What Is The 4X Stock Booster Summit? [Keith Kaplan]

If you are subscribed to any TradeSmith newsletter, you have probably received an email inviting you to The 4X Stock Booster Summit.

It is a crossover event where experts from The Oxford Club join Keith Kaplan to discuss a strategy that can quadruple their (The Oxford Club experts) returns. He pokes weaknesses at their strategies and suggests improvements.

If you would like to read a quick summary of the event and what they discussed so that you don’t have to watch the hour-long video, you are at the right place.

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What is The 4X Stock Booster Summit? (The Pitch)

The 4X Stock Booster Summit was hosted by TradeSmith and it featured Keith Kaplan, the CEO of TradeSmith, and Alexander Green and Marc Lichtenfeld – both of The Oxford Club.

The discussion centers on a way to 4X your returns without involving options or leverage and it centers on a series of indicators.

The 4X Stock Booster Summit

To give us some background, Keith highlights what he believes is the biggest mistake that most investors make as they trade: selling at the wrong time.

He tells the other panelists that most investors hold on to a stock that is losing for too long and they end up taking up a loss when it fails to go up as expected or they sell a rising stock too soon and they miss out on big gains as the stock rises even higher.

Alex chips in and states that the best way to rectify that mistake is to trust a stock’s momentum – a stock that is going up will keep going up and one that is plummeting will keep going down.

Keith proposes that the best way to minimize risk and avoid leaving money on the table is to use trailing stops.

According to Investopedia, a trailing stop is a modification of a stop order that can be set at a defined percentage or dollar amount away from the security’s current price. It is designed to protect your profits by keeping a trade open and keep earning profits as long as the price is moving favorably. It closes the trade if the price changes direction by the specified percentage or dollar amount.

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Keith’s Strategy

Keith claims to have an ingenious way of using trailing stops to increase gains. He says that using a blanket percentage on all trailing stops is not a good way to go about trading. He argues that not all stocks behave the same way and using a fixed percentage on all your trailing stops is counterintuitive.

His solution? Using something called the Volatility Quotient.

Volatility quotient is a tool used by traders to determine how volatile a security is. It enables you to determine how much room you need to give a security before you make your move.

This isn’t the first time Keith is talking about using the volatility quotient. He was talking about it extensively in another presentation – called The Portfolio X-Ray – when he was promoting a newsletter called TradeStops.

And in this presentation, he echoes what he said in that previous one when he says that the best way to deal with stocks that behave differently is to set customized trailing stops for every stock that you own.

They display a mathematical equation on which the calculations are based on:

The 4X Stock Booster Summit

Keith tells the panelists that by determining the volatility quotient, you can better determine when to get in and out of a trade. The lower it is, the less volatile a security is, and the higher it is, the more volatile the security is.

So, in the case of a low-volatility security, you should set a tight trailing stop and in the case of a high-volatility security, you should set a wider trailing stop.

That being said, the volatility quotient is merely the first step in his strategy. His next step is using another indicator that lets you know when, if you sell your stock, you should buy it again. He calls it the Stock State Indicator.

The third tool he uses is called the Position Size Indicator. It shows you how much of a stock you should buy.

These two indicators were also featured in the “Portfolio X-Ray” presentation I was referring to earlier.

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Who is Keith Kaplan?

Keith Kaplan is an investment analyst who works for TradeSmith, a boutique investment research firm that offers general investment advice to retail investors. It has 50,000 clients and tracks 20 billion in assets (note that tracking is different from managing).

Keith is a software expert and he is comfortable using technical tools to analyze stocks as is evident throughout the presentation.

He has been featured on CBS, NBC, Fox, and ABC.

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What is Trade360 and what do you get when you subscribe?

Trade360 is the newsletter Keith Kaplan is promoting through this presentation. He states that when you join, he will equip you to 4X the returns of the Oxford Club recommendations.

When you join the newsletter, you receive:

  • Pure Quant Portfolio Builder Alerts. You gain access to a tool that allows you to create a portfolio comprising recommendations by Alexander Green and Marc Lichtenfeld.
  • The Volatility Quotients (or VQ Score). You also gain access to a volatility quotient calculator that helps you set a perfect trailing stop.
  • The Portfolio Volatility Analyzer. This enables you to apply the velocity quotient system to your entire portfolio.
  • The Stock State Indicator. It informs you whether you should re-purchase a stock you had already sold.
  • The Position Size Calculator. It determines you how much of a stock you should buy.
  • The Risk Rebalancer Tool. You gain access to a tool that enables you to balance risk in your portfolio.
  • The Newsletter Center. You have access to all recommendations from Marc and Alex Green.
  • Billionaire Portfolios. You access the investment ideas of “the best investing minds.”
  • The Ideas Lab. It is a tool that sifts through thousands of stocks and ranks them based on profit potential.
  • All-New Training Center. It is a series of videos that show you how to get the most out of your Trade360 subscription.

If you are an Oxford Club member, in addition to those benefits, you get two bonuses, namely:

  • The “Perfect Portfolio for 1,000% Gains.” It is a portfolio made up of the best of Alex and Marc’s stock picks.
  • The “Best Picks of the Billionaires Portfolio.” This portfolio comprises the best investments of 30 billionaires.

How much do you pay to join Trade360?

An annual subscription retails for $2,199.

Does Trade360 have a Refund Policy?

They do not offer cash refunds. Instead, if you cancel your membership within 30 days of joining, they give you credit to use on any other service they offer.

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Closing Remarks on The 4X Stock Booster Summit

The 4X Stock Booster Summit is all Keith Kaplan (TradeSmith) explaining to Marc Lichtenfeld and Alexander Green how they can improve their returns by timing their entry and exit points better. Since both admit that they use trailing stops for their respective strategies, Keith shows them how to use the volatility quotient to set better percentages to avoid exiting a rising trade too early and missing out on profits or staying too long in a losing trade and losing money.

In watching this latest presentation, there is a feeling of Déjà vu if you had watched the Portfolio X-Ray presentation earlier. Keith repeats much of what he was talking about back then and the only difference is in the newsletter he is promoting – in the previous one, he was promoting TradeStops, and in this one, Trade360.

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