What Is Teeka Tiwari Genesis Technology?

What is Teeka Tiwari Genesis Technology?

If you have come across a presentation by Teeka Tiwari touting “The Investment of the Decade” you are probably asking that very question.

Teeka Tiwari Genesis Technology concerns an innovation that he claims could soar by up to 295,000% (going by World Economic Forum estimates).

He thinks his “Investment of the Decade” may prove to be even more important than 5G, IoT, and AI.

Having sat through the presentation about his must own stocks, I wrote this article to give you a summary of what he was talking about and shed light on his Palm Beach Letter service.

I hope that after you read this, you will be in a better position to determine whether his blockchain stock picks are a viable investment opportunity.

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What is Teeka Tiwari Genesis Technology?

“Teeka Tiwari Genesis Technology” or “The Investment of The Decade” is a presentation by Teeka Tiwari where he talks about a new investment opportunity that may prove to be “the #1 investment of the 2020s.”

He also uses it to advertise the Palm Beach Letter, which he edits and publishes via the Palm Beach Research Group (PBRG).

Teeka Tiwari Genesis Technology

What is Blockchain Technology?

Before we go any further, the technology he is talking about is blockchain. Blockchain is Teeka Tiwari’s investment of the decade.

Blockchain technology is a decentralized ledger system that provides us with a safe and incorruptible way to store records. Teeka describes it as the foundational technology of blockchain.


Here is how Tiwari describes it:

“At its core, blockchain is really just a very secure way to store information…

It is the safest way to store information that has ever been devised. Because you can’t ‘hack’ the system.

So, blockchain’s potential uses are wide and varied…”

It has a wide variety of uses and is mostly used to store information. Blockchain technology is also the foundation of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In the presentation, Tiwari says that blockchain use cases will rise as more industries embrace it to streamline their operations because data storage is one of the biggest business considerations in the age of Big Data.

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How to Invest in Teeka Tiwari’s Genesis Technology

As blockchain becomes more ubiquitous, smart investors will invest in companies that will be involved in the blockchain technology revolution.

That’s where Teeka comes in with his three blockchain stocks (aka his investment of the decade) that he predicts will go up by up to 295,000%.

The three companies are not the sort of stocks that mainstream financial media would bring to your attention. He says that you may never have heard of these companies.

So what is his Investment of the Decade?

Teeka Tiwari’s investment of the decade refers to 3 small companies.

He describes them as small companies that are helping the bigger, more recognizable companies to integrate blockchain into their storage systems.

Here is how he describes them:

The 1st Company

He says that it will be in charge of a blockchain investment exchange:

“Well, soon, we’re going to see a brand new blockchain exchange hit the markets. And one company has positioned itself as the sole ‘gatekeeper.’ You see, it’s the only company cleared by the SEC to trade blockchain investments…”

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The 2nd Company

Teeka believes the second company is building a blockchain-based payment system:

“The Next Visa: The Blockchain ‘Payment Stock’ I Predict Will Go Up 16x! …. As I mentioned earlier, I believe our current debit and credit cards will soon disappear… They’ll be replaced by better, much safer ‘blockchain-backed’ cards…. One payment company right now has already implemented blockchain into its system!”

The 3rd Company

He compares the third one to Cisco and how it built the infrastructure needed to power the internet. This third pick is going to build the hardware needed for the blockchain boom:

“One company has brilliantly positioned itself to scoop up billions in revenue by supplying the hardware needed to power the blockchain boom.”

They all have big-name investors to add to their gravitas.

Although he didn’t reveal their names during the Investment of the Decade presentation, he wrote a report about them for people who would like to invest in them.

The report is called The Investment of the Decade: Three Must-Own Stocks that Will Power Blockchain’s 295,000% Revolution and the only way you can get your hands on it is by subscribing to the Palm Beach Letter.

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Who Is Teeka Tiwari?

Teeka Tiwari is the founder of the Palm Beach Research Group.

He is a former hedge fund manager and also an editor of a couple of newsletters published by the Palm Beach Research Group. They include Palm Beach Confidential (a crypto focused newsletter), Alpha Edge, Palm Beach Letter, Crypto Income Quarterly, Palm Beach Venture, and Palm Beach Quant.

teeka tiwari

Teeka moved to the US from the UK while he was still a teenager. He had a tough upbringing as a child in his native country (the UK) because was raised in the foster care system.

