What Is Tesla’s Million Mile Battery? [Ray Blanco Pitch]

Aaron Gentzler recently featured Ray Blanco in a webinar about Tesla’s Million Mile Battery.

In what they pegged as potentially “the biggest tech story of the year,” they were discussing a tiny $2 company that “could explode 100% or more in matter of minutes” after playing a part in the production of the revolutionary battery.

In this article, I will give you an overview of what they discussed during the pitch so you can better decide what to make of it. I also reveal the name of the stock he is touting as “a tiny $2 company.”

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What is Tesla’s Million Mile Battery? (The Pitch)

When Ray Blanco released the presentation, Tesla’s Million Mile Battery, he did it to promote his brand new newsletter, Catalyst Trader.

Tesla’s Million Mile Battery (Ray Blanco, Aaron Gentzler)

It begins by letting us know that Elon Musk is set to host a Tesla (TSLA) investor meeting on January 20, 2021, during which he will mention the name of a small company.

The tiny company, which at the time of Ray publishing the presentation was trading at $2, was founded by a former senior Tesla battery engineer. He is keen on it because he thinks that it has the key to a long-lasting battery.

Ray tells us that as soon as Elon mentions the company during the meeting, its stock may immediately rise by $2, doubling investors’ money. After that, it may go up further, potentially 10X your investment in three months.

Thus he believes that you have to invest in it before the investor meeting to not miss out on those gains.

Blanco is no stranger to setting deadlines as we saw him do in his presentation about Apple-Fi.

He says that the reason we haven’t heard about it is that it is too small to get coverage from Wall Street analysts

The Million-Mile Battery Project

Ray says that during Tesla’s earnings call in January, Elon will reveal details concerning the project to investors. It involves a battery that gets 1,000,000 miles of use.

Though after doing some digging, I found out that he was talking about (the now past) Battery Day event Tesla held with its stockholders on September 22.

So, he may be referring to another event to be held in January.

I should mention that a private study conducted to establish the life-span of Tesla batteries found that, currently, they have no problem doing 500,000 miles.

Investing in Special Purpose Acquisition Companies

In addition to investing in the million-mile battery company, towards the end of the presentation, Ray talks of investing in Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs).

These are reverse mergers where a private company goes public by merging and swallowing a relatively mediocre penny stock just to gain access to public exchanges without going through a grueling IPO.

He reveals the name of one such company and its ticker symbol. It is Fisker Inc. (NYSE: FSR).

He has even written a report about investing in such companies that bears the title The Secret to Doubling Your Money With SPACs.

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The tiny company behind Tesla’s Million Mile Battery

Ray Blanco says that Tesla will partner with a tiny company that makes “battery material.” And with this partnership, they will dominate the battery market, which he projects to grow 10X in ten years.

Here is what he says about the tiny company:

“The entire industry is projected to grow 10X in 10 years…

And this $2 company could be an important part of that growth.

Over the next decade…

This tiny company predicts they will be making 100,000 tons of battery material a year.”

Thus, Tesla will be its customer considering it is one of the largest players in the battery business.

Insiders have been buying shares of the company, which Ray sees as a sign that they are confident in it:

“By the way, Aaron, all the insiders are already positioned for a big announcement.

They own 64% of the company’s shares…

And they keep buying more.”

And as for its co-founder, here is what he says:

“Back In 2015, Tesla hired the pioneering scientist of the original lithium-ion battery and his team of engineers to lead their battery research division…

And the co-founder was part of that team.

For privacy reasons, let’s call this scientist Dr. D for short.”

And he goes on:

“Dr. D runs Tesla’s battery research at a lab at one of the most prestigious universities up in Canada.

A lab that is responsible for some of the greatest battery advancements in history.

And it’s this very same lab that the $2 company spun out of.”

As for the management and the board, Ray has this to say:

“This includes the former CEO of the largest chemical company in the world…

A retired admiral from the U.S. Navy…

And even Dr. D’s own son is now the director of engineering at this $2 company.”

