Is The Running on Empty Summit Legit? [Nomi Prins]

Nomi Prins has been promoting a webinar she will be soon hosting titled “Running on Empty Summit” where she will be discussing a unique investment opportunity.

The opportunity is in the energy sector and it involves a small company that she says will solve the energy crisis.

Let’s find out more about this company and how she is covering the investment opportunity.

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What is Running on Empty Summit?

Nomi Prins believes that in less than 90 days, a small firm that has remained relatively unknown to the world could issue a broadcast where it declares that they’ve found a way to eliminate fuel and gas costs, everywhere, forever.

She claims that industry heavyweights like Amazon, investors like Jeff Bezos and former insiders from Credit Suisse, Tesla, and Ford, and even the U.S. Federal Government and the state of California are clued in on the investment opportunity.

Running on Empty Summit

She says that the answer lies in a 900,000-square-foot facility deep in the American Midwest where all these stakeholders are converging on what could be, in her opinion, the “strangest”—and most important—a small company in the Western hemisphere.

She says that industry stakeholders have called the firm “revolutionary” and official government documents have labeled it a “leader” because she thinks that the firm “has literally redefined standards.”

Why does she say all these things?

Nomi Prins acknowledges that the world has been hit by a global energy crisis that has threatened to bring countries and corporations around the world to a halt.

And she has a point because even the International Energy Agency (IEA) has acknowledged that there is a global energy crisis. They’ve stated, and I quote:

“As well as causing a grave humanitarian crisis, Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has had far-reaching impacts on the global energy system, disrupting supply and demand patterns and fracturing long-standing trading relationships.

It has pushed up energy prices for many consumers and businesses around the world, hurting households, industries, and entire economies – most severely in the developing world where people can least afford it. And it threatens to derail efforts to tackle the world’s critical challenge of reducing global greenhouse emissions quickly enough to avoid catastrophic climate change.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has complicated matters as the agency mentions but experts were already weary of a crisis even before that happened.

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The Small Firm Solving the Energy Crisis

According to Nomi Prins, she has found a small firm in the “middle of nowhere” that has built a technology that will revolutionize the energy industry forever. She says that it has developed a technology that may even get rid of fuel and gas prices forever.

She recently talked about such a company in her Distortion Report pitch.

She says that as the global energy crisis threatens Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and the entire Western World, this firm’s work could save Amazon its current $66 billion (per quarter) fuel price crisis.

She says that Amazon is already in an agreement with the firm to spend, at a minimum, $1.1 billion on this firm’s product.

Besides Amazon, Nomi says that the small firm’s ingenious tech could solve the fuel crisis, by eliminating fuel and gas prices forever. And in doing so, she says that it could solve blackouts in South Africa, deadly riots in Ecuador, and the threat of a “Lehman-like” collapse in Europe.

All in all, the small firm’s discovery could save you thousands of dollars at the gas pump and if you move quickly, be the investment opportunity of a lifetime.

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An Investment Opportunity

Nomi believes that the small energy firm presents us with a unique investment opportunity because she has found a way to invest in the firm for less than $1.

During the summit as Nomi Prins goes live, she says that she will help give you a chance to back this firm early, for less than $1 before it releases its next quarterly report.

The way she wants you to invest in the firm does not involve trading using stocks, options, bonds, or cryptocurrency.

When the company releases its earnings report, implying that it is a public company which means it is legally required to do so, Nomi says that it could put the small firm on the front page of every news outlet in America.

She says that it is a chance to make 50 times your money or more over the next several months.

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Who is Nomi Prins?

Nomi Prins is an author, journalist, investment analyst, and public speaker. She is known for writing about Wall Street and the US economy.

Before she decided to focus on her writing, Nomi Prins had a long career on Wall Street where she worked as a managing director at Goldman Sachs, as a senior managing director at Bear Stearns, a senior strategist at Lehman Brothers, and as an analyst at the Chase Manhattan Bank.

Nomi is a best-selling author whereby she writes about the capital markets and the global economy. In her latest book, Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World, she writes about the conditions that made central banks extra powerful and enhanced the impact they have on markets and the global economy.

She is known for another book, All the President’s Bankers, where she presents us with an assessment of the relationships of presidents to elite Wall Street bankers and how they shaped domestic and foreign policy. She examines a century’s worth of close relationships between the 19 presidents from Teddy Roosevelt through Barack Obama and the key bankers of their day, based on archival documents.

She is one of the editors at Rogue Economics where she publishes an e-letter called Inside Wall Street with Nomi Prins, where she shines a light on the collusion that happens between Wall Street and Big Government behind closed doors.

She also publishes a newsletter called Distortion Report and Distortion Money Matrix, where she gives recommendations on how readers can profit from the distortions in the markets.

She’s also written other books like Black Tuesday and It Takes a Pillage: Behind the Bonuses, Bailouts, and Backroom Deals from Washington to Wall Street.

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Closing Remarks on Running on Empty Summit

During the “running on empty” summit, Nomi Prins will talk about how you can invest in the small firm solving the global energy crisis before it releases a legally required SEC announcement.

She says that if you invest early on, you can get started with less than $1 and it is all thanks to an unlikely former woodworker accountant who made this all possible.

She says that the investment does not involve trading stocks, options, or bonds and that you will invest in the small firm for less than $1.

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