When he arrived on American shores, he had a steely determination that was uncharacteristic of young people his age, but it was crucial to his success. He was the youngest employee at Lehman Brothers at 18 and he later became the youngest VP in Shearson Lehman’s history.

After having a lucrative career on Wall Street, he quit to help Main Street Investors make better decisions in the stock market. Writing newsletters was one of the ways he intended to achieve that goal.

Teeka’s Crypto and Blockchain Technology Picks

He has been referred to as the crypto oracle by the blockchain world due to his ability to pick winning investments.

His three best blockchain stocks aka his investment of the decade could cement this as they grow through the mass adoption of cryptos.

As crypto grows so will decentralized finance and artificial intelligence.

Why does Teeka expect massive growth in blockchain investing?

In 2021 the blockchain market surpassed $2 trillion in market cap.

The finance industry is finally starting to pay attention to the blockchain industry. Teeka claims that even Warren Buffett is a fan of Genesis which is his investment of the decade (Teeka’s not Buffet’s).

Is Teeka Legit?

Teeka Tiwari is definitely legit, he has been at the forefront of blockchain technology over the last several years sharing his investment opportunities with his followers. He’s known for helping educate people on financial literacy and is one of the most respected investors in the crypto space.

He has shown he is not a 1 trick pony, as he has given investment picks across multiple industries.

The crypto projects he pitched recently I personally invested in and was able to make incredible returns on. Others in the bitcoin community have followed his picks too and had similar results.

It’s not that he necessarily picks safe investment ideas, but instead he is picking investments where the payoff is far higher than the risk, allowing you to bet small amounts, this is known as Asymmetric investing and by investing in the secret technology he talks about, it’s really an investor’s dream.

Teeka calls distributed ledger technology the investment of the decade.

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Are Palm Beach Research Group Legit?

Palm Beach Research Group are certainly legitimate.

Here is how they describe themselves,

The Palm Beach Research Group is a publishing company unlike any other. Most financial advisories are little more than stock “tip sheets.” But we don’t limit our ideas to just stocks and bonds. We also research options, real estate, private equity, and alternative assets like gold and cryptocurrencies. Because we know there’s a place for all these in a well-balanced and successful portfolio.

Newsletters such as the Palm Beach Letter and Palm Beach Confidential offer excellent advice.

Teeka believes blockchain stocks are the future and has been talking about blockchain technology companies for several years now.

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What Is The Palm Beach Letter?

The Palm Beach Letter is an investment advisory service that Teeka Tiwari edits for the Palm Beach Research Group.

Through it, he suggests “off-Wall Street” investment opportunities you may not hear about anywhere else.

A one-year subscription to Palm Beach Letter costs $199 and it comes with a 60-day, money-back guarantee.

Included with your Palm Beach Letter subscription

Here is what you get when you subscribe to the Palm Beach Letter:

  • Monthly issues of the Palm Beach Letter every first Thursday of the month.
  • Access to the Palm Beach Letter Portfolio.
  • Bonus Research Reports through which Teeka keeps you updated on new trends and opportunities in the markets.
  • Access to the Members-only Online Portal
  • A bonus eBook called The Big Black Book of Income Secrets.

In addition to the above-listed benefits and the first report (The Investment of the Decade), you also receive four free special reports:

  • Blockchain “Moonshots”: Three Chances to Turn $1,000 into $1.6 million
  • The Davos Manifesto
  • The Private Deals Bible: How to Get Outsized Gains from Tiny Investments
  • How to Own a Fleet of Classic Cars for As Little As $50 Each.

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Genesis Technology Conclusion

In his presentation, Teeka Tiwari refers to the blockchain as the “genesis technology.” He also thinks that it is the investment of the decade and that it will rise drastically in the 2020s.

The main reason he thinks it will be more important than 5G, AI, or the Internet of Things is that it will be pervasive.

He thinks that in the next ten years, nearly every industry will adopt blockchain because it will help streamline operations.

Therefore, he thinks that the best way to make money from the revolution is to invest in blockchain stocks. Over time, those investments will rise steadily. Finally in 2021 the financial market is paying more attention to blockchain investment.

He has identified three stocks that he suggests you consider because he thinks that they are perfectly positioned to grow by up to 295,762% making them the investment of the decade, whether that will come true, only time will tell!

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