It also has a patent application:

“This is patent application No. 3069168 filed in the World Intellectual Property Organization.

And I believe this patent is the key for the whole process.”

And he goes on…

“And this patent holds the rights to a revolutionary production method for those materials.

It’s a method that can make battery materials of the highest quality…

And it can make them cheaper…

Much more efficiently…

And with ZERO harmful waste.”

Ray says that he clicked a link that confirmed that the company is in partnership with other clients. He mentions companies like Panasonic, Samsung, Sanyo, Apple, and Microsoft, just to name a few.

Now, he has written a report bearing the name and ticker of the company and he calls it 10X Your Money With the Million-Mile Battery. If you wish to get a copy of the report, you have to subscribe to his new research service called Catalyst Trader.

But, that won’t be necessary because the company he is referring to here is Novonix (OTCMKTS: NVNXF or ASX: NVX). It is an Australian company that supplies synthetic graphite that is used to make batteries. It also provides high precision battery testing equipment.

It spun out of Dr. Jeff Dahn’s lab at Dalhousie University (Canadian).

Why do I think this is the company Blanco is teasing?

Jeff Dahn is a major figure in lithium-ion battery research and used to work for Tesla. He joined them in 2016.

He led a team that was funded by Tesla and was working at Dalhousie University when it released a research paper that alluded to the million-mile battery. His son is also involved with the company.

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Who is Ray Blanco?

Ray Blanco is the chief technology officer of Seven Figure Publishing, which is an imprint of Agora Financial.

He has held the role for 11 years and during that time, he has been pointing his subscribers to tech companies that are set to ride major trends. Some have been successes and some have done badly.

To arrive at his stock picks, he interviews the leadership of those companies, travels to the factories, and does anything but sit around in an office reading financial reports. He believes that a “boots on the ground” approach is the best way to find those opportunities.

Ray has always been passionate about technology. He used to spend hours programming an old Timex Sinclair 2000 when he was a kid.

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What is Catalyst Trader? (The Newsletter)

Catalyst Trader is a new financial newsletter that Ray Blanco started. It appears that he will be publishing it via Seven Figure Publishing.

Tesla’s Million Mile Battery (Ray Blanco, Aaron Gentzler)

He says that he launched it because he felt that there was a limit to the companies he could recommend via his flagship newsletter, Technology Profits Confidential.

Here is how he explains it:

“You see, there is a limit on the companies I can recommend in my flagship letter, Technology Profits Confidential.

Because with over 78,000 readers…

Microcap companies are off limits.

That’s because if everyone invested in that opportunity, it could artificially inflate the price, which would be totally unfair.”

Therefore, we can see that he started the new advisory service to be recommending microcap stocks; but not just any stocks because he wants to target tech companies.

If you subscribe to the newsletter, you will receive:

  • Urgent flash alerts whenever he identifies a new investment opportunity, weekly updates, and a Q&A session during which he will breakdown all his positions.
  • Ray Blanco’s Catalyst Calendar in which he has indicated 12 special upcoming catalyst dates and the best way to play them.
  • An invitation to a virtual investment symposium called “Catalyst Trader Symposium.”
  • A copy of the two reports I mentioned earlier (one about the battery stock and another about SPACs).

How much do you pay to join Catalyst Trader?

You can join for $1,995, which he says is a 60% markdown from the usual price of $5,000.

Does Catalyst Trader have a Refund Policy?

The subscription fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

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Closing Remarks on Tesla’s Million Mile Battery

Tesla’s Million Mile Battery is a pitch that was meant to introduce us to Ray Blanco’s new investment advisory service, Catalyst Trader.

He also touts Novonix Limited that he speculates is in a partnership with Tesla. He thinks it will supply Tesla with the material needed to make its new “million-mile” batteries.

Although Ray is optimistic about the tiny company going up exponentially, he is cautious and warns that “all investing carries risk” and that nothing is ever guaranteed – something that you should take to heart if you follow his lead because the battery industry is ever-evolving and few companies ever make the impact they tell the world they are capable of.

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