What Is Technology Profits Confidential? [Ray Blanco Newsletter]

Technology Profits Confidential is an advisory service that is published by Agora Financial and edited by Ray Blanco.

Since there is a lot of hype surrounding it, you have probably seen it featured in one of Ray’s presentations and wondered what it is all about.

In this review, I will be looking past the bold claims to understand how it works. Hopefully, by the end of it, you will be in a better position to judge whether it is worth trying out.

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What is Technology Profits Confidential?

Technology Profits Confidential is a technology- and biotech-based investment research service that is edited by Ray Blanco and published by Agora Financial.

Ray provides readers with general investment advice centered on the biotech and tech industries.

Technology Profits Confidential by Ray Blanco

This excerpt from the order page perfectly captures what the service is all about:

“The goal of Technology Profits Confidential is simple — to help you determine the right time to get in on some of technology’s most promising companies and ideas. The tech and biotech field can be tricky: get in too early, and you lose money. Get in too late, and the money’s already been made. You’ll need a guide to help you determine the opportune time to make your investment worth your while…”

Through it, Ray identifies the companies that stand to benefit the most from a tech trend and recommends them to his followers to allow them to get in on them before they surge.

Since a majority of those companies are relatively unknown, he deals with relatively small companies that are yet to be “discovered” by Wall Street analysts and mainstream financial media.

This reminds me of similar sentiments in presentations like Paul Mampilly’s The 12 Million Mile Battery or Britton Lyle’s The 5G Tollbooth Firm where the presenter says that he is eyeing a small company that is involved with a major trend.

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Who is Ray Blanco?

Ray Blanco is an investment analyst and a newsletter editor whose analysis centers on the technology and biotech sectors.

Ray has been into technology ever since he was a child. When he was an eighth-grader, rather than join his friends outside playing, he was in his basement doing science experiments and typing programming code.

He pursued a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Hodges University and after graduating, he spent over ten years working for public and private companies as a system analyst and network technician.

While he was designing and overseeing the entire network infrastructure of a private wealth management firm that had over $30 billion in assets under management, he came face-to-face with the world of investments and trading. It piqued his interest in the financial markets and he decided to integrate his new-found obsession with his passion for technology.

He started trading and offering investment advice. He spent most of his time scouring the market looking for the next groundbreaking technological trends aiming to stay ahead of the curve to profit from them.

His publications are published by Agora Financial as well as its publishing imprint, Seven Figure Financial. He edits Agora Financial’s FDA Trader, Breakthrough Technology Alert, and Technology Profits Confidential.

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How does Technology Profits Confidential work?

From what we’ve covered so far about Technology Profits Confidential, you can tell that Ray relies on market timing to find investment recommendations.

By definition, Market Timing is a trading strategy where an investor or speculator buys or sells assets based on predictions regarding price fluctuations. To an outsider, it looks like the investor is guessing when the market will go up or down and adjusting his investments to turn those movements into a profit.

So how does Ray pick his investments? Here is an excerpt from the Seven Figure Publishing website to help with that:

“Having the “next best thing” in technology doesn’t always guarantee success. There are other factors, like good management, relationships, and marketing. The best way to get a feel for a well-rounded company is to learn about them in a hands-on way.

Ray Blanco will try his best to get an interview with company insiders, visit labs, and attend conferences. There are few better ways to learn about a company’s story than to talk to the people running it, founding it, and driving the research.”

From that, we can tell that he relies more on fundamental analysis than on technical analysis (if he uses it).

Analysts who use fundamental analysis examine how macroeconomic and microeconomic factors affect the value of the company in question.

From the excerpt, an example of the macroeconomic aspect of it is when he attends those conferences to get a feel of how the industry runs or how a company he is targeting compares to its peers.

Examples of the microeconomic elements are when he evaluates the effectiveness of a company’s management or when he visits labs to learn how effective it is in its day-to-day.

What we can learn from the “Apple-Fi” pitch

A couple of weeks ago, Ray released a pitch called Apple-Fi” The 5G Killer to promote Technology Profits Confidential to prospective subscribers.

It was about a “secret” project by Apple to launch a satellite constellation to beam internet to iPhone users thus bypassing internet service providers.

While he used Apple (AAPL) to grab his audience’s attention, he was interested in a relatively small company that was to supply the rocket engines used to propel those satellites.

From that presentation, you could tell that he targets smaller companies that stand to benefit from major technological trends.

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What do you get when you join Technology Profits Confidential?

When you sign up for Technology Profit Confidential, you will receive the following:

  • Monthly issues of the Technology Profits Confidential newsletter: Every first week of the month, Ray and his team send you an email of the newsletter replete with tech and biotech analysis, special investment recommendations, and seven stories that will expand your knowledge of how the tech and biotech industries work.
  • Weekly portfolio updates: Every Friday, you receive a weekly alert providing you with the latest information regarding your portfolio positions so that you know where your current holdings stand.
  • Access to Special Reports: Each time Ray prepares a new report, you will be the first to receive it via email. You can also access the archive containing all previous reports that provide you with an in-depth analysis of the best companies in the biotech sector.
  • Access to the Updated Portfolio: The portfolio contains all of Ray’s recommendations, interactive charts, and the stocks that Ray is currently examining.
  • You will receive a free subscription to free newsletters like America Uncensored, Technology Profits Daily, 5 Minute Podcast, and The Rundown.

How much do you pay to join Technology Profits Confidential?

One year of the newsletter costs $199 although the rate depends on ongoing offers and discounts. Look out for those before you subscribe.

Remember that they will bill your credit card $199 automatically in subsequent years.

Does Technology Profits Confidential have a refund policy?

Ray will offer a full refund if you unsubscribe within the first 3 months of purchasing a subscription.

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Closing Remarks on Technology Profits Confidential

Technology Profits Confidential by Ray Blanco is an investment research service that provides insights regarding investing in big market trends with a focus on small companies. A majority of its recommendations are in the technology and biotech spaces.

It is important to note that the advice that Ray offers is not personalized. If you read through the “Terms and Conditions” of the newsletter, it states that the advice is published generally because it does not take into account your circumstances. For personalized advice, you should hire a financial advisor.

Remember that since there is a great deal of risk involved in timing the markets, you shouldn’t invest more than you are prepared to lose should you decide to follow Ray’s recommendations.

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