What Is Strategic Trends Investor by David Fessler?

As I was reviewing one of David Fessler’s presentations, I stumbled upon a paid newsletter called Strategic Trends Investor.

Fessler co-runs it with Matthew Carr and together, they claim that they alert subscribers to the best market trends early enough to earn potentially large returns, which sounds quite exciting.

So, in this review, I will be walking you through how they pick their stocks, what you get when you join, how much it costs to join, and if they have a refund policy.

Hopefully, in reading this you will be in a better position to decide whether it is worth considering.

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What is Strategic Trends Investor?

Strategic Trends Investor is a premium newsletter published by The Oxford Club and run by Matthew Carr and Dave Fessler.

Strategic Trends Investor Reviews

It is meant for Main Street or retail investors, to expose them to breakthrough trends and the investment opportunities that they bring. The ultimate goal is to beat institutional investors to those investments and earn big returns.

The two analysts mainly share investment opportunities in fledgling industries like 5G, Marijuana, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.

Coincidentally, these markets attract the attention of most investment gurus, as demonstrated in my reviews of presentations like 5G Cash Towers by Zach Scheidt and Ian King’s Spectrum The Future of All Technology.

To better understand how Strategic Trends Investor works, let’s revisit a presentation they heavily promoted as they were advertising the newsletter:

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How Strategic Trends Investor Works (The Linchpin Device pitch)

In the presentation titled Linchpin Device or The Next Tech Giant, Dave Fessler was talking about an investment opportunity in 5G.

He was touting a small company that he claimed had all the ingredients to become “the next big tech giant.”

For the sake of this review, I am more interested in how they arrived at it but if you want more details about that company, read my detailed review here.

This list of factors is not conclusive but it gives us a hint at what they look for in stock before they recommend it.

So, what do they look for in the ideal stock pick?

Management team

In the presentation, Dave demonstrated that good leadership is one of the factors they take into account. Here is an excerpt from the transcript:

“Why am I so confident? [in the company]

For one, the guy running the company has done it before.

The CEO is a 35-year veteran of the tech industry.

Before he joined the Next Tech Giant, he helped turn another small company into a global powerhouse with $27 billion in sales.”

A “Linchpin” Technology

Dave also looks for linchpin technology. This means that technology has to be pivotal to an innovation that paves the way for a wide range of industries.

For example, he explained how the steam engine was a linchpin technology because it sparked the industrial revolution and how the semiconductor was also crucial to the mass adoption of the internet.

“That’s why finding a company with a linchpin technology is – hands down – the best way to become wealthy.”

Attract the attention of institutional investors

When multiple institutional investors start buying shares in a small company, Dave and Matthew take it as a sign that it must have something special enough to attract “smart money.”

“The Next Tech Giant behind this disruptive device has been quietly attracting a lot of attention from institutional investors.

Vanguard, BlackRock, J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and others have all taken stakes valued at $180 million.”

Institutions hire the best analysts and have some of the best tools for analysis. Therefore, their attention in stock counts for something, especially when more than one of them invests.

Partnerships and patents

A company that has signed contracts with clients and has patented its technology guarantees that it will have cash flow and a market share:

“This company has signed contracts with Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Qualcomm, Nokia, Ericsson and several other 5G power players.

It has more than 200 patents.”

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Who is behind Strategic Trends Investor?

Strategic Trends Investor is run by two investment gurus; Dave Fessler and Matthew Carr:

Matthew Carr

Matthew works for the Oxford Club as its Chief Trends Strategist where he publishes a couple of newsletters in addition to Strategic Trends Investor. They are Trailblazer Pro, Dynamic Fortunes, The Viper Alert, and Profit Trends.

Of all its analysts, Matthew is known to be the one who has delivered the largest returns to his clients at the Oxford Club. That has been possible because he has a unique style of investing that focuses on growth trends.

He usually sets his sights on emerging industries that are showing promising trends and also dabbles in classic industries like oil and gas. His recommendations mostly come from emerging tech, 5G, cloud computing, and small caps.

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David Fessler

David (Dave) Fessler is also a contributing analyst of Strategic Trends Investor. In addition to that, he is the Energy and Infrastructure Strategist at The Oxford Club thanks to his professional background as an engineer.

He uses an analytical approach to finding the best investment opportunities and focuses on technology, alternative energy, and infrastructure as demonstrated in his 5G Contracts pitch.

In his book, The Energy Disruption Triangle, he goes to great lengths to explain how “the energy revolution” will impact the world as renewable energy gathers momentum.

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What you get when you join Strategic Trends Investor

When you subscribe to the Strategic Trends Investor, you will be receiving new investment opportunities from Dave and Matthew whenever they spot new profitable trends in their respective fields.

Note that a majority of their picks come from Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, telecommunications, eCommerce, and pretty much any other scalable tech sub-sector.

If you join, here is what you will be entitled to:

  • 12 monthly editions of the Strategic Trends Investor newsletter: Every month, they send you a newsletter with two stock picks, on average.
  • The Profits Trends: It is a free, educational e-letter that is delivered to your email. It acts as a guide to the market’s disruptive trends, spotting them early to allow you to earn the biggest returns.
  • The Weekly Wire newsletter: Every Wednesday, you will receive this e-letter in your inbox with updates concerning changes to the model portfolios and important market-moving news.
  • You gain access to the complete library of special reports.
  • Four model portfolios: You get to see what stocks Dave and Matthew have added to their portfolio. They update them every week.
  • Access to the members’ portal: It is an archive of all the investment reports that Dave and Matthew have ever sent their readers. It also enables you to manage your subscription.

Subscription Fee

The subscription fee for one year is $249

Refund Policy

It comes with a 365-day money-back policy as indicated below:

Strategic Trends Investor Reviews

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Strategic Trends Investor Conclusion

What Matthew Carr and Dave Fessler do can be termed as speculating, to some extent. They encourage their subscribers to take on a lot of risk by investing in unproven companies in the name of riding a trend.

When such risky moves work, the upside potential is quite huge but if they fail to work, the blowback can decimate your investment. Unfortunately, statistically, these investments are predisposed to fail because emerging markets are crowded with dozens of companies that are competing to become the market leaders; there are inevitably more losers than winners.

However, the benefit of receiving recommendations from experts like Dave and Matthew is that they know the industry better and are, therefore, likely to pick stocks that have a slightly higher chance of success.

Overall, if you are risk-averse, you are better off not joining Strategic Trends Investor.

That being said, the key takeaways on how this service works are:

  • Carr and Fessler look for breakthrough technologies
  • They single out the companies involved in rolling them out. The typical ones they choose to go for are small companies with a few elements that make them desirable.
  • They show their subscribers how to earn windfalls when the technologies are eventually mass adopted.

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