What Is Strategic Impact by Graham Summers?

One of the foundational investment advisory services published by Three Founders Publishing is Strategic Impact.

Run by Graham Summers, it is designed to give us a better understanding of what’s happening in the financial markets and prepare us for any eventuality with sound investments.

In this piece, we will take a close look at this newsletter to understand what it is all about.

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What is Strategic Impact?

Strategic Impact is an investment advisory service with a regular publishing schedule that is headed up by Graham Summers. It is published by Three Founders Publishing.

Strategic Impact by Graham Summers

Graham started it to provide his readers with an expert’s take of what’s happening “behind the scenes” in the capital markets and how geopolitics plays a part. He provides readers with unique investment ideas that are meant to earn returns based on his analysis of the financial climate.

Over the past decade or so, Graham has been offering investment insights to hedge funds, political advisors, high net worth individuals, and strategists working for institutions. But he now wants to take all that advice that was previously only reserved for those entities and avail it to individual investors through Strategic Impact.

What is his investment strategy?

One way to understand his approach is to dissect his presentations; these are the webinars gurus hold to pitch their newsletters.

In this case, a few months ago he released one called “America’s Death Spiral” in which he walked us through how he viewed the market and how he would invest given the climate. We will take a brief look at it to understand how Strategic impact works:

America’s Death Spiral (pitch)

America's Death Spiral

Graham starts the presentation on a dramatic note saying that he predicts that the country will go through a “financial extinction event” and that you should take steps to protect yourself.

He says that we are about to see catastrophic economic destruction and social unrest unlike what we’ve seen until now. There will be a massive wave of corporate, municipal, and personal bankruptcies and widespread bank failures. The stock market will decline by up to 70% and martial law may even be imposed.

He thinks the Federal Reserve would shoulder the blame if all those things were to happen because, according to him, it has “conducted a grand experiment on the American people.” What this means is that it has been implementing ‘bad’ monetary policies that have been favoring the rich and harming the rest of the country.

As the economy collapses, the three largest banks, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, and JP Morgan Chase will report bad results and make it clear just how bad the personal and corporate defaults will have been. Panic will ensue just like when Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers showed us how bad things were in 2008.

And how does Graham propose that you prepare for the Death Spiral? He wants you to:

  • Invest in precious metals. This is a standard response to economic adversity. We’ve even seen other gurus like Eric Fry and EB Tucker propose it.
  • Avoid putting our savings in risky banks – the ones that might collapse.
  • Invest in crisis-proof stocks (that he would recommend)
  • Invest in certain ETFs that may generate life-changing gains (also recommended by him).

This is a highly summarized account of how the presentation went and I’d urge you to read my review for a more detailed take of how it unfolded.

Nevertheless, what it demonstrates is that the newsletter is all about uncovering little-known investment opportunities that occur when there are massive shifts in the financial system.

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Who is Graham Summers?

Graham Summers is part of the editorial team at Three Founders Publishing. He has spent the last 15 years working as an investment strategist. He is an expert on macroeconomics and most of his work involves helping his readers prepare for market disruptions.

His work has been quoted by former presidential advisors, institutional analysts, lawmakers, and other parties.

Graham was one of the few analysts who predicted the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, and that was just one of his major calls. He has also predicted the Subprime housing meltdown of 2007, the 2006-2011 bull market in precious metals, The Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis, and Brexit.

He has been featured in publications like Crain’s New York Business, National Review, Rolling Stone magazine, CNNMoney, Thomson Reuters, The Glenn Beck Program, and the New York Post.

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The benefits of joining Strategic Impact

When you become a subscriber, you receive:

  • Monthly issues of the newsletter. This typically includes research and unique opportunities to profit from changes to the financial system.
  • Weekly updates covering the stocks you own and the overall market.
  • Text message alerts regarding new recommendations.
  • Access to the customer service team.
  • Free special reports.
  • Unadvertised bonuses
  • Free subscription to daily e-letters like The 5 Min. Forecast, One Last Thing, and Money & Crisis.

How much do you pay to join Strategic Impact?

The usual subscription fee is $299 per year but you can get it for less than that if you sign up through a presentation.

Does Strategic Impact have a Refund Policy?

It normally has a 3-month money-back guarantee but you should confirm the duration they give when you sign up for it because sometimes, it changes.

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Closing Remarks on Strategic Impact

Strategic Impact is one of the investment newsletters offered by Three Founders Publishing and edited by Graham Summers. To put it mildly, he focuses on massive macroeconomic shifts and seeks to profit off of them. This includes things like economic recessions, booms, and other events of that scale.

Unsurprisingly, most of his predictions are of a financial crisis from which he then finds investment opportunities.

If you are keen on his approach, you can give his newsletter a try. But don’t forget to do further research on it before you sign up for it.

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