pick-and-shovel play as AI permeates our lives.

Past performance never guarantees future results, and risks exist with any investment. But by flagging the critical suppliers powering revolutionary companies, Altucher identifies a proven model for potentially investing in disruptive megatrends early.

Will his AI chip supplier tip truly become the next Intel to Nvidia’s Apple? Only time will tell. But for investors open to some intelligent speculation, it may warrant a closer look before the AI chip boom truly takes off. With insight and prudence, supply-side plays can sometimes mint fortunes.

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