Jason Williams’ Stimulus Stipends Legit?

Jason Williams, an investment analyst for Angel Publishing, has put forward an intriguing concept he refers to as “stimulus checks.”

According to Williams, ordinary people can collect potentially substantial sums, up to $7,882 each quarter, courtesy of the U.S. Government. Claiming that anyone can join fellow Americans in receiving these checks, he has purportedly discovered a method to tap into this resource.

In this piece, we delve into the details of Jason Williams’ findings. Our objective is to discern the essence of these “stimulus checks” and evaluate whether they represent a genuine opportunity worth pursuing.

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What is Jason Williams’ Stimulus Stipends?

Jason Williams says that there is an opportunity for Americans to make money off of what he calls “stimulus stipends.”

He is the guy behind who brought us Electric Glass Revolution and Angel Investing Unlocked.

To give you a background of what he’s referring to, recall that in the midst of the pandemic in April 2020, the U.S. initiated its first round of stimulus payments at $1,200. Subsequently, eight months later, another round was distributed, this time amounting to $600. March 2021 saw a third round of payments totaling an additional $1,800.

Jason Williams Stimulus Stipends

But now Jason says that this was not the end of checks sent by the government:

He claims that for a select group of Americans, these were not the last payments from the U.S. government.

In fact, he believes a small portion of the population has continued to receive similar payments every three months, termed “Stimulus Stipends,” which can amount to as much as $7,882 per quarter.

Despite increasing coverage by major media outlets, Stimulus Stipends remains a well-kept secret among billionaires.

Individuals such as John Gray with a net worth of $7.3 billion, Israel Englander at $10.5 billion, Jim Simons at $24.4 billion, and Steve Schwartzman at $37.4 billion are among those regularly collecting these Stimulus Stipends on a quarterly basis.

Notably, federal employees are barred from participating in this program due to 18 U.S.C. § 208 regulations.

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What Exactly are Stimulus Stipends?

Jason Williams is likely referring to income from REITs, which the SEC defines as follows:

“A REIT, generally, is a company that owns – and typically operates – income-producing real estate or real estate-related assets. The income-producing real estate assets owned by a REIT may include office buildings, shopping malls, apartments, hotels, resorts, self-storage facilities, warehouses, and mortgages or loans.”

Real estate investment trusts (“REITs”) allow individual investors to invest in large-scale, income-producing real estate and earn a share of the income.

A REIT must distribute at least 90 percent of its taxable income to shareholders annually in the form of dividends. It can then deduct from its corporate taxable income all of the dividends that it pays out to its shareholders.

That sounds a lot like what Jason Williams is describing but in this case, he is talking about the government renting buildings from REITs. He says:

“Stimulus Stipends [REIT dividends] were created by Congress to open up a new income opportunity for everyday Americans.

At the heart of Stimulus Stipends is the $18.3 billion Federal Buildings Fund…

It was set up by the 92nd Congress in the early ’70s with one specific task — to pay for the government’s rent.

See, what many people don’t realize is that Washington doesn’t actually own many of the buildings they operate out of…

Agencies from the CIA, IRS, to FDA, EPA, and many more are ALL operating out of rented buildings.

Rather than each department paying their own rent…

The government simply pools all of these rent payments into the Federal Buildings Fund.”

And then he mentions the 90% dividend rule:

“Biden is working hand in hand with external partners to help house the incoming federal employees — and those partners are required by law to pay you in the form of Stimulus Stipends.

A little-known law practically forces these partners to distribute 90% of the cash they receive — to YOU as Stimulus Stipends.

It’s contained in Section 857(a)(1)(A) of the Internal Revenue Code, which states that 90% of the proceeds must be distributed for the purposes of this income-producing program.”

The “external partners” he is referring to here sound like REITs.

Now that we can speculate that he is referring to REITs, of course, there are many of them and the main issue is finding the ones that are good.

We believe that is what he is really pushing for here:

You join his newsletter service and he will recommend REITs that he thinks will do well.

Jason Williams has authored a report titled “Stimulus Stipends Program: How to Collect $7,882 Courtesy of the U.S. Government.”Stimulus Stipends

The report provides straightforward, step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow, taking as little as five minutes. Access to this report is complimentary and will be sent to your email inbox when you try Jason Williams’ primary income-focused investing service, The Wealth Advisory.

