Is Jeff Brown Silicon Valley Unlocked Legit?

Silicon Valley Unlocked is an event featuring Jeff Brown.

According to Jeff Brown, there are investment opportunities in the IPO market that have been kept away from the general public particularly in the Silicon Valley startup niche that he wants to expose.

He says that they are sometimes hundreds of times cheaper than the IPOs covered by mainstream news yet have the potential to earn bigger returns than the ones that hog all the limelight.

In this review, we will be taking a closer look at what he meant by this and examine the viability of his claims.

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Jeff Brown Silicon Valley Unlocked Review

Jeff Brown believes that there is a large number of relatively unknown companies set to go public in 2021 that will be cheaper than overhyped ones like Lyft, Uber, and Airbnb. He says that there is a new class of IPOs that are lining up to launch that will do better than the ones that grab the headlines and the attention of Wall Street investors.

Jeff Brown Silicon Valley Unlocked

He says that this new class of IPOs mainly comprises Silicon Valley tech startups that have the potential to earn large oversized returns. He calls them “Penny IPOs”

According to him, most of these IPO deals have remained “hidden” from the average American by Wall Street and Silicon Valley and that average investors get the scraps after the “elite” have scooped up 99% of the profits.

Therefore, he, as a successful angel investor, wants to expose the little guy to these lucrative relatively unknown IPOs. He gives examples of previous such deals that have allowed investors to 5X their money.

One of them is Synthorx (THOR), which despite going up 432% in 41 days, hardly got a mention from the mainstream media.

Jeff Brown Silicon Valley Unlocked

He says that the Wall Street Journal mentioned Facebook 7.5 million times while only mentioning Synthorx eight times. And out of those eight times, seven came after investors had 5X their money.

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What is an IPO?

An Initial Public Offering is the process of offering shares of a private company to the public by listing on an exchange. It enables a company to raise capital from the public.

There are two ways companies are going public these days:

The first is the conventional way where they list directly and the second is by going the SPAC route. A Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation (SPAC) is a company that is formed for the sole reason of acquiring private companies and taking them public through a reverse merger. SPACs are popular because they are more convenient in terms of requirements and procedure than normal IPOs and they are cheaper.

What is a Penny IPO?

A Penny IPO, according to Jeff Brown, is an incredibly small, explosive early-stage company in the tech industry.

In one of the Bleeding Edge articles Jeff published on the Brownstone Research website promoting Silicon Valley Unlocked, he mentions that Tesla’s innovations in self-driving technology are fueling the self-driving vehicles trend. However, investing in Tesla is not the best thing to do for retail investors because it has already grown into a massive company.

He also says that most of the profits made in initial public offerings are made when the good companies are private by institutional investors before retail investors have had the chance to get involved.

But he wants to change this trend by uncovering the best “Penny IPOs.” He wants to go on a mission to Silicon Valley to uncover the best of these and create a list of the top companies.

His first pick is a tech startup that has the same valuation as Amazon when it first went public. He hopes that it will be a profitable company in the long run.

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Why are there many IPOs in 2021?

Despite the economic fallout caused by the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 was a massive year for IPOs, with offerings in the tech sector, in particular, catching the eye. After a below-par 2019 IPO-wise that was marred by the failings of WeWork, 2020 was a good time for private tech companies to go public because the market was flush with public equity, which was at an all-time high.

Many big private tech companies felt that with the market having so much money, they would have a better chance of raising far more capital than they would have in previous years. At the same time, investors were eager to invest in high-growth companies that offered stability.

2021 rode that momentum of strong IPO activity. At the beginning of February, Nasdaq noted that in January, the number of IPOs far outshined the number of offerings in the same period the previous year.

Notably, a key driver of the rise in IPO activity is the huge popularity of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs). SPACs form a large proportion of the total number of offerings and this has to do with the fewer regulations blank check companies (another name for them) have to deal with as opposed to traditional IPOs.

Investment gurus responded by launching newsletters like Empire SPAC Investor and Jeff Brown’s Blank Check Speculator, which were all launched in 2020.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is an American investment guru and the chief investment analyst of Brownstone Research. Brownstone Research is a boutique financial publishing company that he founded in 2020 when he branched out of Bonner & Partners.

Before he started writing newsletters, Jeff worked for 25 years as a high-technology executive for well-known global tech companies like NXP Semiconductors, Juniper Networks, and Qualcomm. He has also built organizations from the ground up.

Jeff Brown is also an active angel investor who specializes in targeting early-stage tech companies. He attributes his success to having access to information about the industry that the public never gets to see. Jeff claims that he sees things month, if not years before the other investors do. He is also an advisor and active board member to several companies.

Jeff Brown got his undergraduate degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from Purdue University and his master’s degree in management from the London Business School. He has professional certificates from UC Berkeley’s School of Law, Stanford, and MIT.

Jeff Brown knows a great deal about sub-sectors like broadcasting and video technology, IT networking and security, semiconductors, and mobility which also gives him an edge in his research.

At Brownstone Research, he edits The Near Future Report, Exponential Tech Investor, Early Stage Trader, and Blank Check Speculator. He also writes a daily e-letter called The Bleeding Edge.

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Closing Remarks on Jeff Brown Silicon Valley Unlocked

In Silicon Valley Unlocked, Jeff reveals a new class of companies going public he calls “Penny IPOs.” As we have established, they are IPOs of small tech companies. According to Jeff, these opportunities are lucrative yet average investors are locked out of them with only the rich institutions profiting from them.

But he wants to change that and allow everyday folks to invest in those deals just like the rich. To get his subscribers started, he has his sights set on a high-potential tech company that has the same valuation as Amazon when it first went public.

As we have seen, investing in companies that are about to go public is proving lucrative, particularly because of the large number of companies that seem to be doing IPOs. Most of them are successful and if you can capitalize on that, you can potentially earn decent returns. However, you should be careful even when following the advice of an expert like Jeff because there are IPOs where you can lose a lot of money.

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