Rapid Cash Flow Summit Legit? [Unbiased Review]

Lauren Sivan recently sat down with InverstoPlace’s Luke Lango to talk about the latter’s newest investment strategy and newsletter.

Luke claims to have found a way to generate tens of thousands of dollars in additional income with a discovery that could hand you virtually recession-proof income. He says that the strategy can turn every $1,000 into more than $129,000 or every $5000 into $648,000 in cash over the next 12 months.

Let’s take a look at what they discussed at the Rapid Cash Flow Summit.

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What is Rapid Cash Flow Summit?

Luke Lango says that he recently brought together a team of Caltech-educated economists and data scientists to create a trading system that would enable traders to generate income.

Rapid Cash Flow Summit 36This comes at a time when there has been a lot of devastation unfolding in the world because, by some estimates, Americans have lost close to $20 trillion in wealth this year. Meanwhile, the price of everything continues to skyrocket and the World Bank is predicting a global recession.

As this happens, Luke says that he has found a way to generate income yields like 100% in a few weeks or even 500% in only a single month.

He says that these are the types of quick, explosive yields that could set you up you for life and give you the chance to make six figures in a single year. And he does that by investing in what he calls “stage two stocks.”

What are Stage Two Stocks?

Luke says that if you invested in Stage Two stocks, you could have made 189% in 4 months from Target Hospitality, 238% income yields from HighPeak Energy in only 6 months, and a 500% yield in a single month from Hycroft Mining.

And he says that at the core of his new income strategy is a concept he calls ‘Stage Analysis’:

He says that at any given time, every stock in the market is in one of FOUR distinct – and predictable – stages:

Rapid Cash Flow Summit 36

  1. The first stage is the accumulation stage where the stock is still flat.
  2. Stage two, which is known as the advancing or markup stage, is when the stock grows exponentially. Therefore, he says that the best time to buy stocks is as they exit the first stage and enter the advancing stage, or stage two.
  3. This third stage is the distribution stage, and it’s when all the “smart money” sells their shares to the “dumb money.” He says that the buying from stage two turns into the selling phase in stage three. He says that once a stock leaves stage two, and enters stage three, you sell your shares and take your money off the table.
  4. The final stage is the correction or downtrend stage where the stock starts shedding some of its gains.

He says that there is a smart way of building wealth with stage two stocks and it’s by using something called stock switching and profit rolling.

“We do this by jumping into shares of stocks that are just breaking out into stage two.

By exchanging slow-moving stocks for fast-moving stocks, we consistently make the financial choice that is equivalent to picking fast-moving trains over slow-moving trains for a cross-country trip.

We avoid parking our money in laggards.”

And when it comes to profit rolling:

“Profit rolling simply means that after making a profit on a stock, you don’t pull the money out of your account and spend it.

Instead, you roll the money into your next trade.”

These are pretty straightforward moves.

Now, how does he spot the trades that he will trade?

Luke’s team has been building out a quantitative algorithm that can scan the markets looking at price breakouts on thousands of stocks.

Some of the specific metrics the system measures and quantifies are the overall market trend, stock price, trading volume, sector performance, and relative strength.

The metric he focuses on is the trading range of the stock, which is defined by established support levels and resistance lines.

In a nutshell, once a week our system scans every “stage one” stock in the market.

And with the click of the mouse, it can determine which stage one stock could be about to have a price breakout and jump into stage two.

Another thing, the system focuses on specific sectors. This means that the system scans for what sector is producing the most stage two opportunities.

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Who is Luke Lango?

Luke Lango is an investment analyst working for InvestorPlace.com. He is the editor of newsletters like Exponential Growth Report and The Crypto Code.

Between 2016 and 2021, Luke uncovered over a dozen different recommendations that blew past the 1,000% mark. An example is 8,200% from Advanced Micro Devices. He’s also recommended nearly 200 triple-digit winners.

Luke says that his amazing ability to uncover big market winners for his readers over and over again allowed him to beat out over 15,000 other analysts and Wall Street veterans to be ranked the #1 Stock Picker in 2020 according to TipRanks.

Rapid Cash Flow Summit 36

He is a big proponent of buying, small innovative companies that are changing our world and then holding them for years, as they soar.

Luke Lango’s Breakout Trader Review

Luke Lango’s Breakout Trader is a newsletter he created to share the findings of his proprietary system that is designed to identify which sectors could be going up. Once he finds his sectors, it’s just a matter of uncovering the stage one stocks that are on the cusp of breaking out.

Rapid Cash Flow Summit 36Once it happens, his team looks everything over and makes recommendations.

When you sign up for Breakout Trader, you get:

Four Stage 2 Stocks for Explosive Gains

It is a report created by Luke that has uncovered four different stocks that are on the verge of explosive gains.

Rapid Cash Flow Summit 36He claims that these four stocks have some of the highest scores and he thinks that they could double your money or more, over the next couple of weeks.

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The Millionaire Trader Masterclass

This is an in-depth video training series that teaches you the ins and out of Luke’s stage two momentum trading strategy.

You’ll learn everything there is to know about stage analysis and how to find stage two stocks in the market.

The Breakout Trader’s Manifesto

Rapid Cash Flow Summit 36This is a special report created for people who learn better by slowly reading and absorbing new information. Luke has put the same content of his video masterclass into this report.

Access to The Trading Room

The Trading Room comprises private broadcasts for members where you learn what Luke’s proprietary system is saying, and what the biggest opportunities are that week.

Luke Lango’s Breakout Trader Pricing

To become a new Charter Member to Luke Lango’s Breakout Trader service for TWO YEARS, you pay $1,999.

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Luke Lango’s Breakout Trader Refund Policy

There are no cash refunds.

Rapid Cash Flow Summit 36

Rapid Cash Flow Summit 36

Closing Remarks on Rapid Cash Flow Summit

Luke is an investment guru who is known for taking an active approach to wealth building. He is a big fan of income generation in addition to buy and hold.

He has developed a new strategy that he is selling to his readers and you can get in on the action by signing up for his new $1,999 newsletter to get all the insights.

Although he says that his strategy has produced some of his biggest winners, you should still be wary because no strategy is invulnerable to the unpredictability of the market. Therefore, only invest money that you can afford to lose.

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