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What is included in Jason Williams’ Wealth advisory?

The Wealth Advisory is Jason Williams’ premier investment service, where he unveils lucrative income programs such as Stimulus Stipends that often go unnoticed by mainstream media.

He markets it as a newsletter that offers an array of exclusive strategies, methods, income plays, and stock selections designed to set you on a path to an early retirement.

Here’s what an annual membership to The Wealth Advisory gives you:

  • A minimum of one actionable strategy per month across 12 issues, revealing unique approaches not widely discussed by the mainstream media—strategies employed by the top 1% on Wall Street that can potentially double or triple your investment in a matter of weeks, whether through government programs like Stimulus Stipends, dividend-paying stocks, or other opportunities.
  • Time-sensitive special reports informing you about rapid-profit opportunities tied to events like new laws passed by Congress or unexpected occurrences in Washington, ensuring you’re informed before the mainstream media catches wind.
  • Regular weekly updates to keep you informed about your investments’ performance, offering peace of mind and guidance on necessary actions to maximize returns.
  • Video series on the top 10 most profitable stock picks, providing insights into promising stocks poised for significant growth and allowing you to tailor your investments for maximum profits.
  • Access to a first-class member support team for any inquiries or assistance you may need regarding your membership, ensuring a smooth experience.
  • Access to report archives and real-time portfolio, offering a comprehensive view of stock picks, income plays, and programs uncovered by The Wealth Advisory over a decade, including in-depth market analysis and real-time performance tracking of the portfolio.

You also get two free copies of past special reports by Jason Williams concerning other investment opportunities:

Stimulus Stipends

  • “Military Stipends Program: Grab Your Slice of the $797 Billion Defense Budget,” valued at $97, reveals how U.S. defense contractors can enhance your quarterly payments, potentially accelerating your journey towards early retirement.
  • “America’s Tax Collector: How to Make Walmart, Starbucks, and General Motors Pay You Every Month,” valued at $97, guides you on maximizing your Stimulus Stipends payments with funds these major corporations are obligated to disburse to you in just a few minutes of setup.

For an entire year, you can subscribe to The Wealth Advisory newsletter for only $99.

Experience a risk-free trial for 180 days. If within this period, you find yourself unsatisfied for any reason, reach out to the customer support team for a complete refund—no questions, no obligations.

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Who is Jason Williams?

Jason Williams is a cum laude graduate from the University of Baltimore’s Merrick School of Business, with a focus on finance and economics. He began his career in the U.S. military, working on intricate project design and analysis. After developing an efficient cost-saving process for U.S. Army bases, he transitioned to the private sector, driven by his passion for business and investing.

Jason gained financial experience as an investment banking analyst at Morgan Stanley and furthered his education at Harvard Business School. These experiences allowed him to establish a robust network, leading to the creation of his family office and initial angel investments. Jason’s extensive global travels helped him establish connections with key figures in the investment world.

He left Wall Street to share investment strategies with a wider audience, aiming to empower others to achieve financial success.

Jason is the managing editor of Wealth Daily and author of The Wealth Advisory stock newsletter, providing insights to outperform the professionals he once worked with. Additionally, he offers investment opportunities through Main Street Ventures, Alpha Profit Machine’s algorithmic trading service, and Future Giants, a nanocap advisory service focused on identifying future industry leaders early on.

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Our Verdict on Jason Williams’ “Stimulus Stipends”

Jason Williams suggests investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts (what he refers to as “stimulus stipends”) as a viable investment option due to their potential for steady income and diversification benefits.

And he is not wrong: REITs typically invest in income-generating real estate properties, such as commercial buildings, apartments, and shopping centers, offering investors a share of the income generated from these properties. They can provide attractive dividend yields, making them appealing to income-seeking investors.

Additionally, investing in REITs allows for diversification within the real estate sector without the need to directly manage properties, providing a more accessible way to invest in real estate.

However, there are risks associated with REIT investments.

Market fluctuations can impact the value of REIT shares, potentially leading to capital losses. Interest rate changes can also affect REITs, as higher rates may reduce the attractiveness of REITs compared to other investment options.

Economic downturns can impact property values and rental income, affecting REIT performance.

Moreover, specific REITs may be susceptible to factors like location, property type, or management quality, all of which can influence their performance and returns.

Before you get involved in such investments, conduct thorough research and assess your risk tolerance before investing in REITs.

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