What Are Stealth Trades? [Ross Givens]

Ross Givens has been promoting a new kind of strategy that he says is based on “Stealth Trades.”

Ross says that massive anonymous bets are happening behind every major stock move and he can show you how to multiply your money in the coming days and weeks.

In this presentation, we will be covering what he means by “Stealth Trades” and discuss the investment strategy Ross is touting in his presentation.

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What is Stealth Trades?

Ross Givens says that the U.S. government and Big Money have been conspiring together for years against ordinary investors. He adds for a long time, if you had less than $1 million to invest, you were considered a second-class investor.

Stealth TradesBut, lucky us, he says that he has discovered a backdoor that can turn the “rich man’s game” to your advantage “just like the young rebels did with GameStop!”

So, what is the big conspiracy he is talking about here?

Ross Givens says that while he was working for a big Wall Street firm, he noticed that behind the scenes, enormous, anonymous trades were being placed by buyers that had deep pockets. He calls these trades “Stealth Trades” because they take place out of sight.

He says that when these trades were placed, the stock price often went ballistic soon after the trades were in.

He has a chart of a stealth trade in action and he explains it:

“Check out when I overlay this Stealth Trade action with the actual price chart in blue from the “normal stock market”.

The BLACK chart represents the stealth trade activity.

The BLUE chart represents the company’s stock price in the normal stock market.”

Stealth Trades

“You see Stealth Trades (in BLACK) peaking on the left side of the chart…

That means the Big Money is in.”

He says that the perfect indicator of these trades is an SEC document called Form 13F that requires institutional investors to notify the SEC — in writing – when they’ve bought a large block of stock.

He says that although these trades are strange, they are still legal:

“…Billionaires like Warren Buffett and Carl Icahn receive special permission from the S.E.C. to keep their investments secret.

Sure, they have to reveal the purchase…

But they get to hide their true identity from us.

Strange, yes.

Illegal? Nope…

You see, this kind of red-carpet treatment for the super-wealthy is not new…

According to the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, all big institutional investors — defined as managing over $100 million — have to disclose their holdings every 90 days.

Moreover, they must file a separate “13F” form when they scoop up more than 5 percent of a public company.”

From that description, Ross Givens is talking about Dark Pools.

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What is a Dark Pool?

A Dark Pool is a private exchange for trading securities that facilitates block trading by institutional investors who do not wish to impact the markets with their big trades that can adversely affect the prices of their trades.

While controversial, Dark Pools are not illegal and account for approximately 40% of the trades in the stock market (in 2017).

They have been the subject of presentations like Louis Navellier’s Dark Pools Summit.

Going back to the presentation, Ross is skeptical of institutional investors because he says that they use their might to drive the price down so that it sends individual investors into panic mode. As retail investors close their positions, the price lowers even further and this, he believes is when “Big Money can move in for the kill.”

He says that what normally follows is both volume and price shooting up in a short time.

Ross says that he has designed an early warning system that alerts him when there is unusual trading activity. This, he says, allows him to shadow Big Money as they place their bets, anticipate which off-the-radar stock will go up, and earn profits of up to 10 times the investment.

He calls it his Stealth Trading Gold system.

To access it, you have to sign up for the Stealth Trading Gold advisory service.

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How does Ross Givens’ Stealth Trading Gold System work?

Ross Givens relies on three indicators to determine what’s happening in the market.

He calls these “The Three Golden Criteria.” Here is how they work:

Stealth Flag #1

The stock is range-bound, trading in a defined channel (as shown below):

Stealth TradesRoss waits to see decreasing volatility (shallower and shallower dips). He interprets this as the big money shaking out the “weak hands” and the shares consolidating into the “strong hands”


The stock breaks out of the defined channel to the upside and closes above the resistance level.

Stealth TradesIn the example given above of Mind Medicine, Inc. (MMEDF), that would be the close at $0.44 on the second to last candle.


The breakout occurs at a very high volume.

Ross says that these leads to 5X average daily volume, and sometimes 10X.

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Who is Ross Givens?

Ross Givens is an investment analyst whose interest in trading was piqued at a young age. He bought 100 shares of Microsoft when he was 12.

He graduated with a degree in Finance and became a financial advisor, broker, and professional money manager.

He also acquired Series 7, Series 66, and Series 3 securities licenses issued by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). This was before he became the Vice President at a major investment bank where he managed investments for high net worth clients.

Ross Givens specializes in investigating volume patterns to anticipate stock movements in microcap stocks. He “follows the money.”

Ross considers himself the foremost authority on insider trading. He has a proprietary system that focuses on identifying high-probability investment opportunities by using transactions involving insiders.

He has made appearances on CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business.

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What is included in Stealth Trading GOLD?

Stealth Trading GOLD is an investment advisory service by Ross Givens. He taps into promising Stealth Trade situations and shares his insights with subscribers.

In the presentation, he mentions that he will only be allowing 525 new members.

When you become a member of the service, you will receive new stealth trade opportunities every 30 days.

All told, here is what you get when you sign up for the Stealth Trading Gold investment advisory service:

  • Access to 12 New Stealth Trades over the next year delivered on every first Friday of the month.
  • A full year of write-ups for each stealth trade the strategy recommends.
  • A weekly watch list so you know which stealth trade opportunities Ross is investigating.
  • Unique Stealth Trade Trackers that scrutinize the trades after he recommends them.

In addition to those benefits, you also get a bonus report:

Underground Treasure: Ross’s Top 5 Stealth Trade Opportunities for Massive Gains.

Ross Givens calls it an exclusive “rich man’s playbook” that shows you where the big boys are investing.

Stealth TradesHe says that you can exploit the lucrative and reliable information in the report to find potential gems that are unfolding in the “stealth market.”

Stealth Trading GOLD Pricing?

A one-year subscription to Stealth Trading Gold costs $5.

The Stealth Trading GOLD Refund Policy

Stealth Trade

Stealth Trading GOLD has a 365-day “every-penny-back guarantee.”

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Closing Remarks on Stealth Trades

“Stealth Trades” is a term Ross Givens came up with to refer to block trades placed by institutional investors in Dark Pools. He says that these trades are more impactful on stock price movements than retail investors.

He believes that if you can predict where the “smart money” (hedge funds, pension funds, mutual funds, insurance companies) is moving, you can make a lot of money in the markets.

Ross has a system that enables him to predict where the smart money is moving. He then makes monthly recommendations to his followers based on his analysis. When he gets them right, these recommendations have the potential to make you a lot of money.

However, his system is not flawless. He even admits that he can’t always foresee every major buy and there will be a margin of error.

Overall, his system appears to be based on a genuine strategy and at $5, could be worth trying out.

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