Jeff Clark: The $4 Trillion Market Snap Legit?

Jeff Clark recently sat down to talk about investing in the stock market. Jeff’s track record includes predicting the market crashes of 2008, 2020, and 2022 thus he says that he has the credentials to talk about the current market.

He says that he has found a way to make money in a bear market and could help you earn decades-worth of returns in 40 days.

In this review, we will take a look at how his investment strategy will potentially help you achieve this.

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What is The $4 Trillion Market Snap?

According to Jeff Clark, the stock market is about to snap, a move that will result in $4 trillion exchanging hands.

But as this happens, he says that he has identified three stocks that could earn profits in a 40-day window that runs to the end of the year.

$4 Trillion Market Snap

A market snap is a market event that triggers a move in a stock price chart that you can capitalize on to make money fast. A snap can be a situation where a stock rises or falls.

According to Jeff, you can earn decades-worth of gains if you time your move.

He says that market snaps are guaranteed to occur thanks to federal law (73-291) in section 13 enforced by SEC. This is the law that requires public companies to release their financials (earnings reports) every quarter.

Therefore, these snaps are strongly linked to earnings season.

Earnings season refers to the months when most quarterly corporate earnings are released to the public. Earnings season generally occurs immediately following the end of each fiscal quarter.

Jeff claims that quick explosive moves usually occur in the price charts after earnings are announced as the market reacts to the news whether it is better or worse than expectations.

Jeff trades after the earnings announcements and not before.

To predict how the stock will move after earnings reports, he says that he monitors the moving average. He argues that stocks tend to follow the moving average even when they move up and down.

$4 Trillion Market SnapTherefore, if a stock goes above the moving average soon after an earnings announcement, it doesn’t take long to come back. The inverse happens if it moves below the moving average.

After earnings season, after the initial hysteria, the stock always snaps back to the trend line.

Jeff trades options on the stock based on this information and he says that it has been quite reliable.

He has identified three stocks that he says are expected to make big moves.

  • DoorDash (DASH)
  • Yelp (YELP)
  • Walmart (WMT)

He will trade options trades on them just like he did with the 3 Stock Retirement Blueprint.

If you want to receive more of Jeff’s insights, you have to join Jeff Clark’s Earnings Trader.

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Who is Jeff Clark?

Jeff Clark is an investment guru whose investment philosophy focuses on profiting from options in any market environment.

He used to work for Stansberry Research and over 15 years, he edited two successful trading letters, The Short Report and Pro Trader.

who is Jeff ClarkJeff retired from his independent, San Francisco-based brokerage house and private money management firm at age 42. His clients were some of California’s wealthiest individuals.

Before that, he used to develop the curricula for an international Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. He also launched an investor education firm.

Jeff’s advisories have both conservative and speculative approaches, depending on the situation. His goal is to take capitalize on short- and sometimes intermediate-term moves in the market while limiting downsize and maximizing upside. Jeff shows subscribers the unique strategy he uses to trade his own money and used when he was working for his wealthy clients.

The intention is to potentially make money no matter what a stock does – whether it goes up, down, or just stays the same.

With a track record to back him up, his subscribers have had the opportunity to make triple-digit gains over 50 times and double-digit gains more than 160 times.

Jeff Clark Trader is an introductory options service, where he focuses on option trading fundamentals and lower-risk trades to teach investors the power of using options to amplify their returns. He believes that you can fund a comfortable retirement by trading just three stocks.

The advanced options service, the Delta Report, has more advanced options strategies, with greater frequency, and higher return potential.

He also runs a trading blog called Delta Direct that documents his minute-by-minute observations of the stock and options markets. Subscribers can take advantage of the trade setups Jeff sees forming, as well as specific advice for short-term “scalp trades.”

The newly-launched Forever Portfolio has Jeff creating a portfolio of stocks that can provide great returns over the long run. He shows you how to take advantage of stocks that have historically been “recession-proof.” You can either trade the stocks directly or use his “no money down” options strategy.

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Jeff Clark’s Earnings Trader Review

He also runs Earnings Trader, which shows you how to take advantage of the volatility around earnings season to profit with options. He claims that there are gains both leading up to and following earnings announcements.

