What Is The 15-Minute Workday? [Bryan Bottarelli]

Today, we will be turning our attention to “The 15-Minute Workday,” a presentation that Bryan Bottarelli and Monument Traders Alliance has been promoting a lot.

It concerns a trading strategy that he says enables you to earn daily payouts of $500 or even $1,880 while staying at home (he doesn’t specify how much you’d need to start with to earn those returns).

In this piece, I will give you an overview of the presentation covering the most significant talking points I gleaned off of it after sitting through it in its entirety.

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What is The 15-Minute Workday? (The Pitch)

Bryan Bottarelli recently released a pitch telling us that you can make money from home without spending too much time on it in what he refers to as “The 15-Minute Workday.”

The 15 Minute Workday [Bryan Bottarelli]

It all stems from the fact that more people are having to spend time at home and he relays that quite early in the pitch saying:

“America just entered a whole new ‘stay at home’ economy.

This year, the number of Americans working from home jumped from 3% to 62%.”

With all these people staying at home, and with most of them out of a job, he offers a way that they can make money only spending 15 minutes at a time on it:

“What if I told you that you could turn 15 minutes of downtime each day…

Into an extra $500… $1,000… or more? (On 50% to 100% gains.)”

And it has to do with investing in the options market:

“I’ve already shown thousands of people how to make thousands in the options market in just 15 minutes of trading.”

All you have to do is follow a simple process:

“It’s about jumping on the computer… following simple instructions to make a few trades… and radically improving your life in the process.”

Wall Street’s Four Deadly Lies

As the presentation wears on, Bryan claims that the rules of investing are skewed in Wall Street’s favor (at the expense of the poor) but that he has a way of breaking the cycle. According to him, to achieve the success you need to be wary of the four lies peddled by Wall Sreet.

The four lies are:

  1. “It Takes a Long Time to Make Money.” He rubbishes the notion that you need to spend years investing in safe blue-chip stocks and says that he will teach you to make money “As fast as humanly possible.”
  2. “You Can’t Beat the Market.” He says that Wall Street elites want us to believe that retail investors cannot beat the market on their own so that you can pay them. He says that it is misleading because you can beat the market.
  3. “You Need a Lot of Money to Get Started as a Trader.” He says that you don’t need a lot of money to get started and even $100 should suffice if you are a beginner.
  4. “Wall Street Is Way Smarter Than You.” He says that most of the elites are not exceptional and that they even lose more money than some beginners. He even cites this article by CNBC that posits that active managers do worse than the S&P.

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Who is Bryan Bottarelli?

Bryan Bottarelli is one of the founders of Monument Traders Alliance, a boutique investment research firm that doles out financial advice to retail investors.

He claims that he used to be a “wage slave”; he was working at a Mcdonald’s for minimum wage before he joined the world of finance.

He got his break when he started working in the live trading pit of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. While he was there, he competed with other floor traders and learned a great deal about trading in the process.

Then he decided to quit and start implementing strategies that enabled him to earn more money without exerting the same level of effort, which gave rise to “The 15-Minute Workday.”

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How does “The 15-Minute Workday” work?

He pinpoints his trades by isolating certain patterns and money flows (although he doesn’t get into how exactly he does it and I believe is intentionally vague about this):

“We trade fast.

I use trading patterns and money flows I learned to track in my days in the trading pits to identify stocks that are going to move up or down very quickly in the short term.

And by targeting these movements, you can get in and out very quickly.”

He recommends small trades that typically are small stocks or options plays:

“When Wall Street wants to target a stock, it moves millions into a position. This can take time and can also affect prices.

But we target small stocks and options plays that are perfect for regular people just trying to capture a few thousand bucks.”

To get his trade recommendations out, he uses a forum he created called The War Room.

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What is The War Room? (The Trading Service)

I have written a more comprehensive review about it that you can read here, but if you are pressed for time, here is a quick summary:

It is a platform that he created where he posts the opportunities he spots giving you clear instructions to follow to implement them, and make money.

It has a forum-like format because he is not the only one who posts; his research staff and other subscribers do too (even you can post). This is why he refers to it as a community because it creates discussions where you can share comments and read other members’ responses.

If you join the War Room, you will receive:

  • Access to the private members-only website and an archive of Bottarelli’s model trade portfolio and reports.
  • A guide called Getting Started as a War Room Trader that familiarizes you with how The War Room works.
  • Access to The War Room Trade Alert System. You receive a push notification when Bryan makes a recommendation.
  • The Home Trader Master Class.

As part of the presentation, he also promises to send you free reports like Developing the Winning Mindset of a Home Trader and Rule of 5 Profit System.

How much do you pay to join The War Room?

If you join the War Room via the presentation, you will pay $2,100 for one year or $3,100 to sign up for two years.

Does The War Room have a Refund Policy?

The fee is non-refundable.

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Closing Remarks on The 15-Minute Workday

The 15-Minute Workday is a presentation by Bryan Bottarelli promoting The War Room.

It is all based on a trading strategy of identifying small stocks or options plays and investing in them with a small amount of money and getting out of the trades relatively fast. He doesn’t go into the details of how he spots those trades though.

Bryan gives numerous examples of people who implemented his advice that went on to make tons of money in a short period with minimal effort. Although he does this to get you interested in his strategy, you should take it with a grain of salt.

If you are interested in joining The War Room, scrutinize his strategy objectively before you commit, bearing in mind that the subscription fee is non-refundable.

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