Are Teeka Tiwari Tech Royalties Legit?

Wondering whether Teeka Tiwari Tech Royalties are legit?

If you’ve come across Teeka Tiwari’s presentation titled “The Tech Royalty Retirement Plan” you’re probably interested to know how these so called Tech Royalties work.

He claims to have found an investment involving tech royalties that is worth holding onto for the next decade.

In the header, he promises to show you:

“How You Can Collect $180,472 Every Year… And Enjoy Income for Life… Starting with just $100.”

I sat through the entire video presentation and decided to write this review to give you a summary of the main talking points. Hopefully, you will be better placed to decide what to make of his propositions after reading this.

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What is the Tech Royalty Retirement Plan?

The Tech Royalty Retirement Plan presentation by Teeka introduces us to an investment that he expects to boom in the next ten years.

This is not the first time I am reviewing Teeka Tiwari’s work. I recently shared reviews of his other presentations titled Project Deepwave, Genesis Technology and 5 Coins to $5 Million.

The Tech Royalty Retirement Plan

If you implement Teeka Tiwari’s Tech Royalty Retirement Plan, you will invest in what he refers to as “tech royalties.” These are cryptocurrencies that are unlike conventional ones like Bitcoin. Here is how he puts it:

“You see Tech Royalties are a new kind of software built on crypto technology that could turn $100 into a massive income stream. They’re unlike any other cryptocurrency you may have heard of before… And they’re nothing like Bitcoin. In fact cryptos like Bitcoin have absolutely nothing to do with Tech Royalties.”

He sees these royalties as a reliable source of income, capable of growing your nest egg and guaranteeing you a comfortable retirement.

He thinks that tech royalties will be a hit in the coming decade because he expects new developments in the sector. This will be sparked by a breakthrough that was made in 2009 but that is yet to reach mass adoption:

“You can start with as little as $100… retire in a year… and enjoy income for life. It’s all thanks to a new technology breakthrough from 2009 that’s just about to hit the public markets. Soon, this new royalty investment will be available in your brokerage account…”

Tech royalties will enable you to invest in emerging, but potentially explosive tech trends that have not been adopted widely yet. By investing in them, you will hope that they take off thus paying you royalties months or even years down the line.

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What are Teeka Tiwari’s Tech Royalties?

Teeka Tiwari reveals that tech royalties are cryptocurrencies:

“But many people have heard of Tech Royalties by a different name: Cryptocurrencies.”

The cryptos he is referring to are usually issued to investors to incentivize them to invest in unproven startups. Since the potential to earn oversized returns is alluring to investors, they enable startups to raise funds.

“You get paid a percentage of the revenue from a new technology. When that technology takes off… you’re set for life.”

Tech royalties are usually associated with companies that develop computer games, operating systems, productivity software, and other utility programs.

They are capable of generating higher returns than dividend stocks. He gives the example of Microsoft Windows Royalties:

“Say you bought $1,000 of regular Microsoft stock when it IPO’d in 1986.

Today, you’d have $241,645 in dividends. That’s averages out to $7,107 a year in dividend income. That looks like a great return… until you compare it to a “Tech Royalty.”

Now, instead…Imagine you owned a “Tech Royalty” of just .01% on Microsoft Windows.

To put it another way… What if you got a cut of the revenue from Microsoft Windows since 1995… You’d be collecting an average of $880,000… year after year after year. And you’d have more than $29 million… That’s a ‘Tech Royalty’…”

They pay returns daily, weekly, or monthly unlike dividend stocks that have to follow a strict schedule when paying dividends.

They are relatively cheap if you get in on them early. He says that you can purchase some for less than 10 cents. However, as soon as institutional money pours in, their demand rises and they become more expensive.

To learn more about tech royalties, read Teeka Tiwari’s report titled My Top 3 Tech Royalties In 2020 For Early Retirement.

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Who is Teeka Tiwari?

Teeka Tiwari is the founder of the Palm Beach Research Group. He edits its flagship investment advisory service, the Palm Beach Letter. He is widely regarded as a leading cryptocurrency expert.

He is also the editor of Palm Beach Confidential (cryptocurrency), Teeka Tiwari’s Alpha Edge, Palm Beach Quant, Palm Beach Venture, and Palm Beach Crypto Income Quarterly.

He grew up in the foster care system in the UK and migrated to the US aged 16. By the time he was 18 years old, he was the youngest employee at Lehman Brothers. He became Shearson Lehman’s youngest vice president two years later.

He made money off of the Asian Financial Crisis in 1998 by short selling but he later lost everything for hanging on too long. He declared bankruptcy that year.

After learning an invaluable lesson on managing risks from that experience, he rebuilt his wealth by trading prudently. He also launched a successful hedge fund.

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What is the Palm Beach Crypto Income Quarterly?

After sitting through the video presentation or reading the script, you’ll realize that it is all meant to advertise the Crypto Income Quarterly investment advisory service.

The annual subscription fee is $2,000, a markdown from the usual $3,500, to “reward” you for viewing the presentation.

If you are a Palm Beach Confidential subscriber, you will pay $1,500. The first two quarters will also be waivered to the tune of $498.

When you sign up for Teeka Tiwari’s Crypto Income Quarterly, you receive:

  • A report titled My Top 3 Tech Royalties In 2020 For Early Retirement
  • A second report titled 10 Cryptocurrency Income Special Situations That Could Hand You $81,624 Per Year or More FOR LIFE
  • Quarterly research reports with new findings of crypto income opportunities.
  • A free subscription to Greg Wilson’s Monthly Newsletter, Wilson’s Crypto Insights. Only 52 professionals receive it.
  • Email updates whenever something comes up that affects your positions.
  • Income Crypto Quick Start Guide. It is a comprehensive guide on how the new cryptos work and how the “FIRE” system works
  • Unannounced additional crypto video guides from cryptocurrency instructor, Hector Pena.

Refund Policy

There is no refund policy. What they have instead is a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, which stipulates that you have 90 days to contact customer care to cancel your membership.

But instead of refunding your subscription fee, they provide you with credit to use on any other research service offered by Palm Beach Research Group or its corporate affiliates.

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Teeka Tiwari Tech Royalties Conclusion

Teeka Tiwari’s Tech Royalty Retirement Plan is all about investing in cryptocurrencies. He has identified a couple of cryptos that he expects to boom in the coming decade.

He has such faith in them he declares that you only need $100 to generate income for life, enough to fund your retirement.

Ultimately, the presentation is designed to get you to invest in Teeka Tiwari’s Crypto Income Quarterly newsletter (a subscription is worth $2,000).

Remember, if you subscribe to Crypto Income Quarterly, you will be in the automatic renewal program. This means that at the end of each quarter, your credit card will be charged $249. If you don’t want to be charged, you have to turn the quarterly auto-renewal feature off.

Also bear in mind that Teeka Tiwari does not offer you personalized investment advice if you subscribe to his newsletter.

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