$4 Trillion Market SnapHere’s what you receive when you join Earnings Trader:

12 months of Jeff Clark’s Earnings Trader

You will receive timely trading recommendations and research every week. Each of them has the potential to double your money or more in a matter of days or hours. He will show you how to set your portfolio back on track and reap decades’ worth of gains by the end of the year.

Buy and Sell Alerts

When Jeff’s system identifies a new stock that will make a big move, he’ll send you an alert telling you what to do. He will tell you when it’s time to get out of the trade and take profits. You will be sent an alert too.

$4 Trillion Market “Snap”: How to Make 40 years’ Worth of Gains by the End of the Year

$4 Trillion Market SnapThis special report comes to you for free. Jeff will teach his unique earnings trading strategy. He says that with his strategy, you’ll make money in bull and bear markets. He explains why trading earnings the way he does could be one of the most profitable trades you’ll ever make.

Jeff’s Proprietary “$4 Trillion Market Snap” Calendar

$4 Trillion Market SnapThis proprietary calendar has every stock Jeff is monitoring between now and the end of the year. Jeff Clark has been working on this calendar for months together with his team and he claims that it is the secret sauce. This calendar will let you know ahead of time which stocks are likely to make a big move.

The Earnings Trader Manifesto

It is an exclusive training session Jeff Clark had in Washington, D.C., behind closed doors where you had to pay as much as $1,795 to attend. You will get the video for free when you join today.

5 Widely-Held Stocks You Must Avoid Like The Plague

$4 Trillion Market SnapIn this report, Jeff Clark lists five stocks that he thinks could fall even more in the coming weeks (they have been falling). Most of them are in regular 401(k)s so he feels that you need to avoid one of these “time bombs.”

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Options Trading Masterclass

If you are new to options this video will teach you how to go from newbie to pro in no time.

You’ll learn to make money in bull AND bear markets, how to manage risk without eliminating your gain potential, why options can be much better — and safer — than penny stocks, and how to predict where a stock is headed next

Jeff Clark claims that people pay thousands for this level of information but you’ll get it for free.

Jeff Clark Trader Mobile App

This app will send you a notification on your phone as soon as Jeff identifies a new opportunity that he thinks could deliver instant profits for you.

According to Jeff Clark, stock snaps happen quickly during earnings seasons so you need to be ready on a moment’s notice. The app keeps you in the loop of how things are unfolding.

Exclusive Members-Only Website

With access to this website, you will easily find all the issues, reports, and educational videos — plus a model portfolio that’s monitored 24/7.

Jeff Clark’s Earnings Trader Pricing

You get a full year of Jeff Clark’s Earnings Trader for $2,000 if you use the link provided at the end of the presentation to sign up for the newsletter.

Jeff Clark’s Earnings Trader Refund Policy

Jeff Clark will not refund your $2,000 when you sign up for the newsletter even if you want to quit. Instead, he has a 90-Day Satisfaction guarantee. Here is how it is described on the order page:

“Jeff is giving you 90 days to test things out. If at any point in the next 90 days, you’re not blown away by the results, then just call our member services team.

They’ll give you full credit for your subscription. You can apply it to any of our other high-end research services, or one from our corporate affiliates.

Remember, the next 40-day window of big stock moves starts now, which means as soon as the market opens tomorrow, we’ll see dozens of opportunities. Please note: we cannot offer cash refunds.”

Always read the finer details before you pay for an online investment advisory service. That way, you avoid disappointments and misinterpretations.

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Closing Remarks on $4 Trillion Market Snap

Jeff Clark claims that you can take advantage of earnings announcements by making the right moves guided by the moving average. He says that the right time to trade is right after the earnings reports are released and not before.

Earnings seasons have historically been used by traders to make money (or lose it) by speculating how companies will perform. Most investors rely on analysts’ review of a company’s earnings and assessment of the intrinsic value of its stock to make a move.

He has identified three stocks DoorDash (DASH), Yelp (YELP), and Walmart (WMT) that he wants to trade options on. This is a strategy he likes using (finding three stocks) and has based his past investment strategies on it.

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